"So this is everything?" Thor nodded at Natasha's question. She looked down on the cardboard box.

"Everything from the night is in here, Stark volunteered to undress you but we allowed Pepper instead." She took the box from the table, balancing it carefully as she took it to her room; she turned back to Thor who watched with nervous eyes as she leant against her doorway.

"Thank you Thor." She left, not waiting for his reply.

Stark tower was a complex mess of metal and glass, the stone cold under her pale feet as she reached the elevator. The sleek tan doors opened, revealing Bruce inside. He looked up and smiled, moving aside for her to stand next to him. He had a normal pair of blue jeans on, button up purple shirt, sleeves rolled up and unseen under his long white lab coat.

"How are you Nat?" Bruce pushed up his glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose. She shrugged as she shuffled into the confined space. Hitting the button where her room was before sighing heavily.

"Could be worse, it's just like having an extremely bad hangover." He laughed quietly, leaning upon the wall and putting his hands into his pockets.

"It could always be worse Nat."

Once in her room, she gently stroked the edges of the box before lifting its cover. Her dress laid first, the black satin stained with weak wine from earlier on in the party, its once slim and beautiful frame broken on the bottom with dust and sand, torn from the small thorn bushes and strangled of its former title. She tossed it to one side, moving through to the bottom of the box. Next remained the gun handle, its shattered remains, sharp like glass when she ran her fingers over it.

"What actually happened to you that night?" She turned to find Steve in her doorway,

"…that is none of your concern Rogers." The man nodded, excepting he would get no more from her and moved along. She sighed, unclenching her teeth before moving through to the shoes…

For once they were black, now the material shone with a thousand emeralds in the poorly lit room, projecting small amounts of bright light over the items. The heel was twisted, made of rich brown oak, like a branch to a tree but stopping dead three inches down from its stem of glowing jade. The soft curve of the fabric was laced with black leathers and golden silk threads, hand stitched well across the base and the toe. The identical shoes gave great colour to her dull room, making her hands itch with excitement. In the light, she could see the green transform to gold, melting into her heart as she gazed longer at them. She ran her finger up the heel, feeling the wood spike at her skin before releasing its hold. Natasha brought the shoe to her face, the scent of warm autumn night and cinnamon entered her body and she was overcome with happiness and relaxation. Nesting them gently onto the floor, she turned to the box one final time, finding a small note attached to the bottom. In luscious handwriting, it read;

Consider the shoe's a gift,

You better where them next time we meet…

-A close friend.

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