A/N: Um hi guys! Okay, before you go and judge Ferb and me on our sappy and CHEESY romance story, THIS IS BASED ON REAL LIFE. So, haters gon' hate, potatoes gon' potate. Well, I hope you like it! And before you yell at me about it, I know Axe isn't hair gel. Like I said, this is based on real life XD


Have you ever been forced to do something or go somewhere against your will? Well, I know exactly how you feel. As much as I'm sure you would love to be bored to death by my complaining, I think I should start from the beginning.

My name is Bryanna Wan. I've been living in Spoons, Washington for as long as I can remember. But now, thanks to my WONDERFUL parents and Dad's new job, we've moved all the way to Smurf, California. Honestly, if it weren't for the threat to take away all of my food, I would have stayed in Spoons in the local neighborhood park and live as hobo. Yes, you heard me. Food is basically my life. I would marry it if it was legal. Anyways, you would probably guess the reason I wanted to stay in Spoons is because of my friends and family. Wrong. I never really had any friends; I was always the social outcast. Everyone was turned off by my mole. And as for my aunts and uncles and grandparents, I'm pretty sure they didn't even know I existed. Yep, that's how much my parents hate me. The worst part is, I'm starting school tomorrow, in the middle of the school year, in my senior year. What did I ever do to my parents? I should probably go to sleep now. Don't want to be late on the first day.

I was back in Spoons, and the guy I liked had finally noticed me asked me out and now we were doing our homework and studying together. I was so happy; this was more than I had ever hoped for! Until the fire alarm went off.

Wait-Ugh. That was my alarm. I groaned, turned around, and switched it off. Five more minutes wouldn't hurt. I went back to sleep, but the dream was gone.

I was soon woken up by my mother.


"Ugh, coming!" I said. Gosh, could she be more inconsiderate? I fell out of bed and landed on the floor with a thump. I got dressed in my typical outfit: a yellow t-shirt and yellow shorts, then I spiked up my hair with Axe. Who cared about first impressions? I don't even want to be here. I checked the time and cursed under my breath. It was already 7:10, and first period of my long day was in five minutes. I raced downstairs and grabbed some money and a water bottle for lunch. I grabbed went to the garage to get my bike, then I thought YOLOOOOOOOOO I'LL JUST SKIP SCHOOL TODAY, and walked to the nearby Starbucks. I saw a tomato and ham sandwich that looked good, so I bought it. As I was walking to find a table, I found they were all full. I was about to leave when someone tapped on my shoulder. I spun around to face a college-age-looking guy with spiked up black hair and brown eyes. He caught me staring and smirked. I quickly looked away and cleared my throat.

"Do you need somewhere to sit?" he asked.

"Um, no thanks, I'm fine." I replied.

"I insist." He quickly said and pulled up a chair across from his. "So, what's your name?"

"I-It's Bryanna. Bryanna Wan."

"Lovely. I'm Jay Yinkelberg. Is that a tomato and ham sandwich you're eating? It looks good, but not as good as my tuna fish sandwich!"

"Right." I replied. After that, our small talk turned into an awkward silence. I quickly finished eating (not that it was hard, back in Spoons I won a key lime pie eating contest) and stood up to leave. "Well, thanks for letting me sit hereā€¦"

"No problem, er, Jose-oh." He said, also standing up. "Can I have your number?"

"What?" I was so surprised that he would ask me that.

"Your number? Can I have it?"

"Oh, sure." We exchanged numbers and I left. I was about to round the corner when a familiar looking car made me stop in my tracks.