Loosing You Already


"Franklin Alan Paddock you absolute, total motherfucking kackbratze! It was you, all along, and you didn't tell me? I haven't seen you for 2 years schweinenpriester! You could have said, 'Hey Hero, remember me? Frank?' But no!"

I just laughed and gave her a one armed hug.

"So, is this the broad who was pining for you?" Red winked at Hero.

The girl went bright red, like tomato, and looked away.

"That crazy old lady, she's always saying some bollocks. I haven't been pining for anyone, she makes it up!"

"Wasn't Mr Deathwish pining for someone too?" Allen asked.

"I don't pine asshole, 'specially over my best friend. Have to admit, was kinda quiet without you around."

"So that's why you always had that picture with you." Red egged.

"What? What picture? He's got a picture?"

"Of you, it's a very nice picture too if I may say so too. Keeps it in his helmet and hasn't let anyone else even hold the damn thing." That ginger fuck-wit was going to get me into no end of trouble.

"Where did you get a picture of me from?"

"Uhh...I borrowed it..."

"You're a terrible liar Frank...I want it back."


"What do you mean 'why' 'cause it's a picture of me and I want it back, giftzahn." She pouted, jutting her bottom lip out in a way that had always caught my attention. Damn thing was still catching my attention. I started to chew my lip, anything to keep my mind off of my even more attractive friend.

Damn that girl had changed. She was taller, but I knew that from the letter. Her hair was long and had some flicks and cow licks from the sweat, and it was also a couple of shades lighter. Her face looked a little more mature, but still had the faint collection of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. And, even with all that shit she was lugging around, you could still see all her perfect curves.


As we turned a corner, I came face to face with a German soldier. He just stood there, looking at me, and I just stood there, looking back at him. I couldn't think what to do, we just stood there staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity, before his eyes began to roll backwards into his head. It was that moment, that it got through my head, the young 'Aryan' man stood before me, had been shot dead by one of my companions.

In fact, Frank and Friar were still stood, looking down the sights of their weapons, when I looked around at them. When I turned it felt like slow motion. I could feel the wind tugging the wisps of hair that had fallen out of place, as Frank grabbed my arm and pulled me to cover behind a wall.

Then it all came back up to speed.

"What the hell were you doing?" He yelled at me, over the sound of bullets ricocheting around us.

"I don't know, he caught me by surprise." I called back.

"You ain't gonna be so lucky next time!"

"I know!" I yelled back, ducking back behind the wall, narrowly missing a bullet. "You hardly need to tell me that!"

"I thought at least you'd be able to look after yourself now!"

"PADDOCK THIS IS NOT THE TIME!" Red yelled, "Shift your fire over there!Now, move it double time!"


"It ain't my fault some crazy girl came with us and almost got her goddam self killed!"

"Crazy? I'm crazy? You're the one with the death wish you cretin!"

"Cretin! At least I can look after myself!"

"You've almost been shot 5 times while we've been here! And before that too!"


"So it's perfectly fine for you to get killed, but not me?"

"Where did you even get that from?"

Christ the pair of them sounded married. I looked at Allen'n'Garnett, and they looked at me, just as confused, shocked and amused as I was. Frank Paddock, the grumpiest hot head, who'd not look out of place in the middle of a bar-room brawl, was almost matched with this girl. It was like he was trying to get out of a locked box, fighting with her.

And, even by the time we'd all regrouped, they were still carrying on the fight.

"Well you seem to care more about me breathing than yourself."

"It's not that! I'd never hear the end of it if you kicked the bucket!"

"So you don't actually care about me?"

"Aww Hell! Hero, now you're just making stuff up!"

"I am not! If you cared, you'd have at least told me sooner that you were leaving!" murmured Hero, so softly, i barely even heard her, and I was almost slap-bang next to her.

Her face hardened, while Farm Boy's softened. I pretended not to listen to the now hushed conversation. Up ahead, Sophie was finishing a conversation with Matt and preparing to move them all out, but giving her squad time to rest.

"Hero, what difference would it have made? I would have left anyway, regardless when I told you..."

I swear, on my heart, I had never heard Paddock sound more caring then he was at that moment...Well not until Holland, but that's later on...

"I told you to be patient, that I'd come back, I came back before right?"

"This isn't the same! It's not like when you had to go home to your dad at the end of the day, or the few times you ran away! There's a 70% chance you weren't coming home! You and Sophie are my two best friends! Fuck, you didn't even bother to write me and you could have been killed today...That could have been our last conversation!"

"I thought you were mad at me!" Paddock hissed.

"I was mad at you! You still could have written to at least one of us!"

"So could you! You didn't think I wanted you to write me? Damn, and you wonder why I left? I can't do anything right for you or my dad! I was glad to go!"

Great. That idiot could ruin anything.


"Wasn't the same without you two goof-balls. If I could have taken you with me, I would have...C'mere you idiot. I jus' don't want you getting hurt is all...Think of what it'd do to Sophie. You two were born a couple of months apart, you're like twins, anything happens to you while I'm there and she's not, it'll be on my head."

"I'm not a kid anymore. I can hold my own, Sophie knows that..." She muttered to me as she passed by. I guessed she knew I'd been listening.

Just as she was leaving, there was an almighty crack and everyone threw themselves down on the floor. That is, all of us except one of Sergeant Drake's squad. He just stood there, unmoved by the sickening crack.

"Charlie get down!" Drake screamed at him, but he didn't seem to hear.

"Soph'..." Hero uttered quietly.

And then he fell. First he dropped to his knees, and then he fell forward, his head landing just in front of Hero. There was a huge hole in his helmet and blood poured out, slowly, like red cream. Drake just stared at Hero, she stared back. Then the sergeant gulped, and scanned the hedge line to see if she could spot whoever shot their friend.

Apparently she did see something.

"Hero, take Charlie's rifle and scope and climb to the top of that tree," she ordered, pointing to the tree in the field behind us. "Once you get there, look to my left, you'll see camouflage, I think he's in there somewhere! Take that schwuler out! We'll cover you until you get in the tree!"


Hero took the scope, quickly attaching it to the rifle. She hopped on to her heels, while the rest of her squad took up positions to cover her. A nod was all it took for the girl to be pelting to the tree behind Sam and Matt, climbing it like a monkey, rifle still slung over her shoulder. A couple more minutes later, and it was still silent.

And then another gun shot, but this time, it wasn't Jerry. The sniper fell out of his camouflage in the hedge row and all was silent again. Drake took some of her men to check out where he had fell. When she gave the all clear and began to walk back to us, we all stood up.

"Nice shot 'Ro. Straight down the scope." She said, without a smile. She didn't come close to us 502nders, instead, she walked right past us, her squad and the body of their friend and sat far away, with her head in her hands.

"She okay?" Zano asked from me left.

"No, she and Charlie had a thing...she didn't mention it much...I'll go talk to her." Hero told him.

Paddock sighed and sat down on the grass next to me.

"She'll pull through, Sophie always has done." he said to Red as he ran a hand through his hair, when he asked him if she'd be okay.

"She's got a good friend to help her." Zano commented, watching the pair. What was that old dog up to?

"She's off limits." Paddock replied gruffly, his head whipping up as soon as the words came out of Zano's mouth.


"Because she is."

Obi, who was sat across from me, exchanged a glance with me. We decided not to get into the middle of the dispute about to happen, but we'd jump in if it got..heated.

"You two have a thing?"


"So why's she off limits?"

"Because I said so and if I see you trying it on with her, there'll be hell." Growled the Southern soldier.

Zano just smirked, which he only did to wind the poor guy up. Yes I said poor guy; I did actually feel sorry for him, it was like he was invisible to her and apparently they were the closest of childhood friends. We all knew something was going on, well we're not blind, and now Zano wanted to try it on with Hero...It didn't seem like the best idea.

The 3 of us watched as he got up and mooched over to an approaching Hero, anxious to see if his friend was alright. I saw Hero nod and hug him, something was definitely going on, as her arm lingered on his when she let go and his arms stayed on her hips for a moment, before they moved away awkwardly.