So I've never even thought of these two together until I saw a fan art of Thor fucking Tony in the ass...needless to say, this is the result. 2nd part coming soon, I promise!

I do not own The Avengers.

"Show me what you got, big man." Tony grinned wickedly up at Thor, the blonde standing an arm's length apart from the notorious Iron Man. The Asgardian flashed a toothy smile back at the much smaller man, reaching around to the back of his head to tie his long hair into a small ponytail.

Swiftly moving forward, Thor was throwing light punches at Tony, the two of them standing in the middle of the sparring ring in SHIELD's gym and training facility. The inventor had invited his other-worldly friend to work-out with him, knowing all too well that it was probably a bad idea. It would have been much more practical to ask Clint or Steve, maybe even Natasha, but today, Tony was feeling a little edgy. He wanted a true challenge.

"I know you've got more than that in that oversized body of yours!" The dark haired man taunted, dodging every swing the taller man was tossing his way. Of course Thor was holding back; he was fully aware that if he hit Tony with his actual strength, he would easily knock him across the room.

"I do not wish to hurt you Stark," Thor bounced on his bare heels, that wide smile playing on his lips as a loose strand of blonde fell into his eyes. Tony laughed cockily at that, bounding on his own feet as he dodged another half-hearted punch from Thor.

"C'mon blondie, I can take it, gimme all you got!" The dark eyed man shouted the last bit, not really expecting what had come next.

Thor brought his huge arm back and in one quick movement he balled his fist and punched forward, his hand slamming right into Tony's abdomen and sending the smaller man flying some feet back. Thor's blue eyes immediately went wide, watching Tony land against one of the lifting benches, a groan leaving the billionaire's throat.

Tony was literally seeing stars as he leaned himself up, a quivering had coming up to clench against his middle, Thor arriving at his side in a flashing moment, kneeling beside him. "Tony, are you alright?" He asked, his eyebrows turning up in concern as his large hand came around to clasp his friend's far shoulder. Tony glanced over to Thor when he said that, thinking that his question may have qualified as the dumbest thing he's ever been asked.

Sitting for a moment and letting the pain in his abdomen die down a little, Tony finally smiled, his hand coming forward to ball up the front of Thor's loose gray hoodie, pulling his strong friend forward with an intended jerk, their faces inches apart. "Now that's what I'm taking about big guy." Tony groaned.

The thunder god was smiling once again, a hearty laugh following as he leaned back, Tony's grip on his hoodie faltering as the dark haired man let his hands fall to his sides. "Truly a worthy opponent you are Stark," Thor joked as he brought his arm a little further down from the inventor's shoulders and around the top of his back, helping him to his feet. A little wobbly at first, Tony bit back on his lower lip, letting Thor lead him over to one of the benches that lined the gym's four walls.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Thor asked once more, watching as Tony winced when he reached down for his water bottle. Flicking the top open and taking a quick swig of the drink, Tony glanced over at Thor, eyebrows raised in amusement.

"Yeah wing-head, I'll be fine." Thor rolled his eyes. He regrets ever wearing his ceremonial helmet to battle in front of Tony.

Suddenly Tony coughed up a little of the water, bending forward and scowling as his hand came forward once more to clentch his middle. Thor reacted quickly, hand placing itself on Tony's back once more. "Let me have a look."

Before the dark haired man could protest, Thor was leaning him back and scooting closer, his fingers reaching down and tugging Tony's black wifebeater over his head, leaving him shirtless. Gazing down at his own abdomen, Tony could see the start of a fresh bruise beginning to stain his tanned skin right above his navel. Thor leaned over, having a look for himself, clearly having no judgment of personal space as his rough fingertips began to slide over his friend's bare stomach. Tony felt himself tense up, the sensation sending a shock through his body.

"I'm very sorry my friend," Thor genuinely apologized, sitting up straight, his eyes still turned down, his hand laying flat against Tony's bruise. As the dark haired man turned his head to face Thor, he felt his pulse beat wildly for a moment, the blonde's face looking guilty, the hand on his stomach beginning to pull away.

"Don't worry about it Thor..." Tony said quietly, his own hand coming forward to touch against the thunder god's, pushing his palm back against his bare body. The Asgardian turned towards his friend, their eyes meeting suddenly, both of them realizing just how close they actually were. Tony had no idea what the hell was coming over him, but as he leaned in and pressed his lips against Thor's, honestly, he could have cared less.