Legacy of Potters


A/N: 1) This story is a Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossover. Since it has elements from Percy Jackson there would be implied incest in this story.

2) WARNING there would also incest in the story but nothing too graphical or detailed due to the new restriction imposed by the site.

"Lily before we get married I need to tell you something about my family." James said with a hint of worry to his fiancée.

"James I know about your family. It is quite famous in Wizarding Britain. You belong to a powerful pureblood house. The house of Potter is one of the few light oriented 'most ancient and noble family' left. Your house doesn't believe in blood purity." Lily replied.

"That not exactly true Lily but I will get back to that latter." James said with increasing amount of nervousness.

"What do you mean by that?" Lily asked getting annoyed by her fiancé's tone.

"There is a reason why the Potter family has been strong throughout history. I know this is going to sound crazy to you Lily but believe me what I am about to tell you is 100% true." James said with a bit more conviction in his voice.

After getting a nod from his fiancée he continued, "The reason that the Potter family is so strong is because we are decedents of Gods and Goddess."

Lily burst out laughing after hearing James say this.

"This is no laughing matter Lily. What I said is all true. I agree there hasn't been a demigod in our family for two generations. My great grandfather was a demigod sired by Hades the King of the Underworld and god of the dead and the hidden wealth of the Earth. His mother was a daughter of Aphrodite." James said trying to make Lily understand.

"O! Stop it James. This prank was innovative but a poor by your high standards." Lily said after calming down.

"I can show you something no other normal wizard can do here take my wand." James said handing Lily his wand.

"You know that a person can normal have only one animagus form right?" he asked.

"Yes." She answered.

James stood up and waved his right arm. The nearby furniture parted and the room expanded a little. Lily was speechless by the display of wandless magic. "I also am a distant descendent of Hecate the Goddess of magic. Plus every Potter is blessed by her. It is due to her blessing that we never have squibs in the family and are so powerful users of magic." After he said this he transformed into a stag his normal animagus form. After a few second he morphed into a large black dog. In a few seconds he changed into a werewolf. The werewolf was followed by a rat, cat and finally a white stallion before he turned back into a human.

"I can do that because of the blessing given to the Potters by Poseidon the God of the sea, the earth shaker and the storm bringer." James said this while sitting near his speechless fiancée.

"But I thought of them as just mythical beings." She said. After gathering her senses she asked, "Well if this is true then why I haven't heard about the Gods before now?" Lily asked.

"Well there is this metaphysical and highly magical substance known as the mist. The main function of the mist is to keeps mortals from seeing Gods and Goddess unless they wanted to be seen. It generally stops the mortals from seeing demigods using their powers. When a mortal sees a demigod using his/her godly power it generally makes them come up with any other possible explanation. It is kind of like an automatic memory charm but it is non-specific. It also stops mortals from seeing monsters." James explained.

"What the Greek monsters are real too? But isn't it dangerous if mortal can't see them they won't know when a monster attacks them?" Lily asked getting worried.

"Well the monsters rarely attack mortals, they usually attack demigods. Stronger the demigod, more the number of monsters are attracted to him or her." James answered.

"So mortal are completely unaware of Gods and monsters walking amongst us in plain site?" she asked.

"The clear sighted mortals have the ability to see through the mist. But they are very rare." He continued his explanation.

"So are there many demigods walking amongst us?" she asked.

"There aren't many demigods here in England most of the can be found on the American continent both north and south. Handful more can be found in Europe. But right now we are going of topic. There is one more major secret about the Potter family I have to tell you about. I know you may not like this one or may even get mad at me but I have to tell it to you before we can get married." He said with a bit of nervousness creeping back into his voice.

"Oh honey, as long as you don't say that you have demon blood running in your family I am fine with anything you have to say." She said with a bit of laughter.

James remained silent and had a very serious expression on his face. Lily was shocked. "You can't be serious!" she exclaimed.

"Of course not, Sirius is my best friend I am James." James said with a hint of laughter.

Lily punched his arm. "Don't do that again. Now what is the other big secret?" she asked.

"Well the part about Potters not caring about blood status isn't exactly true." James hesitantly said.

"What! So your family secretly believes is the non-sense crap sprouted by Voldemort but publicly supports Dumbledore. So all this time our love was a joke to you?" Lily said starting to get angry.

"No our loves means the world to me. If I wasn't in love with you I won't be telling you about my family secrets. You miss understood me Lily flower. Voldemort and his fools don't even know the true meaning of the word 'pureblood'. What I meant was that quality blood is very important to my family. Blood is the source of our life. Our soul embeds it with power to allow us to use magic…" James speech was cut off by Lily.

"Why are you telling me all this? You know that I am a Muggleborn." She questioned.

James hesitantly said, "Please don't get mad at me. Before our marriage we have to undergo a blood bond ritual."

"Is the ritual a normal pureblood custom? What does it involve? Why should I get mad at you?" Lily asked trying to find out more about the ritual.

"No the ritual is not a normal pureblood custom. As far as I know only the Potter family performs it. After performing this ritual you will get some of the Potter family's special traits and powers. I may get some of yours which are deemed worth by the magic of the ritual but it is highly unlikely." He explained.

"Ok so that really a good thing then. I will have the powerful blood of your family following through me. I will get to use wandless magic and other thing that you can do. So why should I get mad?" She asked.

"You may or may not get the ability to do wandless magic. Lily the ritual that we would be performing is a blood magic based ritual and makes you a true blooded Potter. It will give you the special traits of my family. You will have the blood of the Potters running through your veins. In essence the ritual will make you my sister." He answered emphasizing the last part.

"What! That sick James. If I become your sister then how can I marry you?" she screeched. "I thought that blood magic was banned in England." She added as an afterthought.

"We don't care about the ritual being legal or not. Since we are an ancient family the government can't do anything to us even if the find out. The Potter family has been doing it for generations. All throughout history of our family the ritual has been performed irrelevant of our future spouse. It keeps our bloodline strong and powerful. It not that just for the females' spouses has to undergo this ritual but the males spouses also have to." He said trying to placate her.

"That really is disgusting thing James. Just to keep your bloodline powerful and pure your family first changes the potential spouse into siblings and them marries them off." Lily said while losing some of her anger. She started seeing the usefulness of such a ritual.

"That is not all Lily flower. After the ritual if a God hooks up with you the child born due to the mating would be a Potter." James said not realizing that this wasn't the best thing to say right now.

"What do you mean by that?" She said angrily.

James took a deep breath and tried to explain. "The blood of a Potter is very powerful. Even thought though it isn't a blood of an immortal it comes pretty close to it. The average age of a Potter is few hundred years. Have you heard of Nicolas Flamel and Perenelle Flamel?" he asked.

After getting a nod for Lily he continued, "Both of the really are Potters. They changed their last names because they wanted to remain in the limelight. For this purpose they created a fake story to explain their long age. There is no such thing as a philosopher stone. It is just a story they created and used the mist to make mortals believe in it. Perenelle was a Potter by birth; Nicolas became a Potter by blood. History has many examples of powerful Potters under different name. Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff were Potters at birth; their spouse Rowena Ravenclaw and Godric Gryffindor became Potters by Blood."

"The strength of my bloodline attracts God and Goddess to it from time to time. My family has blessing form 11 Olympians and quite a few other minor Gods and Goddess. Though no one in my family has ever wielded all the powers at once they could wield powers of 2 to 3 Gods to a limited extent. I have minor control over water and ability to shape shift from Poseidon. I have ability to blend in shadows and summon a couple of skeletal warrior from Hades. I have gift of magic by Hecate. You may get different powers from my bloodline after the ritual." He informed her.

"Why can't you wield all the powers present in your bloodline?" she asked getting curious and wondering about the abilities she could possibly gain from the ritual.

"No human can handle that much power. Over a period of time we may be able to unlock more of our powers but if we get them all at once the powers would burn our human soul and body. A demigod with Potter blood has more power than any normal children of a particular God of Goddess." He explained.

"James according to mythology there were 12 Olympians not 11. Does your family not get along with one of them?" she getting a bit worried about the possibility of being on a bad list of a God or Goddess.

"Don't worry about it Lily flower." He said seeing her worried expression. "My family doesn't get along with Athena. But I can't tell you about it till you become a Potter."

"Well that is a nice way to keep me hooked on. Just give me a part of interesting information and tell me the rest after I do a thing you want me to do. Though this does explain your lack of intelligence." She said laughing.

She leaned over him and asked, "How about I do some other things for you to get the answer."

"You may try." He answered as Lily pushed him down and sat on his laps.

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