7 Years Old

"She's killing me Tink!" Noah said before falling onto the bean bag chair in Santana's room.

"Sarah's not even a year old, and stop calling me Tink. I'm just as tall as you are."

"All she ever does is eat, sleep, and cry."

"She's a baby. That's what they do."

Puck was silent. Then he said barely over a whisper, "My ma and dad are fighting again too."

"Santana got off her bed and sat down on the floor next to Noah. "What are they fighting about?"

Noah shrugged his shoulders. "I just don't want anything to change."

"No matter what happens, you'll always have me, Noah. I'm not going anywhere. You can come over to my house whenever you want. We'll be best friends forever." Santana said putting her arm around Noah.

He remembered everything that Santana had said, when he ran across the street in tears because his dad had walked out on his family.


"Hey Tink." Noah said walking into Santana's room like he owned the place. "Whatcha doing?" He asked seeing that Santana was flipping through a pretty big book, with really tiny words.

"Nothing." she said as she continued to flip through the book.

Noah yanked the book from Santana's hands. "Why are you reading A Midsummer Night's Dream?"

"No reason." she replied looking down at her feet.

"I can tell you're lying, Tink."

"Shut up Puck!"

"Did you just call me Puck?"

"Um…yeah I did."


"Well you keep calling me Tink and I hate that name. And then my brother was talking about how he has to read this book and that one of the fairies in the book is named Puck. I thought it was only fair that since you call me Tink, and she's a fairy, I would call you a fairy name." Santana replied in what seemed like one breath.

"Oh. Well just don't call me it at school. I don't want people think I'm a fairy."

"Why can't I? You call me Tink. And people would just think I was shortening your last name, Puckerman."

"Just don't do it Lopez." Puck said walking out of the room.

Santana stuck her tongue out at Puck's retreating figure.


"I can't believe your dad and brother built a tree house for you."

"My brother said not to expect a Christmas or birthday present for the next two years, so it's not that big of a deal." Santana said before motioning for Puck to follow her up the ladder.

"This is so cool. You should totally bring your beanbag chairs up here. Then we could hang out here all the time. The coolest thing would be if we added a TV and GameCube."

"I'll think about it. I think I should add some posters first though."

"That would be so cool. Well I got to go. We're having dinner at my grandma's. See you later Tink."


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