"Incredible…" A voice echoed quietly across Tony's lab. He'd just come down to take one of the suits for a ride, going against Pepper's advice that he should get some sleep for a public appearance the next morning. But now he paused, wondering who was wandering around his workspace.

Tony followed the voice to where he stored his suits, and found Dr. Banner poking around at the left arm of the newest suit that Tony was working on, and had yet to complete to his liking. The doctor was using a pocket flashlight in the dark cave-like space, apparently unaware of the recess lighting above his head.

"Jarvis, don't be rude. Let Dr. Banner have some light," Tony called out to Jarvis, who complied politely.

"Oh! Mr. Stark!" Dr. Banner started at Tony's voice, pocketing the flashlight when lights above him illuminated the space where he stood.

"Tony," the genius corrected him, shoving his hands in the back pockets of his jeans and staring intently at the intruder.

"Sorry. I was just curious… I mean, I've heard so much about your work, I couldn't help but come see it for myself. I apologize if I'm intruding," the doctor made to step away from the suit, but Tony waved a hand in the air dismissively and walked towards him.

"Don't be. If anyone's to blame here, it's my incompetent assistant who apparently just lets anyone in who says 'please.'"

"Sir, Dr. Banner had the correct keycode, which implies that permission had been granted previously," Jarvis replied, showing video playback of Dr. Banner descending the stairs and entering the access code off a scrap of paper in his hand.

"Did he?" Tony asked, surprised; he stopped walking halfway across the room and raised an eyebrow at the doctor who looked like a child caught in the act of stealing candy.

"Your, um," Dr. Banner began, then hesitated, "Miss Potts gave it to me yesterday when I asked."

"Girlfriend, Dr. Banner; and CEO bossypants who just gives access codes to everybody now, apparently," Tony muttered, half to himself.

"I'm sorry, Tony; I assumed that since—" The doctor seemed genuinely concerned about his invasion of Tony's space.

"Lighten up, doctor, I'm not the one who turns into a crazy rage machine when I'm angry. I just get sassy," on his last word, Tony lisped the s's and raised a flirtatious eyebrow at the doctor for half a second before relaxing his face again and walking towards his latest suit.

"Thanks for the reminder, thank you," Dr. Banner sighed and shook his head in annoyance.

"If you're going to become angry, Dr. Banner, I'd like to request that you exit the premises, as I don't want you destroying my stuff. It's very expensive stuff."

"It's Bruce, and I'll keep that in mind, especially with how short on cash you must be."

Tony paused in his inspection of the suit and said, "Point taken," and clapping his hands, continued, "Now that we've properly insulted each other, let's get back to science, shall we? What do you think of it?" Tony gestured to the suit that stood half-finished between himself and Dr. Banner.

"It's impressive! The mechanics are so intricate, and so simple at the same time! Of course, I expected no less of the mind behind Stark Industries, but it's very impressive," Bruce gushed, examining the wiring inside the left arm again.

Tony didn't smile at the praise; of course, he was used to it, being a genius from such a young age, but he looked genuinely interested in Dr. Banner's opinion nonetheless. "I hear a but in there, Dr. Banner." The doctor hesitated, glancing at Tony nervously before looking back at the suit, then at the completed suits, and stepping down from the platform.

"No, no buts. Your work is very impressive."

"Don't lie, Dr. Angry. I know a thing or two about buts. I get a lot of ass in this business of mine, if you know what I mean, and I know a but when I see it. What's your beef? Too flashy? That's a common complaint, but there's no such thing in my book. Ineffective use of the reactor's power? Oh, I could debate you on that one until the cows come home. What is it, doctor? Let me have it." Tony's words, in alignment with his personality, came out in an arrogant rush and ended in a tone that translated into a dare.

Bruce smiled shyly, which frustrated Tony; the man was clearly a genius, or else he wouldn't be here, but yet there he stood, being bashful like he didn't know a damn thing. "It's not a problem with any of the hardware, Tony. It's the software; I'm really curious about it. Everybody can see the hardware plainly enough when you're… you know, out there, doing your thing, but the software isn't something the public gets to see. But I'm not the public, and I want to get a look at it."

"Didn't need the speech to convince me, you only had to say, 'Show me.' C'mere," Tony walked around the suit to Bruce and threw a strong arm around his shoulders, steering him towards the central platform of the basement. "From one genius to another, I give you Iron Man: behind the mask!" Tony made a gesture across one of his LCD panels, and the circular platform came to life with bright colors and the whirring of computer hardware. "That'd be a catchy name for an exhibit, don't you think? Nobody would understand half of it, though, so let's keep this between us, 'kay?" Tony clicked his tongue and winked before stepping away from the stunned doctor to showcase his life's work.

Tony's explanation was a rush of words and gratuitous gesticulations across the various screens suspended around the platform. At first, Bruce simply watched, enamored by the advanced software that was suspended and glowing around him, but as he began to understand its functions, he joined in with Tony in sweeping his arms across the screens and talking a mile a minute as his fingers flew across the keypads and keyboards that Jarvis obediently opened for them.

"This is incredible," Bruce breathed several minutes later, running a hand through his hair, stepping back towards the center of the platform and smiling in awe. "I have never seen technology like this coming from one man alone. I've seen something like it from corporations and military units, but those were teams of professionals. This is truly incredible. You are incredible, Tony!" He laughed and shook Tony's hand enthusiastically, but Tony simply shrugged.

"I'm a genius with a heart condition. Not much else to it," Tony said with a smirk, tapping on the arc reactor in his chest.

"Could I-?" Bruce began, his enthusiasm giving way to shyness.

"Oh, definitely, yeah," Tony immediately removed his shirt without hesitation, and spread his arms from his sides as invitation. "I let my secretary reach inside it, and she had no idea what she was doing. You're a professional, so of course you can look at it."

"Your secretary?" Bruce asked, raising his eyebrows as he approached Tony to examine the reactor, "I thought you said she was your girlfriend."

Tony shrugged, causing the muscles in his neck to tense up for a moment, "She's also the CEO. She's a lot of things." He paused. "But a genius isn't one of them," Tony added as he watched Bruce taking a closer look at the reactor, though the top of Bruce's curly brown hair was all he could see. "It's nice to have an intellectual peer who actually understands what I'm saying. You should visit more often. I could use someone to talk to around here."

"I am capable of conversation, sir," Jarvis offered, but Tony ignored him.

"Hardly any scarring… remarkable," Bruce was muttering when he accidentally brushed a hand against one of Tony's nipples.

Tony sucked in a sharp breath, not having expected that, and said, "Watch it, Angry! I am still human, you know. Nerve endings and all."

"Sorry!" Bruce replied, holding his hands in the air as if surrendering. He continued to examine the skin surrounding the reactor, so closely now that his nose and breath were in constant contact with Tony's chest. With each warm breath, Tony felt a tightening sensation in his chest and wondered how long it would take Bruce to notice that his heart rate was increasing.

Dr. Banner finally found what he'd been looking for: scar tissue. It was very faint, but the shape of it was what he was most concerned with. He gently traced his index finger over it, and Tony gasped.

"You still have sensation there?" Bruce asked, surprised, looking up at Tony.

"Yes, quite a lot, actually," Tony cleared his throat and looked away.

"Really?" Bruce looked pensive for a moment, and then clarity swept across his face suddenly. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to—"

"Calm yourself, Angry. I know you weren't trying to test the functionality of my blood pressure," Tony said with a smirk.

Realizing what Tony meant, Bruce looked down and stumbled backwards a step. "Oh. Sorry, I…" he stopped himself from apologizing and cracked a shy smile. "This is awkward."

"Only if you keep standing there." Bruce smirked and made to walk away, but Tony grabbed his arm and managed to growl, "That's not what I meant" before roughly turning the doctor around and smashing his lips against Bruce's.

An extremely satisfied moan hit the back of Tony's throat as Bruce leaned into the kiss to the extent that he realized he was straddling Tony's left thigh. He was already hard from the kissing, as it had been years since he'd had any action. Tony was a hard but skilled kisser, his tongue fucking Bruce's mouth like their lives depended on it.

Suddenly, a muffled sound came from Bruce's mouth and he withdrew from Tony, panting and gasping. "Needed… air," he managed to gasp, and Tony took this opportunity to size up the doctor; it was painfully obvious how desperately he needed this.

Bruce began unbuttoning his shirt, and Tony saw that the tips of his fingers were tinged slightly green. "Your fingers…" Tony managed to mumble as he too began undressing.

"It's fine… it happens. Just don't piss me off, and don't let me top," Bruce explained breathlessly, pausing when he'd undone his shirt. He was scanning Tony's face for any signs of fear or hesitation, but Tony's eyes were wide for an entirely different reason.

"Jarvis! Bed, now!" Tony shouted through his shirt as he tore it off and advanced towards Bruce. Their hard-ons made contact just before their lips, and so both men groaned loudly into each other's mouths as they began kissing even more desperately than before. There was a low mechanical whir in the background, followed by a click. At the click, Tony pulled away from Bruce, and with a firm grip on his ass, shoved Bruce ahead of him in the direction of a bed that had lowered itself from a hidden niche in the wall.

"You would," Bruce managed to say with a low laugh as he hurried towards the bed ahead of Tony.

"I do," Tony smirked, and shoved Bruce backwards onto the bed.

As they hastily started undoing their pants, Bruce asked, "How did you know?"

"You're a doctor of science, Banner, not medicine. You had only one reason to be examining my chest like that."

Bruce laughed, but was cut off when Tony had finally stripped out of his boxers and launched himself at the muscular man in his bed. Tony wasted no time in venturing down, lips and tongue first, towards Bruce's groin. He took the doctor's cock down his throat in full right away, causing a feral sound to rip from Bruce's throat. This egged Tony on, and he worked his throat around Bruce's already leaking hard-on while toying with his balls with his free hand.

Bruce was writhing in agony, and he couldn't believe was Tony was doing to his body. He shouldn't be surprised that the man who connects tiny wires to each other in impossible spaces had such excellent command of his hands. And that throat, with the muscles working around him like that, he couldn't even begin to—"Holy fuck! Tony! Fucking… fuck me!"

Tony moaned as he slowly withdrew from Bruce's cock and took a moment to pump his own in anticipation. Bruce groaned impatiently, and Tony turned around and dug in the drawer of the desk nearby for a bottle of lube and a condom. "Where the fuck is the—Got it!" He slathered some onto his fingers and leaned forward to tease Bruce's hole with his tongue. He traced around it, pushed barely inside of it, and used a single finger to start opening him up. He was absent-mindedly jerking his own cock while he started tongue-fucking Bruce's entrance.

Expletives flew from Bruce's mouth and he squeezed his eyes shut, beginning to see stars as Tony introduced a second finger. He was pumping his cock slowly, almost lazily when Tony unexpectedly introduced a third finger, and Bruce howled with delight at the new intrustion that stretched him even wider.

Tony's hard-on was aching desperately now, and Bruce was ready for him, moaning and thrusting through his fist. Tony had grabbed a condom with the lube, and quickly slid it down his pulsating length. He used his prepped hand to slick himself up some more, kneeling between Bruce's legs. The doctor tried to spread his legs wider than they could go, and so Tony took them and hoisted them up onto his shoulders, for a better angle and a better view.

Tony had originally intended to tease Bruce into a writhing mess before fully penetrating him, but once the tip of his cock made contact with the edge of Bruce's entrance, he bit down on his lip and couldn't hesitate any longer. He pushed himself in slightly, meaning to allow Bruce time to adjust, but the doctor had other plans.

"Hnng! More!" Bruce begged through gritted teeth, his eyes squeezed shut in an effort not to come right then and there. Tony pushed in more, and Bruce continued to beg, "More! All the way! Come on, more!" So Tony complied, and both men bellowed when Tony sank in to the hilt.

Bruce began rocking impatiently, and so Tony pulled back until just his head was in before slowly easing back in all the way. Bruce whined with the slow back and forth that lasted for three more strokes before Tony couldn't take it any more. He pulled out to the head and then slammed back in with a resounding smack against Bruce's ass. The doctor shouted obscenities and dug his heels into Tony's shoulders, and so Tony did it again, and again, each time eliciting a more desperate sound from Bruce and a more feral growl from himself.

This was clearly Bruce's first time in a very long time, as he was very tight and extremely sensitive. He could feel every millimeter of Tony's cock inside him as it filled him, emptied him, and filled him again with every thrust. The tight heat that surrounded Tony's cock was beginning to clench around him, and he could feel a similar tension building deep in his own groin. Abandoning all thoughts of rhythm and care, he began violently pounding into Bruce, reddening his ass with the sharp contact from every slap of skin on skin. A growl started to rise from his throat as he pounded again and again, the tension in his groin rising with it, and he bellowed when he finally felt himself climax, pressing as far as he could go inside of Bruce, his face red from the exertion.

When Bruce heard Tony begin growling with the rise of his release, Bruce immediately gripped his own cock and began pumping desperately, feeling the static building at the base of his spine. He heard Tony's bellow just before he felt the cock inside of him pulsing, and it was just enough to send him over the edge. He screamed hoarsely and desperately as his own release spilled onto his stomach and even as far as his chest, but he hardly noticed as it had sent him temporarily out of his own head. Tony watched breathlessly, still panting from his own climax, as Bruce's features twisted into a fierce expression, turning his face almost completely green. But it was only for a moment, as he soon whimpered into breathless pants, his hand still loosely wrapped around his softened cock.

Tony pulled out carefully and lazily tossed the condom into a trash can beside the closest desk as he collapsed onto his back. Tony Stark saw a lot of women (and the occasional man) in his various beds all throughout the Tower, but he had never had such a mind-blowing experience as the one he just had.

"Six years," Bruce mumbled from the foot of the bed; he hadn't moved since they'd finished about five minutes before.

Tony whistled and shook his head as he rolled onto his side and said, "I will personally see to it that you will not go more than six hours from this point forward." Tony jammed his finger into the mattress, adding emphasis to his declaration.

"Even if I want women?" Bruce asked, propping himself up off his back with his elbows.

"Especially if you want women." Bruce laughed and made to sit up, but groaned and fell flat on his back. "Watch yourself, Angry," Tony cautioned, sitting up with a great deal of effort.

"Stop calling me Angry."

"Would you prefer Horny?"

Bruce sighed and said, "Angry it is."