Ashleigh threw her last pillow into a bag at the foot of her bed. "I think... Yep! That's everything. This girl is one hundred percent packed, and two hundred percent ready for the summer!"

Casey smiled at her perky roommate. "And three hundred percent ready for a sexy summer of tour guiding?" she teased, tossing a shirt at her. "That's yours, by the way. I borrowed it a few weeks ago."

Ashleigh held up the shirt and frowned. "Case. This is light teal. I haven't had anything this color since last spring. Not mine."

"Well, alright then. It's mine now!" Casey snatched it back and tucked it into her already overflowing suitcase. It was finally the last day of their junior year. In a few short weeks she would be heading off to D.C. to take her first big step towards being a Congresswoman. But first she'd be getting on a bus to -

"Lake Mead, bitches!" Betsy screamed happily as she threw open the door. "I'm so pumped! Ash, have you seen my new shirt? Teal, flowy, super cute? No? Okay! Paaaaaarrrrty time! Let's go!" And with that, she was gone, leaving the distinct smell of vodka behind.

"It's yours now," Ashleigh grinned to Casey. "Let's get downstairs before Betsy convinces any freshmen to pre-game."

As Zeta Beta Zeta's newest president, Ashleigh had already done some pretty unusual things with the sorority's agenda. Some of the girls weren't thrilled about most of the changes, however slight they were, but Lake Mead was a whole different story.

It was well known that ZBZ always declined the sign up for the big all-Greek summer trip to a camp a few hours north of Cyprus Roads, but this year Ashleigh had signed all the girls up, paying for it with the leftover sisterhood bonding budget. From what Casey had heard about this trip, it was an insane week-long party. Omega Chi usually rented a few house boats from the town across the lake for their guests to party on and everyone's money was pitched in to buy enough kegs to keep anyone from really remembering exactly what happened that week.

It was just what she needed right now. She was going to Washington for the entire summer and Max would be leaving for CalTech in a few months; she probably would never see him again. This week recharge her back to being happy-go-lucky-Casey and she could head off to her internship without wanting to crawl into her bed with a pint of cookie dough ice cream.

Throwing her curler and phone charger on top of her shirts, she zipped her suitcase and grabbed her duffle that had her pillow and blankets. She glanced at herself in the mirror to check her lipgloss and, after assuring herself that her lips were still perfectly pink, she followed her best friend out of their room.