title: four man army
chapters: 2 of ∞
fandom: vampire diaries
character/pairing: elijah/elena, klaus/rebekah
rating: t
word count: 4053
summary: semi-AU. Elijah returns to Mystic Falls after the decade dance to make sure that Nik's threat to make the ultimate army doesn't wind up killing Elena. Instead, it winds up with Elena, Klaus, Rebekah, and himself roaming the world. They're a quartet of horror, but the real harm they cause is to each other. Elejah. Klebekah.


To say Klaus is angry about Alaric the Vampire Killer is a supreme understatement. He tears Elena's fridge off of the wall and tosses it through the wall. Elijah apologizes for his behavior, but Elena's not exactly holding it against him. An indestructible original is now walking around with one of Elena's best friend's in tow. Not to mention the fact that Elena is supposed to just walk into his lair without telling anyone. Which technically she didn't do. Elijah and Rebekah overheard, and called Klaus, and are now all sitting in her car with her as she drives to the school.

Klaus is still fuming. He's in the seat behind Elijah and every so often he squeezes the stress ball they found in the back seat. It seems to be helping since he's no longer glaring at Rebekah, who can't stop glaring at him. Elijah's on his phone, texting, who and about what is the question. Elena doesn't ask though. She doesn't want to break the silence and start the yelling up again. Her ears are still ringing from when Klaus first got there.

("What do you mean he's alive? He's supposed to be dead! Can't the Salvatores do anything right!?")

She's not asking. She is just going to drive and save Caroline and they can figure everything else out later.



Three Originals sit in a car outside of a high school. The youngest one won't speak at all, the oldest one won't get off his phone, and the middle one just sort of pouts and huffs. The only thing funny about this situation is that this oddly doesn't revolve around Elena.

Well, not directly. They're lurking in the parking lot because they need somewhere to wait, not because Elena is there. Of course, the fact that Elena is inside definitely accounts for the numerous text messages Elijah's sending off. As yet another one rolls in with a loud beep, Klaus's patience finally reaches its end.

"Would you just stop texting Damon and focus?" Klaus snaps. Both Elijah and Rebekah roll their eyes at his outburst.

Elijah briefly wonders why so many people assume he and Damon are friends. The oldest Salvatore is nothing more than an easy messenger with a short enough temper to keep things moving forward. That does not a friendship make.

"I'm not texting Damon," Elijah says, "It's Abby Bennett. She's on her way with a desiccation spell so that we can stop Alaric quickly and efficiently."

Klaus chuckles sarcastically. "Right, because desiccation spells worked so well in the past. Need I remind you that Mikael woke up?"

Elijah glares at his brother over the edge of his phone. "Actually, do remind me, Niklaus, seeing as no one bothered to bring me in on that little plan to destroy our father. It's not as if my quick thinking led to him being desiccated in the first place, or as if your incompetence led to him being sniffed out and brought back to life." Elijah figures this is the sort of moment where an onlooker would snap their fingers in an overly sassy way. He almost wants to, if only to truly make his brother see what a fool he is.

Klaus's face draws into a tight lipped frown. He mumbles, "I'm not incompetent."

Elijah begs to differ. "You spent so much time antagonizing the people here that they jumped on the first opportunity to ruin you without gaining any knowledge of how potentially dangerous that was. You're the reason Mikael was unleashed, and now you're the reason Alaric is. So forgive me if I am not waiting to find out whatever brilliant plan you're working up on how to fix this issue."

"You cannot talk to me like that. I'm-"

"Reckless. Spontaneous. Foolish. Feel free to cut me off when your meager intelligence picks up on what I'm trying to tell you."

Klaus opens his mouth and a growl comes out.

Before anything else can be said, Rebekah cuts in from the backseat, "Why doesn't everyone just take a breather? Elijah, you can text outside."

He gives her a look. Outside? It's his car. He can't just be sent out of his own car because Klaus is throwing a tantrum.

Her eyebrows narrow, but at the same time, her eyes get a bit more serious, more pleading. Elijah sighs. Fine. If she suspects she can calm their brother down, she can go ahead and try. It's not like they have more important issues to tend to or anything.


"Stab the stake through her heart," Ric demands for the third time. In the background, Caroline whimpers. She really should stop that. It's a lot harder for Elena to think when she can hear her best friend in so much pain. Gosh, she can practically hear the vervain entering Caroline's system, singeing away at her insides only for them to be repaired and torn apart again a moment later. Ric's actually a real bastard when he wants to be.

Not that he wants this. None of them do. Now she has to find a way to keep Caroline alive until after Elijah figures out how to fix this. Has anyone told Stefan what's going on? He could help. Maybe. Damnit. She has to find something to do. Her eyes roam the room quickly. Desks, chair, vampire best friend, evil guardian, jar of vervain - wow, she's an idiot.

Ric shoves the stake into Elena's hand, and she glances down at it. She'll only have one strike. One chance. With a slightly shaking hand, she dives for Ric. He catches the stake, but not the vervain, and that's all the chance she needs to get Caroline up and off down the hall.

Elena's running faster than she ever has before. She can see the entrance. So close. They're almost out. They'll make it out. They'll -



"Ugh! Shut up, Rebekah!" Klaus barks. He pushes his head further against the cool glass window of the car. He should have gone outside and left Elijah in here with her. She's insufferable, like a dog after a bone. Rather, like an annoying pest trying to weasel out information that he does not have. He doesn't understand what exactly she's trying to find. First her pestering at home and now her pestering here - what's the point of all of this? Is it supposed to change his mind? If anything, it's making him want to march in there, snatch up Elena, and go without anything or anyone else.

Rebekah opens her mouth, probably to retort with something she finds witty, and he strains for any sign of life to distract himself. He strains and then he hears it - a short scream. Elena's scream. He has the door open quickly, but before his foot can even touch the ground, he sees the flash that he just knows is Elijah.

"You're pathetic!" Klaus screams after him. It doesn't exactly take a genius to realize why Elijah puts so much energy into Elena's well being. The only way he could be more obvious would be to throw his towel into the ring with the Salvatores. Of course Elijah would never do that. He's the good original, the honorable one, and he would never try to earn the affections of a lady already troubled with too many others. It's the same attitude that made Elijah lose woman after woman over the years. The same attitude that Klaus is happily devoid of. He takes what he wants. And currently, he wants an out from his darling little sister.

He turns back towards the car and shoves Rebekah's door back closed. He tells her, "Stay." Then he takes off in the same direction Elijah went.

"Stay?" Rebekah scoffs from the car, "I'm not a dog, Nik!"

He replies by swiftly entering the high school and closing the door behind him. Once he does, darkness surrounds him. Very little light enters the hall when the actual lights are off. He's put off for a second, and that second is long enough for him to nearly miss the approaching figure. Nearly.

He catches the rushing body easily in his arms. The feel of her is familiar, but more from a dream than a memory. He shakes the thoughts of decadent ball gowns and horse drawn carriages away. Neither he nor Caroline have the time for it. Not now.

"It's me," he whispers to soothe her, and it works. She calms. She calms the moment their eyes meet, both glowing slightly in the too dark hallway. "You're safe just run. Run out to the car. Go." He pushes her forward, back towards the way he came. She hesitates for about the blink of an eye. One quick look at him, or perhaps down the hall behind him, and away she goes. He fully intends to follow until he hears Elena's voice again.



Elijah really should be used to stakes placed against his heart by now. He should be and yet, he's staring at the tip of the indestructible white oak stake and has no idea how to respond. For once, the swift edge will actually kill him. End his thousand year existence. He'd like to say that he doesn't mind. He's lived a long life, certainly a full one. He's seen the great beauties of the world, tasted the finest wines and entrees. He should relish this opportunity to simply fade away, or at the very least to be free of the burden of protecting what feels like the entire world. He should and yet, he can't.

He can't be calm and collected when Elena is gripping onto the lockers on the opposite side of the hall, her face both slightly flushed and as drained of color as it could be after running through the school. She's terrified. More importantly, she's in danger. He cannot be anything when Elena is in danger, except prepared to help her.

Elijah breathes out a light sigh and gazes down at Alaric. "I suppose this is for talking with your ex-girlfriend," he says. It's cheap to mention Jenna. Rude even. Definitely foolish. But it's meant to rile up the hunter, make him sloppy enough where Elijah can free himself. Besides, he's far too tired of no one ever mentioning the woman's existence.

Ric grunts and presses down with the dagger. "You don't get to talk about Jenna."

Elijah asks, "And why not? Because I'm a vampire? You're one too."

Ric does not respond vocally. He merely presses down enough where the sharp end cuts through the thin fabric of Elijah's shirt, now to rest against his chest fully.

"Stop!" Elena shrieks. She moves forward and Ric glares at her. She says, "Stop or I'll... I'll..." Elijah wonders what she plans to do. She does not exactly have a vast arsenal of tricks, and something tells Elijah her usual ones won't work on this man. Elena's eyes widen slightly. An idea. She has an idea. Elijah finds himself growing excited, hopeful. "I'll kill myself." And his hope is gone. Completely and utterly gone.

For someone who claims to be so keen on living, she certainly threatens her suicide easily. Why should Ric care anyway? Her death only means that Niklaus will get angry. His anger would actually probably bring him closer to Ric. It's not exactly a lose on the bad guy's side.

But for some reason, Ric goes ashen at those words. "You can't!" Why can't she? What affect will that have on him?

Elena smirks triumphantly, if not a bit shakily. "I can, and I will. You haven't tried to hurt me. You don't want to. There has to be a reason. Because you need me. That's why Esther took my blood. She linked your vampire life force with mine. You need me alive or you die."

Ric scoffs, but it doesn't have the same spite and strength that he's had throughout the rest of the encounter. Elijah smirks.

He gives Ric a mocking sort of look, "Though, I'm sure Esther created a back up plan for you. She wouldn't let her assassin be so easily killed. I mean, it takes less than a second to snap her neck."

Ric slams Elijah harder against the lockers and presses the stake down, finally breaking flesh. He hisses, "How long does it take to kill you?"

Elijah chuckles. "Not long. What's keeping you? Exhausted from torturing two teenage girls?"

That must be the tipping point for Ric. He growls yet again and raises his stake to strike. And as he does, Elena pushes the knife into her neck. She cries out. First just a scream and then his name. It echoes as the whole world seems to slow and blur. Ric jumps for Elena just as the knife falls from her hands. It clatters to the ground, leaving drops of her blood over bits of chewed gum. She wavers, but it's not Ric's arms that catch her. It's Klaus's. The two brothers share the briefest of glances before they both rush out of the building, leaving the screaming teacher in their wake.

Ric's words chase them. "You're dead!" And Elijah doesn't doubt it. Not one bit.


Klaus will be dead the moment Rebekah sees him. She could take her time, but mostly she just wants to rip his head off. She's not entirely sure if it will grow back, and at this point, she really doesn't care. Not only did he run into the school without her, but he sent Caroline out to keep her company. Bloody, blasted Caroline Forbes. Of all the girls who had to be trapped inside with Elena, it had to be the one who her brother was smitten with, the one who had Matt in the palm of her hand, the one who was basically everything Rebekah couldn't seem to be! Damnit.

Rebekah keeps her grip though. She doesn't throttle or even glare at the girl. Much. She merely opens the door and lets Caroline get in the backseat as well. They sit in silence. No talking. It's probably just as well since it looks like Caroline's entire face is festering with pimples from hell and the only things Rebekah can think of are different ways to kill Niklaus. Perhaps she should go inside and give the hunter a few suggestions. At least someone could use them to their advantage.

Rebekah glances over at Caroline, and their eyes meet. It's brief, but apparently enough to get Caroline in a talking mood.

"You're literally the worst, know that?"

And Rebekah groans. Right. She's the problem. Not the hunter, not her mother, not the damn world in an uproar, only Rebekah. She's sick of this attitude, of things only happening to her. She wants to scream about it. She almost does, in fact, until she sees Klaus out of the corner of her eye. He's moving slowly with the damn doppelganger in his arms. Elena's got a hand pressed to her neck, and the scent of her is strong in the air.

Caroline scrambles to get her door open. "Oh my gosh, Elena." Rebekah rolls her eyes. It's not exactly news that Elena's hurt. She's always hurt in some way. They don't need to throw a damn parade every single time she breaks a nail, or gets kidnapped, or goes to a party. It's just life damnit.

Of course Rebekah is the only one to see it that way. Elijah's a legitimate mess when he finally appears. He nearly breaks the handle off the car door as he tries to open it wider for the princess to be easily put inside. He glances up at Rebekah when she doesn't move instantly. She's not sure what to focus on - the rage or the unfiltered fear. Damnit. He really is in love with her.

Caroline shrieks at Rebekah, "Get out the way!"

But Elena speaks up, croakily and softly, but still. "No, I don't want to lie down. Too easy for the blood to pool." She gives a light smile after it. Guess it's a joke. It only makes the fear in Elijah worse. Makes Caroline bounce a bit more on the balls of her feet. Honestly, it seems like Rebekah is the only one capable of thought here.

Rebekah rolls her eyes before bringing her wrist up and sinking her fangs into it. Once blood rises, she holds it out to Elena. Elena stares a moment before leaning as much as her open neck will allow and drinking. She doesn't move much when she drinks. She's calm about it, not like her entire life depends on it. It's another difference between Elena and Katherine. Elena's so much calmer, so much more plain and submissive. How any of her brothers could even think about loving her escapes Rebekah. She doesn't understand what the big deal is about girls in this century. They hardly wear clothes. They obsess over every detail about their appearance. They wine and complain to anyone who will listen (which is practically everyone since there's so many places online to rant and bitch on). Why does anyone like them? (And why don't they like her?)


Elena unlatches when she stops feeling blood dribbling down her neck. The heavy taste of copper is still in her mouth. She still feels the pressure of the blade against her skin. How do they do this? How on Earth do all of these guys handle this happening so often? Elena's not even sure if she can handle this just this once. It hasn't even hit her yet. Not fully. She nearly killed herself. To save Elijah. An original, a vampire, a monster.

Only, Elijah isn't a monster. He's been nothing but nice to her for as long as they've known each other. Sure, he's had his moments. Everyone has. Through it though, he's proved that he would never let anyone hurt her. Including himself.

She meets his eyes. Watches as relief starts to show in them. She wants to say that she's fine. She's all better now. Instead, she just turns her body enough to lean back against him. One of his arms rises to hold her in place. It's warmer than it should be, like the first touch of a blanket to her skin. She practically melts at the comfort she knows is coming. The only thing she does before letting sleep claim her is tell Rebekah "thank you."


The others watch over her. Not only for the few minutes they spend outside of the school, but for the rest of the day. There's not much else they can do while Bonnie prepares herself for the spell. They take turns with Elena.

First are the Salvatores. They're angry about being left out, but they fall silent the moment they see her. They don't leave for an hour, and even then, they only go to check on Bonnie and keep Jeremy under control.

Caroline takes a turn. She wakes up Elena, accidentally. Neither of them have much to say though. What can they say other than how grateful they are to have gotten out of there? To have the Originals, the same ones that they've been conspiring against, get them out of there.

Klaus pops in. He's not in long, just snatches up Caroline and tells Elena that their road trip will be happening.

Rebekah tries to get Elena moving when she walks in. Says that original blood is a lot more potent than everyone else's. Elena's fine. She doesn't need to be looked after. Immediately following it, though, Rebekah hands Elena a water bottle. When Elena asks why, Rebekah responds, "I'm not like you or your friends. Just because I don't like you doesn't mean I want you to die."

"I don't want you to die," is Elena's instinctive response. She means it. Truly, she does. She doesn't want any of them to die. She only wants everyone to be safe, and with Klaus around, that's just not possible.

Rebekah hesitates. Her eyes fall away to the carpet and then back up to Elena's waiting gaze. To them, she says, "I... I need Nik. More than anyone I've ever needed. So, if you kill my brother, you're killing me too."

That's all she has to say on the subject, and to Elena. She leaves.

The last to visit is Elijah. He comes with no gifts, no mournful glances, only with his hands wedged in his pockets. His jaw is tight, and Elena can practically hear the force it takes for him to open it long enough to say, "I feared I would lose you today."

So did she. She still fears it. She's come so close to death, so many times, and now her best friend has to stop a human heart so that Elena and the rest of these guys can go on living. One life for thousands.

But, if it's one life for thousands, why not hers? Why not her life?

She's thinking aloud when she says it. "You don't have to worry. Never again." She's hardly formulated a plan, hardly even wrapped her head around the idea. But once she says it, it's in the air. The admission is suffocating. Or maybe that's just the sweltering look on Elijah's face.

He begins, "Elena-"

She shakes her head. "I don't know what I'm saying. Ignore me." He doesn't. She can tell by the way his gaze hardens that he won't let it go. Let her go. He steps into the room further.

"Elena, you becoming a vampire would not stop my worrying. It would only increase it. I would worry for your mind and spirit. You were not meant to be a monster."

"Really?" She thinks back to everything she's heard about her ancestors. To the way Katherine tore apart people emotionally before she even began to break them physically. To how the first doppelganger, Tatia, had cursed Elena to this life intertwined with vampires. "I'm pretty sure that's all I'm meant to be. Every doppelganger is another way to either break or continue all of this vampire hybrid stuff. I can't end it. I can't say goodbye to Stefan and Damon and Caroline and you! So why not just go for it and give us all a break?"

It's so simple. If she dies, Alaric dies. If she becomes a vampire, she's not really dead. If she's not really dead, everyone gets to be happy and they can go on living without waiting for the next person out to kill her. She can get over whatever fears she has about being a vampire. She'll deal with it. It's better than dealing with all of this other shit.

She waits for Elijah to say something, but he won't look at her. He stares at the wall behind her head. His teeth grind down against each other. His hands ball into fists that she knows are strong enough to kill with a single punch. She wants to urge him to speak to her, to yell or scold or whatever it is he feels like doing. Klaus speaks up before she has the chance.

Klaus walks into the doorway with his hands open and a smirk on his face. "What a noble idea, Elena. In fact, my thoughts are along the same line." Elijah's head snaps towards Klaus. "Of course, my timeline's a bit different. You're not turning now. You're turning in, say, nine months."

Elijah reacts first. A grumble so low that it's as if it shakes the Earth beneath her feet. "Niklaus."

Klaus lowers his hands placatingly. "Now, now, brother, let's not forget that I'm giving you both what you want - a little taste of humanity. You can see the beauty of life at its finest."

"No." Elena's neck is sore, and it occurs to her then that she's been shaking her head. Shaking it while the two brothers stare each other down. Shaking it while her dreams of the future flash before her eyes before burning around her. "No!"

Klaus turns his stare on her. "Yes. I want hybrids and the hunter dead. So we'll go on our little road trip and make hybrids up until that baby pops out of you. Then I will take the child and kill you myself. Any questions?"