Title: Would Heroes Lie

Pairing: Unrequited Daphne Greengrass/Harry Potter.

Warnings: We never really know what happens to Daphne, so this is a fantasy poem about her dying in the Battle of Hogwarts whilst waiting for Harry, who never knew that she loved him. Maybe. Possibly? Oh, and it's a rhyming poem. Be warned. Enjoy!

Once upon a t i m e,

In a world of fairy tales and no goodbyes,

Pirate ships and princess gowns,

You were queen and you wore your c/r/o/w/n.


Your c/r/o/w/n of thorns,

Honey, that cut and mourned,

And tore your heart apart again,

But there's a rainbow at the end of the rain.


He promised (you missed the second meaning)

He promised you that feeling.

But once upon a t i m e,

Promises were made to d-i-e.


Once upon a t i m e,

In a world of knights and forever-mines,

You used to be-believe everything h/e/ said,

Everything, no matter who ended up hurt, dead.


Because he was your h.e.r.o and whywhywhy,

would heroes l i e?

But he left you, sweet,

Alone, terrified, w/e/a/k.


And you want to scream, yell, hate,

'Cause, hell, who cares about fate?

But you couldn't, you can't, you g-i-v-e-u-p.

Because sometimes, heroes m-e-s-s-u-p.


Once upon a time,

You all get caught up in the tide.

Because heroes aren't perfect, b a b y,

However much you wish, maybe.


But you messed up big time, not for fun,

And you became the villain.

But you weren't afraid, not too weak,

(even though you were in so damn deep).


You still believed, (f/o/o/l/i/s/h), even more,

That your hero would save you like before.

And once upon a t i m e,

Little children and love are simply b-l-i-n-d.


Once upon a t i m e,

In a world of lies and rhymes and whywhywhys,

You gasp your very last breath -

(one - two - three - death).


Your hero is nowhere, he is gone,

And you wonder, w.h.y has this gone on so long?

But still, still, you wonder why,

Foolish, but still; you believe the lie.


Where-where-where is he,

And then, so suddenly, it clicks, before three,

That once upon a this t i m e,

You are going to die;

Because the h/e/r/o never rescues the v-i-l-l-i-a-n.