I am working on the Disneyland story but the next chapter is taking a while, this idea came to my mind though. It is partially inspired by o0IKissedAGirl0o 's Side Effects and by Props, where Santana and Artie switch places. I hope you enjoy!

Santana Lopez stood in the empty entrance way of the large open house. She had one of her backpack straps resting on her shoulder, while the other one was hanging off of her, causing the bag to be at a slight angle.

She didn't want to move, she had loved her old town a little outside of Phoenix, Arizona. There she had had a life, it's not like she had a lot of friends there but she had one or two that she knew she would miss. But at her old school, her teachers loved her. She was one of the smartest kids at her school but she also worked harder than anyone else. And while she did not have many friends, her dad was happy because she was going to follow him and become a doctor.

After a moment she adjusted the slightly rectangular glasses on her face, preventing them from falling down her nose.

"Santana, honey why don't you take this box up to your room?" Maribel Lopez said resting her hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"Okay mama." Santana said quietly and then picked the box up from the floor and then made her way up the staircase. She struggled a little under the weight of the box of books. It was times like this that made Santana wish she spent as much time working out as she read. But then she remembered she was like the least athletic person in the world.

Finally, Santana got the box into her room and put it down next to her empty bookshelf. Slowly she began to unpack the box, needing her books to be in exact order.

The halls of McKinley High School were bustling around with students trying to get to their classes. However, Brittany Pierce stood with her back leaning against a wall. She was talking to her best friend, Quinn Fabray. Quinn was the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in McKinley, meaning of course Brittany was the second most popular girl there.

"I guess that nerd over there must be new. I have never noticed her before, of course she looks like such a loser I don't know why I am noticing her right now." Quinn said motioning over to Santana. "I bet she will be with the other losers in glee club by the end of the week."

"You're the one dating the co-captain of glee club." Brittany responded she hadn't looked over to see Santana.

"Finn was forced into glee, but he is still the head quarter back."

"So where is she?" Brittany asked, glancing over to see the new girl that Quinn had pointed out.

"Over there in the sweater." Quinn gave a slight smirk.

Brittany looked at the girl Quinn pointed out and instantly she could not focus on anyone else. The girl had dark brown ravenous hair that was kept out of her face by a dark brown headband. She had glasses that were slightly rectangular that brought out her chocolate brown eyes. Her sweater was a little ill fitting but it still managed to hug her slight curves in all the right places.

"Britt!" Quinn said again.

"Hmmm?" Brittany asked but did not look over at the other blonde.

"We should get going; you have Spanish now."

A little reluctantly, Brittany looked away from the brunette and then walked into her Spanish classroom.

Brittany sat at her desk, looking over the worksheet that they would be doing that day when the door opened again and the new girl from before walked in and went to the front and talked to Will.

After a minute, Santana sat in the only free seat, it was the seat in front of Brittany's. Shit, Brittany thought to herself. There goes my only chance of passing Spanish. It was no secret that Brittany did not have the best grades, or that she wasn't really smart. But nobody really cared, she was the best of the cheerios and she was one of the prettiest girls in the school, meaning she could get pretty much whatever she wanted.

But now with that new girl sitting in front of her, Brittany doubted that she would be able to focus at all. It wasn't that odd for her to not be able to focus because of a girl. Brittany had fooled around with a fair amount of people in the school, guys, girls, and even a couple of teachers. Nobody seemed to care, that's just how Brittany was.

The bell finally rang and Brittany gathered up her books slowly, she was in no rush. She watched the new girl, her name began with an s or something, pack her things up. Brittany smiled a little as the girl leaned over to pick up her pen that had fallen onto the ground.

The girl made her way to the door and Brittany sauntered behind her, enjoying watching her walk. But as soon as she walked out of the door she looked away, looking around the hallway for Quinn. It wasn't that she cared about status all that much; she just knew Quinn would give her a hard time for checking out the new girl. All Quinn seemed to care about was status. Ironic as she is dating the co-captain of glee club, the club that gets picked on the most.

Brittany turned around, still in search of Quinn, and luckily the new girl had disappeared from her sight. She glanced around and noticed the blonde hair and cheerios uniform. Smiling, Brittany walked over to Quinn, and then they walked towards the locker room for cheerios practice.

The next day, Santana was putting away a couple of textbooks and then closed her locker. She turned around to walk to one of her classes, when she was met with a splash of cold, frozen slush. Santana wiped the red frozen chunks off of her glasses as she saw a couple of football players walking away, giving each other high fives.

Quickly, Santana made her way to the girl's bathroom that was right down the hallway. She began picking out the chunks from her hair, when the door opened.

"Are you okay?" An Asian girl asked, putting her binder down on the shelf.

"Um, yeah." Santana lied.

"Here let me help you." The girl walked over to the sink and wet a paper towel, and then handed it to Santana.

"Thanks." Santana said quietly, as she continued to try and get the stains out of her sweater, but it was no use.

"I'm Tina." The Asian said picking another chunk of slush from the dark hair of the Latina.

"Santana. Does this happen often?" She asked.

"Yeah. Or at least it's common for us."

"Us?" Santana asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well the glee club, someone usually gets slushied everyday." She said shrugging.


"Are you new here?" Tina asked, turning to wash her hands.

"Yeah, I moved here a couple of days ago."

"Well feel free to sit with us at lunch, it's me and the glee club. But they are pretty cool." She said giving Santana a warm smile. "I'll see you around Santana." She said and made her way to the door.

"Okay." Was all Santana could think of saying before Tina left the bathroom. She had never really been a social person, she preferred to stay home and do things like read, or play board games with her parents.

The cafeteria was always full and busy. Everyone had a certain table that they were suppose to sit at; it was all based on your status. Quinn and Brittany walked over to their normal table, with Sue Sylvester's protein shakes in hand.

"What a surprise." Quinn scoffed.

"What?" Brittany asked looking at what Quinn was looking at.

"That loser is sitting with the glee club."

Sure enough, Santana was sitting down next to Tina and was currently being introduced to the rest of the table. "If she is such a loser, why do you keep pointing her out to me?" Brittany asked, giving Quinn a hint of a sarcastic tone.

"I don't know I see her like everywhere now. She was in three of my classes yesterday."

"And that bothers you?"

"It does, if I spend too much time near her, some of her loserness might rub off on me."

"She must be smart then." Brittany added casually as they sat down in their seats.

"Why would you say that?" Quinn asked her voice filled with annoyance, turning to Brittany.

"Well if she has classes with you, you're smart."

"True." Quinn said turning away and began looking around for Finn. Brittany sighed a little happily. Quinn could be quite touchy, about almost anything and Brittany did not feel like dealing with her latest mood swing.

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