Male characters only! I'm not trying to be racists or anything, I feel better writing gay fanfics.

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Mike had just logged onto AIM and already there was about 15 messages waiting for him from, Noel Kahn.



'Get on…'


'Just message me when you get back on.'

And so and so on. Mike sighed and ran the arrow over Noel's name on his lists of friends that he had added on AIM. Noel was unfortunately offline but then a blue light popped up next to Noel's name and a new message window popped up.

'Finally, you're on!'

'Uh yeah, hey.'

'How are you?'

'Fine… Look about what happened last night… It was weird and I wasn't thinking…I hope you're not mad…'

Noel is typing….

Ella had entered Mike's room, causing Mike to shut his laptop as if on cue. Lately his family had been worried about him, he's been distant and quiet. After an argument between both Ella and Mike, Aria had entered the room to see what was going on. It didn't end well, Mike had accidentally hurt Ella's wrists but she wasn't too worried about that. Mike locked himself in his bathroom and waited till the coast was clear.

'Sorry…My mom had just barged into my room unannounced but what were you saying before?"

'Just meet me at Rosewood park in 10, ok? I think it's better if we talk about this face to face.'

'Yeah, sure..I'll see you there.'

Mike was waiting, sitting and swinging a bit back and forth on one of the swings, it was now 8pm and the sun had fully gone down leaving Mike in totally darkness. She was a bit freaked out but he didn't want to leave until he talked to Noel. S twig snapped in the woods directly behind him and his head turned quickly, looking over his left shoulder, nothing, he couldn't see anything. When he looked forward again Noel was standing in front of him. He jumped, falling off the swing. Noel chuckled and helped him up. "The hell is your problem Noel!"

"Sorry.." He laughed and brushed some of the wood chips off of Mike's hood then got serious. "So…What you did last night and said earlier…I was thinking about it a lot these past hour an-

"Wait… You were thinking? That's new…" He smirked, Noel rolled his eyes dramatically.

"Would you just shut up and listen?"

Mike nods.

"When…When you kissed me I felt this feeling that I've never felt before in my life and when you ran off I just wanted to chase after you and tell you how much-" He swallowed a lump in his throat, sliding his hands into his pockets he rocked back and forth on the balls of his shoes. "How much I like you… And…This is why I wanted to do this face to face-"

"Wait, what exactly are you trying to say? You like me? Noel we were drunk..That feeling could've been just from the beer." He bit at his bottom lip gently.

Noel shook his head. "No… I know this feeling meant something, Mike. I like you and I think…If you're ok with it… That we could maybe go out on a date?" He smiled.

Mike was still in shock but he didn't want to admit he liked Noel as well, what if Noel was just really wasted right now? Well he was doing a good job at hiding it… "Noel…I….Sure." He smiled then Noel leaned in and kissed Mike softly on the lips.

'Morning Mike!'


'Is it weird that I'm more excited about our date then I do with going out with a girl?'

'No, not at all.'

Mike was trying to play it cool, obviously, but inside he felt like he just wanted to shout out to the world that he really liked Noel Kahn.

'How's your ass?'

'Errrm… Fine, no thanks to you…'

'Well now you know, Remember what I told you and that won't happen again..'

'Yeah, ok..'

'Yeah, ok what?'

'Yeah, ok…Sir…'

Both Noel and Mike smirked at their computer screens.


I had you in tears, I'm sorry about that.'

'It's fine Noel! It was…Really hot….'

'I'm glad you enjoyed it, be bad more often and I'll spank you more ;)'

'See you tonight jerk :P'

'Thought so….'

Noel has logged off….

Mike logged off as well then stood up, looking around his semi-messy room. He sighed and started cleaning up a bit then got dressed and headed into town for his date with Noel