I boiled my Potion's teacher.

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Barty Crouch Sr. was clutching his glass of Ogden's Old Firewhisky and cursing his son. He was a shoe in to become the next minister of magic until his son stupidly decided to join the death eaters.

When his son's secret was ousted he was shunted sideways to the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Even the new administration had overlooked him in the process of restructuring the ministry. His application for the head of DMLE was rejected.

He hoped that the Quidditch World cup and the Triwizard tournament being held in Britain due to his hard work would improve his standing in the ministry.


Barty Crouch Jr. was trying hard to fight his father's Imperius Curse. His father had removed him from Azkaban due to his mother's dying request. Now he was a prisoner in his own home and had to be taken care off by a lowly elf.

He desperately wanted to break his shackles and search for his master. He knew that his master was alive and would soon return to power.


Peter Pettigrew had been on the run since the day his master fell. He spent most of his time in his Animagus form as a rat. He was regretting his decision of joining the dark lord. He had become a death eater because he had expected the dark lord to win the war.

Right now, he was living in a Muggle village in Europe. He also tried to keep his ears open for any news about the dark lord.


Voldemort and taken a long time to recover from the pain he had experienced when Quirrell had inexplicably died.

To this day, he hadn't figured out what happened that night. He currently was surviving by possessing small animals. He was making plans to create a new body for himself and killing the Potter brat.

He had heard the good news about the old fool dying. His only regret was that he wasn't the one who killed the old man.


Luke Castellan hated his father. He blamed him for everything bad happening in his life. He blamed him for his mother's condition. He hated his father for issuing an unoriginal quest to him.

He didn't realise that it was his mother's hubris responsible for her condition. He didn't appreciate his father giving him a quest which many demigods could just dream off getting. He didn't care that his father tried to help him or his mother by bending the ancient laws as much as possible.

In recent times, he was also blaming his father for the strange muffled voice he was hearing in his dreams. The voice was offering him a chance to destroy Olympus and take revenge on his father.

He wasn't sure if the offer was genuine or was it a trap set up by his father.


Percy was very excited to go to Hogwarts, not because he love to study or anything, he wanted to meet people his age and have some fun, play a few pranks and break a few rules. He knew learning was important but he didn't care for text-book knowledge. He was more interested in learning to harness his new powers.

The train ride to Hogwarts was mostly uneventful. He sat in a compartment with Harry and his friends.

Daphne's younger sister Astoria was sitting next to him, while Harry was surrounded by many girls from his year. He couldn't understand the reason that Astoria was showing so much interest in him or why Harry was interested in having so many girls around him. It just felt weird to him.


He followed Hagrid and the other first year students to the lake after they got off the train at Hogsmeade station.

As soon as he got on to the boat, he could sense all the creatures that resided in the lake. He felt the mere-people approaching the surface of the water. Some of them came above the surface of the water and bowed to him. He surreptitiously waved them off to ensure that they didn't attract too much attention to him.

The giant squid affectionately wrapped its tentacles around his boat when it was heading towards Hogwarts. This action scared Astoria and a couple other students in the boat with him, causing them and a few others to scream. He gently patted the tentacles and told the squid to stop scaring the students.

The squid obeyed the prince of the sea but made a few sad noises that only Percy could hear.

"I will come to play with you later on," he said, "right now I have a ceremony to attend to at the school."

The squid used his tentacle to wave him off.

He noticed that Astoria had a strange look in her eyes when they got off the boat.


He wasn't awed by the castle. The Potter manor and the city of Atlantis were far grander than the school.

He was surprised to hear the hat talk inside his head. It immediately recognised him as a son of Poseidon. The hat was having a tough time placing him because he had strong qualities of both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. It finally decided to put him in Gryffindor because he wanted to be in the same house as Harry.


The first week of classes at Hogwarts seemed too boring for him. He might not have been very studious but the material covered in the classes was something that he knew when he was a five year old.

He spent most of his time near the fire place in the Gryffindor common room try to learn to control his new found powers. Once he thought he saw Lady Hestia looking at him through the fire but he couldn't be sure about as there was nothing in the fire the very next moment.

The high point of his week was when his personal Pegasus Blackjack had burst into the great hall during breakfast. It seemed that he had missed his mater and tracked him down.

He couldn't control his laughter when Blackjack referred to Snape as slimy dude and Athena as owl lady.

Snape had tried to get him into trouble for bring a horse into the castle and disrupting the breakfast.

He was let of the hook by Athena when he pointed out there was no rule which forbade him from bringing a horse or any pet of his choice into the great hall as long as it wasn't dangerous to the students.


His first potion class was interesting. Snape had been insulting and belittling him since the class began.

He told them to follow the instruction on the board and make a boil curing potion.

While he was making the portion, Snape was breathing down his neck and yelling at him for no rhyme or reason.

Finally his anger got the better of him. He took control the boiling hot liquid of the potion and doused Snape with it when he bent over his cauldron to check the portion, causing his skin to burn and angry red boils appearing all over his face.

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