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Disclaimer: The SGU characters clearly aren't mine, there'd be far more Dr Rush in the show if they were. Ebony Riddle is an OC, as will be several personnel.

"Riddle, Ebony Riddle. How did you end up here? You're not military, so what's your story?" Camile looked up from her papers with interest and sat back in her chair.

"I was attending an interview when... On that day. Well, you know."

"An interview? You were applying for a job at Stargate Command? What's your field of expertise?"

"Well, it was just a general interview, a preliminary to see if I could being Stargate training really, although Colonel Thomas suggested that I should then apply for a lingual position, and begin learning the ancient alien languages with Doctor Jackson. I was just about to leave the base when the alarm sounded." The young woman looked tense, her insecurities about inadequacy clearly showing through.

"And so you ended up having to stay. Bet you wished you hadn't stayed for coffee now, hey?" Camile laughed, an attempt to comfort Ebony.

"Seeing as it was the last I had, I'm not sure it was such a bad idea after all!" Ebony joked in return, her shoulders relaxing slightly. "I can't exactly say it's been a picnic though, of course."

"No, definitely not. So anyway, I hear that you haven't really been assigned a job here on Destiny, that you're just doing what needs doing?"

"Let's just say, I've gotten really close to the sinks here. I hope you like your clean plates!" More than a tinge of sarcasm was present, and Camile certainly didn't miss it.

"I can imagine. I'm just glad I already had a position and that I've been allowed to continue it. You sound like me, you hate being here doing nothing. Too much time to think." Ebony nodded in response. "Okay, well after I've done these interviews with every crew member, I'll be speaking with Colonel Young to decide where to assign people. I can tell you one thing, you certainly won't be washing dishes anymore." She paused, and smiled gently. "If I were you, I'd go and speak to Doctor Rush, he might be able to advise you on the Ancient language used in Destiny's systems. A translator would be really helpful here."

"Well, I've certainly done my fair share of translating! I used to help dignitaries understand each other. Translating politics means top concentration. One wrong word and you could start a war." Ebony laughed. "But no, anything I can do to be helpful would be good. I'm bored out of my brains here at the moment!"

"Of course, I'll see what I can do. Thanks for chatting with me. It's pretty clear that you're psychologically fine too, so I'll let TJ know for her reports. In the mean time, see if Rush can spare some of his time?"

"Will do, thanks! Although, from what I've heard..." Ebony grimaced. Everyone aboard Destiny knew about Rush's temper and his general dislike of people.

"You'll be fine. Just make sure you don't come across and stupid, it'd infuriate him."

"Maybe I should, test his patience."

Camile laughed at this. "That's certainly in short supply! See you later, Ebony. It was nice meeting you properly!"

"Yes thanks! Let me know if you need me again!"

With that, Ebony left Camile's room, turning left in the direction of the Mess hall. Rush could wait.

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