I'm bored, so here's chapter 8!

Chapter 8: Xiwang's New Home

Xiwang forces his eyes open, and his sight is blurry for a brief period but eventually opens right.

Wind blew on Xiwang's fur, and he was staring up to a darker, grayer sky, indicating it's dusk.

Xiwang jerks up and grabs the, as he thought, wilted grass, but it was not wilted and perfectly trimmed, and he looks around. It looks as if they're not in the forest anymore, but on the direct outside by the trees lining the territory.

But that amazement was quickly vanished by a peircing pain in his left shoulder. He tries to scream but nothing comes out of his mouth.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird..." Xiwang then feels a little tense to the neck and looks to see a katana blade covered with chain press on his neck.

"I just love that riddle. Do you, 4th brainchild of ZhongCheng Long?" Xiwang breathes fast and heavily in panic. "Oh, that's right, you can't talk because of the surgery."

'Surgery? What the heck is this guy talking about?' Xiwang recites in his head.

"But don't worry. Nothing too extreme. We just harnessed the power of Han Shinto."

Xiwang felt like punching whoever is doing this here and now. "HAN SHINTO!" he hisses, and Xiwang blacks out for s brief second.

When he wakes, he sees a stone building half inside the ground, and looks lower to see a standing, astonished black panther holding a double katana, one blade covered in chain and the other on fire.

The panther snarls and unlighted the fire blade, and releases the chain from the other blade and wraps it around his waist.

Xin Lah pushes the second blade in the handle and puts the katana into a case and flips it over his back. "You..." he half stutters, half growls.

Xiwang looks confused at him, but then Xin Lah runs for an attack against Xiwang when the panther flies up into the air, and slams into the ground a considerable amount of space from him and Xiwang.

Xiwang stares wide eyed at him. "Now now, Xin Lah, we don't want to get too feisty just yet!" a menacing voice says.

Xin Lah immediately rises up and bows to the shadows. "Yes, Master Rilou."

Xiwang widens his eyes. That name is familiar, too familiar...

Xiwang nails the Training Hall's obstacles once more. After defeating the fire grid, he leaps to Master Shifu and bows. "Did I do good, Master?" Shifu smiles. "You're learning." he replies. Xiwang beams and walks to his master. Shifu drops to one knee so his face elings with Xiwang's. "Listen to me, child." he says, "If ever one day you are away from this Palace, you must be on the look-out for a devious monkey named Rilou Zinzang. He is on the lookout for you and if he catches you," Shifu taps Xiwang because he's falling asleep, "This Rilou monkey will kill you. Do you understand?" Xiwang nods and yawns, then rubs his eyes. "Yes, Master." Then starts dozing off. Shifu smiles. "It's late. Let's get you to bed." He lugs Xiwang on his shoulders then heads over to his quarters.

Xiwang backs away slowly. "Rilou..." he mutters. The cloaked monkey walks from the shadows, and looks to Xiwang. He lifts his hand, and his eyes glow a little glow rises from the face shadow, but vanishes the next second.

Xiwang is flown forward until he is right next to Rilou. "What's wrong, cub? Afraid? Well, don't. After all, I'm your new father after all." Xiwang looks up and struggles to get out of this invisible hold, but is held back.

"Hey don't be afraid, Xiwang." "Damn you!" Xiwang bellows, his first time using that word, and he liked it. Xin Lah walks up behind Xiwang and Xiwang's world goes black.

As Xiwang falls to the ground. "That surgery worked just well to our advantage." Xin Lah says.

Rilou smiles and pulls down his hood. "I love this newfound power of mine." he says. His eyes glow and the wind speed increases. One tree in the faint distance falls down.

He looks down to Xiwang. "In two hours, you will see your mother again, brat."

I know this chapter sucked, but I needed a little thing to tell where Xiwang is before we see his mother and the next battle persues. That's right. Xiwang's mother. Battle. Until then, Z Tiger OUT!