A/N: Nothing you recognize belongs to me! This ficlet was written for this prompt on tumblr: eleven x rose office romance au (and a gif, but FF won't let me link to it, so if you want to see the gif go to my livejournal or my tumblr as it is posted on both) And as always, enjoy!

The first time Dr. John Smith met Rose Tyler he knew she was going to be trouble. Her husband worked in the Maths department of Cambridge University and John had just been hired on as a Physics instructor. Ian Tyler was brilliant—even if he did wear horrible shoes with his designer suits and didn't understand the subtle elegance of the bow-tie. Rose did. She was pretty and clever and she did this thing with her tongue and her teeth that drove him crazy. He didn't know why he was looking. He was happily married. So was she. But she had her legs wrapped around him and her bum firmly on the smooth wood of his desk and he had one hand up her shirt and the other up her skirt. Her husband was lecturing at another university—some place in America and his wife was off on one of her expeditions to Africa; she was trying to find the origin of life. He was pretty sure that life began buried between Rose Tyler's thighs—but he was hardly an expert. He thought that maybe he could become an expert. He thought that he might enjoy that. He knew she wouldn't let him. This was a fling; that was half the attraction. Like a candle lit at both ends it burned brightly—but not for long. He would go home to River. She would go home to Ian. Neither of them would speak of it again. And life would go on.