It was the night of Mike's birthday and Noel promised to show up at some point of the day with a surprise. Mike sat in his room, he wasn't really up for any type of celebration though due to the fact that someone knew and might exposed him and Noel. He sat in his chair by his desk, deep in thought when it got dark all of a sudden. Someone had tied a bandana tightly around Mike's head making him unable to see. He freaked out a bit til he heard Noel whisper sexily into his ear.
''Happy birthday.''
Noel led Mike to his bed and handcuffed his wrists to the headboard and tied his ankles serpeatly to the opposite end of the bed. He didn't waste any time and ripped Mike's shirt off and undid his pants a bit, pulling them down slightly but not too much. Mike heard a weird sound then felt something cold starting from the top of his chest and flowing all the way over his belly button. He then felt Noel's tongue follow the line, he squirmed a bit and giggled as Noel licked up the rest of whatever was on his chest. Noel slid Mike's pants and boxer down and again Mike felt the cold substance flow over his dick and again Noel's tongue cleaned it off. He shook his head slightly, hoping the bandana would come off. In no time Mike was able to see again. He lifted his head a bit and saw Noel with a wide smirk on his face and a bottle of whipped cream in his hand.

Mike laid his head back down and let Noel have his fun...Thinking that this is the best birthday present ever.