Wolf arched his arm, long nails gently scratching the back of his neck. He glanced throughout the ballroom, watching the dancing couples swirl across the floor. Nearby, Jack danced at the center of the room with his bride. They wore soft colors of blue, him wearing a tux with a dark tie hanging down his center.

"Hey Wolfie," Granny said as she approached. Her hair held lifted in the same position as always, a dark green dress attached to her body. "How you doing?" she asked, smiling.

"I'm doing fine. Hey, you seen Red around?"

Granny granted a knowing smile, "Oh, she's around somewhere. Just look for the crowd of lustful men."

"Okay whatever," Wolf said breezily before pausing, taking in what Granny said, "Wait, what?" He turned back to ask her what she meant, only to see her disappear within the dancing crowd.

Wolf rolled his eyes, going back to scanning the room for any sign of the young woman. His long nails on his feet clicked softly against the floor as he shifted his weight to the other foot. He drew his tongue over his lips, grazing his fangs only slightly as he searched for her. Where was she?

The song ended. The people clapped for the band, who nodded curtly before starting another song. Wolf meandered around the dance floor, clawed hands held behind his back. His elegant tail swished in the air nervously, wondering where that brat would sneak off to. She said she would be here, didn't she?

Finally his eyes found her, pointed wolf ears swiveling forward, perking with interest as he looked over her.

A dress, golden, shimmering with a fantastic sheen as she walked through the mix of humans and animals. She wore her hair down, which didn't really matter since the whole back and side of her head lay covered by a red cloak, her arms covered with part of it closed closer to her. She looked a little nervous in the dress, but seemed to convince herself to be strong as she walked with her head lifted up confidently.

Wolf approached her from behind, tapping her shoulder, claw careful as he did so.

She turned, smiling upon seeing him. She looked over his black tie arrangement, "Lookin pretty spiffy over there dog."

"I try," he smiled, brushing off the staring eyes that looked over his half human, half wolf form. One of his ears flicked when he caught a whisper from nearby.

"Half wolf half human? Is he a half-breed?"

"He must be a demon. Did you see his eyes?"

Red caught a glimpse of the annoyed hurt in Wolf's eyes. She grabbed the edge of his sleeve, smiling, "You look great Wolf, really."

He gave her a kind smile, the corner of his lip showing more of his fangs. "Thanks Hood."

They were silent for a few more moments before Wolf extended out his paw, bowing down slightly as he offered it to her. "A dance, dear Red?"

She smiled slyly at him, taking it with a sweet murmur, "Why indeed, kind sir."

He granted her his deviant smirk, guiding her onto the dance floor with the rest of the couples. They received more odd looks, which the pair easily cast off when he could only keep his eyes on her. Wolf lifted up her hand, the other smoothing down to her waist, pulling her close to him. She slipped her other arm up his shoulder, holding it with small fingers. He curled his clawed hand around hers, careful to not prick her.

"You look quite dashing," she complimented again, her tone teasing as he began to guide her across the floor.

"You're not looking bad yourself Red."

She gave him a grateful smile. "Thanks Bane."

Wolf felt his spine prickle at his name, pleasure tingling through his fingertips as he spun her before holding her back to him. "It's true. You look beautiful."

Blushing at his compliment, Red glanced down, smiling to herself. "You're such a sucker," she muttered.

He laughed openly, hugging her to his body. "And you're a brat."

She smiled up at him.

They drifted across the floor, getting closer to the couple dressed in blue. When the dance ended, the mismatched pair kept close for a few extra moments, both secretly wishing they could never leave each other. Simultaneously, they both glanced to the other dancing couple, smirking as they parted, approaching them.

Boldly tapping Jack's shoulder, Wolf asked, "Hey bud, mind if I step in for a sec?"

"Just keep your paws to yourself," Jack growled in warning.

After a tense moment, they laughed with each other, a calm atmosphere coating the pair of unlikely friends. Wolf punched him lightly in the shoulder, "Watch your hands yourself bud."

"Don't worry. I won't touch your precious girlfriend."

"We're not-"

Jack rolled his eyes, cutting of Wolf's denial as he approached Red, bowing royally before sweeping her into the next dance. Wolf looked uncertainly to the light blue dressed princess. She smiled at him nervously. He returned it, bowing, holding out his hand, "May I?"

"Of course, Bane," she smiled, holding his hand.

They danced lightly, Wolf making sure to keep more distance between them than he did with Red. Cindy smiled at him, blue eyes shining, "You've been a great friend to Jack, Bane. He won't admit it but he's really glad you and Red were able to show."

"I'm glad I was invited," he smiled a wolfish grin, "Tell him I said thanks for being chosen best man."

"Not a problem," she smiled as he twirled her gracefully, her flowing dress seeming to dance all on its own. He guided her smoothly across, hands careful around her soft skin.

She swayed gently, "I was a little surprised you and Jack used to hate each other."

Wolf laughed, "Use hate loosely. We despised each other."

"You guys are pretty close now," she commented.

"Well it's hard to fight after battling a witch-for-hire and his crazy sister. You start to realize some things about yourself as a person, in a way," he smiled, showing more of his fangs. He danced more gently now, a smirk growing on his face when he caught sight of Red and Jack dancing, laughing together comfortably.

"There was that night they spent together too when they thought I kicked the bucket. Instead of trying to make a move on her, he was there for her while I couldn't. I owe him that, and it seems to have paid off. He's got a pretty beautiful wife now," Wolf grinned cockily.

Cindy smiled, her glass slippers easily guiding her across the floor. "Thanks."

The dance ended. In a flourish bow, Wolf retreated back to Red, smiling at the newlywed couple. Red nudged him with her shoulder, "They're perfect aren't they?"

"I suppose," Wolf lifted his shoulder in a shrug. His tone came off as nonchalant, but Red heard the sincerity in his voice when he looked over the embracing couple.

Wolf glanced down to his supposed girlfriend, who caught him doing so. She raised her eyebrows as she instantly caught what he would suggest, "Wanna get out of here?"

"Absolutely," she beamed.


Red wrapped her arms around his waist as the pair took off on a motorcycle, the only sound in the area the motor. They stopped when close to their destination, Red's eyes dancing at the excitement of their little night time adventure. Wolf mounted off the bike, Red following in pursuit.

"We'll go animal style from here," he said, flexing his shoulders as his bones began to rearrange.

After about a minute, Red mounted onto Wolf's back, crouching down on him with her arms holding his shoulders. Practicing for two months now enabled Wolf to transform his body to whatever form he needed. He flexed his claws nimbly before asking. "You holding on tight?"

"Ready to go," she answered.

He jumped into the forest, tail streaking out behind him. Red laughed as he picked up speed, jumping over small obstacles and weaving through the trees as if he knew every one of them. Wolf didn't tire out the entire run, only slowing when they reached their destination. Red slid from his back, sliding her shoes off to step into the dew-coated grass. Wolf stood back to his feet, instantly transforming to his mid human/wolf self. He stood a little ways from Red, tail flicking back and forth lazily as he watched her. Her hands held behind her back as she rocked on her heels, "It's so beautiful," she whispered softly.

Wolf walked up to her, large hand entwining with hers as he took his place beside her. Not as beautiful as you, he wanted to say.

"It's nice Jack found Cindy," Red commented, squeezing Wolf's hand.

He smiled back to her, nudging her gently with one arm, "Yeah, I guess it is. At least I don't have anymore competition."

Red blushed quietly to herself. She smoothed out some of her dress. In that moment Wolf took amusement in the fact he never saw her in a dress.

Except for a wedding, maybe.

He smiled to himself as if thinking of his own joke, breathing out a sigh as he took in the scent of the familiar scenery and the girl standing beside him. She leaned on his shoulder, knowing he wanted her to.

"Know what else?" she asked softly so only Wolf could hear.

"What?" he whispered to her, leaning down closer, breathing his words out softly.

"I'm glad I found you," she murmured.

Wolf smiled again to himself. He kissed the top of her head gently with feather-soft lips, eyes closing peacefully. "Me too," he whispered.

The pair looked out over the scenery, the moon blanched valley covered with bright, pearly moon-flowers that stood out sharply over the landscape. Red sighed out, looking up for a brief moment when she heard him whisper her name.


Knowing it wasn't very often he used her true name, Red lifted her head to him, eyes searching, "Hmm?"

Before he did it, she knew it was coming. Seriously, they'd been waiting two months for this moment, their moment.

Red's eyes drifted closed, her hand moving up to his shoulder as he leaned down. His large hand gracefully slid her hood from her head, revealing the bright shining color of her hair in the moonlight before pulling her into a firm, much desired kiss.

Wolf moved his hand to her back, the other to her shoulder. Red couldn't help but move her hands over his neck, hugging him, urging him closer.

They'd been waiting for this much too long.

Wolf breathed gently into her, Red only smiling against him when he caught her lip with one of his fangs. She instantly felt him back away for a moment, looking guilty. "Sorry," he muttered.

"Are you kidding me? That was so hot," she laughed, bringing him back to her, matching his energy.

Red rubbed the back of his neck with eager fingers, heart shivering in excitement. Wolf laughed softly when she began grappling at his suit jacket, running her palms over his covered chest, her fingers itching to undo the buttons. He grabbed her hands, moving them back up to his neck. "Not that fast, Red. Grams would kill me," he whispered, gently biting her lower ear.

The girl laughed softly with him, eyes dancing. He breathed in her beautiful scent once more before bringing her lips back to his.

Dew in the moonlight, that was all he desired.

"I love you Anne," he dared to whisper, kissing the corner of her mouth lightly.

He felt her smile against him as she pressed herself closer, opening his mouth to go deeper. Wolf didn't even get time to smile before she growled out, "Just shut up and kiss me, Bane."


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