Well hey there! Chapter 3 of Songs of Hillwood is almost finished, I promise and will most likely be up on Tuesday at the earliest. To be honest, I'm not exactly thrilled by how this one came out compared to What Goes Around...Comes Around. But I'll explain that more once it gets published.

This, however, is a new thing that I have been working on for the past two weeks. It is a short story with each chapter based on three songs. However, unlike Songs in Hillwood, you never see the lyrics for the song. It's just a basic story that I wrote using the ideas from the songs.

All three songs are from the same band called Breaking Benjamin. And Chapter 1 was based off the song, I Will Not Bow.

To give a quick little summary, the main character in this story is Helga. There is no romance, just pure thrills, actions and the hopes of not being killed. Did I mention it's Helga and the gang versus Zombies? Cause it is. 2012 anyone? xD

Well, this is chapter one of three of a new story I call, "I Will Not Blow the Cold Away".


I Will Not Blow the Cold Away

Chapter 1: Not Bowing Out

If only he could see me now. He'd be ashamed on the different person that I've become. The darker, more twisted version that I have become. That goody-two-shoes wouldn't know dark if it hit in his square in the jaw. Stupid kid is only gonna see the positives, and is only going to get hurt because of it….

That'll help him see reality….

It doesn't matter though. He's gone, they're all gone. And it's only me left in a world where I don't even belong...

It took a few moments for Helga to shake herself out of her thoughts as she heard a low rumble coming from downstairs. She grabbed her bow and arrow, hoisted it over her shoulder and into her pack and snuck down the stairs.

Great. Another one, in my kitchen. She sighed and launched the arrow through a hole in the banister in her steps. She smirked as she heard a thud. Bulls-eye. She leaped into the kitchen and stood beside the lifeless body. She had noticed that it had been one of the relatives of her friend Sheena. It didn't matter though. She had killed Sheena last Thursday after attempting to gather food for herself. Both Sheena and Eugene had managed to find her and had chased her down the block before she had managed to get a decent shot to kill either of them.

She was running low on food again. Damn thing ate the last that she had. She cursed to herself and grabbed a knife hidden in one of the kitchen cabinets.

To her, this whole zombie apocalypse was a piece of cake. After all those countless zombie video games that she had spent playing her room into the late hours of the morning, putting everything into action wasn't too incredibly hard for the 18 year old.

Before all of this, she would have been a senior in high school. She would have been the varsity captain and star pitcher of the Hillwood High School Eagles softball team, since she wasn't allowed to play baseball with the boys. She would have been surrounded by all her friends. Rhonda, Gerald, Curly, Brainy, Phoebe, Harold, Sid, Stinky, Eugene, Sheena, Lila, Nadine and Arnold. She missed them all and fighting zombies of them wasn't exactly comforting to imagine. For what she had figured out, Sheena, Eugene, Brainy and Nadine were dead. She killed two of them but had no idea how the other two had been killed. Probably doing something stupid of course.

Heading into the streets, she stared up at the sky that was incredibly dark and cloudless, even though it was supposed to be 11 in the morning. She walked past the dead bodies that had been in the streets, being wary of the ones that occasionally popped out and attempted to grab her as she walked towards the corner market. She didn't have the heart to run for her life and run back home. That's the coward's way out. She had to fight to survive and she was going to do it her way.

With each step she took on the asphalt, she felt her heart beat just a little faster, her brain dive a little bit deeper into the thoughts that she knew she shouldn't be having. She quickened her pace as she approached the corner store and slid into a hole in the boarded up front. It looked like there had been some stuff stolen from the store, which means that either they had gotten in and were somewhere around the store…or that someone else was alive.

She gripped the edge of her crossbow as she heard a movement from one of the aisles. Picking her feet off the ground and leaping on top of one of the shelves with all of her effort she scanned the aisles. It was quiet, for a few seconds before she heard movements again. Her pulse quickened. She leaped from shelf to shelf without attempting to make a sound, but struggled after the third shelf, gasping quickly as she climbed up. She instantly silenced herself when she heard footsteps. They were too close for comfort. She jumped down and hid behind another shelf. She pulled the crossbow back and took aim at the back of the person's head further down the aisle until they yelled in shock.

"Wait! Don't shoot! I'm alive!"

She paused but still firmly held her grip on the edge of the bow. How could they have possibly heard her?

"Prove it!" She grumbled.

She watched the person turn around. He was a pale kid, long black hair with a worn out green baseball cap on his head. His eyes looked almost empty, he must have been hiding for days because she noticed the stubble on his face. He had a ripped white shirt and a pair of jeans. It took her a moment to recognize him, but she could tell that he was still alive. She crawled out of her hiding spot and stood on the other end of the aisle.

"Helga? Is that you? We all thought you were dead."

"We? There are more of you..."

"There's five of us that I know of that are still alive. Three of them are with me. Then there is you. And some mysterious kid that I have ran into a couple times, I never caught the kid's name though."

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you."

Sid grinned.

"I should have known a tough chick like you would have made it through."

She hugged him.

"We should probably get out of here. Where have you been hiding at?"

"My house. Why?"

"You've managed to get your house back. Zombies flock to my side of the block."

"Well let's grab the rest of them and you guys can stay with me. I obviously have enough room."

They crawled out of the store and walked down the street towards Sid's hideout. After going through obstacles, constantly jumping, crawling and sidestepping objects, they managed to get to the doorway. He knocked on the door, 3 quick knocks and then a swift kick to the bottom of the door frame. A small hole opened towards the top of the door where a small voice baaed. What the hell was going on here? Sid quickly turned to her with an apologetic grin and then back to the door and neighed. The door opened and a small Asian girl appeared in the doorway.

"Thank god you made it back! Gerald and I were starting to worry."


Phoebe looked completely different. Her long black hair that Helga had last seen her with had been cut short, in almost a bob hairstyle, a flashback to the fourth grade, to the shy and quiet Phoebe that hid behind Helga's aggressive nature. Her head had a black ribbon tied around it to keep the hair out of her eyes and wore all black just like Helga did. The look in Phoebe's eyes was something that surprised her, something that she hadn't seen in a very long time. Hope.

"Helga!" She rushed over and hugged her.

"Did I hear correctly? Helga? As in Helga G. Pataki?" Gerald came from out of the shadows.

"You heard right Hair Boy. I'm back and better than ever." She grinned.

Gerald smiled.

"Good to know that someone like you is on our side. I'd hate to imagine you as one of those zombies."

"You'd be dead by now if I was."

She had looked around their hideout and back to Phoebe who was still hugging her.

"Pheebs, you can let go now."

She let go quickly.

"So what…."

"Happened to everyone else?" She nodded.

The rest of the room looked like they had knives pushed through their stomachs, Sid being the worst of them all. Phoebe spoke up.

"At this point, we only know that out of the 14 of us, four of us remain alive, seven are dead, and three are missing."

Helga hadn't realized that so many people were gone from her life. It took a lot of out her that her friends were dead, well rather undead. She sighed.


"Sheena, Eugene, Brainy, Nadine, Lila, Harold and Stinky are dead. There is the four of us. We have no idea about Arnold, Rhonda, or Curly."

Gerald looked almost sick.

"Lila and Stinky are still walking among the zombie clan. Sid and Gerald managed to kill Harold and Brainy a while ago. I killed Nadine as she was attempting to get in here. "

Phoebe looked quickly at the ground as she ended her statement. Clearly she wasn't proud of the fact that she had killed someone. In fact, none of the people in this room seemed too proud of their actions. It was something that had to be done though, if they wanted to keep living.

"So for all we know, Arnold, Rhonda and Curly could be dead too…"

She sniffled.

"I'm afraid so."

It was at that moment where she thought she heard scratches from outside of the metal protecting them. They all froze. Someone or something was trying to get in. Helga grabbed her crossbow and ran to the door while Gerald, Phoebe and Sid grabbed their own weapons from their rooms.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck. We're surrounded, we're fucking surrounded."

The three others looked in fear at each other.

"I've been through one of these before. It was the night of my first kill. Some kid saved me." Sid squeaked.

"Well, let's hope that we won't need him to save us now."

Helga felt bodies thudding against the walls that had managed to keep them safe from the outside world. Thud after thud against the metal. It wasn't going to hold up much longer and they needed to get out. Now.

"Anyone got a plan?"

Sid looked to Helga and Gerald. Phoebe gripped the edge of the couch she had been sitting on a little tighter. Gerald looked at her. Helga soon spoke up, fearing that she had been dubbed the leader of their tiny group.

"I got something. We get to the roof of this, climb up the fire escape on the building next door and get to the roof there. We hide up there until most of them go find someone else."

"You really think that is going to work?" Sid questioned.

"You want to try something else?" Helga snapped quickly.

Gerald and Phoebe stared at each other, but nodded and followed Helga as she scaled one of the bookcases and started up to the top of the hideout. Helga gasped as she heard the moans and groans at the bottom of the structure. She quickly looked around at the swarm of zombies below them. Phoebe grabbed quickly onto Gerald's hand, Sid twitched uncomfortably and adjusted his baseball cap and Helga put an arrow into her crossbow.

"Let's do this."

Gerald grabbed Phoebe and put her onto his shoulders and attempted to leap to the fire escape. Helga followed after them. As she reached out her hand to help Sid onto the fire escape, an arm reached up and grabbed Sid's ankle.


With all their might, Helga, Phoebe and Gerald attempted to grab onto Sid's arms. It soon became a game of tug of war for Sid's life, the dead grabbing Sid's ankles while the living kept their grasp on Sid's wrists. Helga soon realized that the zombies soon piling onto each other outnumbered their strength. Phoebe saw out of the corner of her eye that Lila was climbing the fire escape in an effort to attack from behind and kicked her swiftly in the jaw, sending her tumbling back down the ground. They kept pulling onto Sid as Phoebe attempted to ward them off with her trusty katana that she had stolen from her house before it was attacked.

Sid had managed to snake his way out of their grasp with one final pull from Helga and Gerald and they soon climbed higher up the fire escape to safety. They panted heavily and Phoebe ran into Gerald's arms, crying. He stroked her hair as Sid sat in ball in the middle of the building, attempting to recover from his brush with death. Helga scanned the edge of the building as the zombies moaned from below, attempting to climb each other to get at them. For now, Helga realized that they were safe and fell backwards onto the concrete in exhaustion.

Looking back at the midnight sky, she realized that it was only getting darker and colder, just like the hope that Helga had in being able to find the rest of her friends and saving the ones that she had managed to find so far. All her life she had been the leader and had been able to show just the amount of skill and courage that she had in order to do the job. But at this point in time, she was something that she wasn't willing to admit to the people around her.


For all her life, she had attempted to show the people around her that she wasn't afraid of anything. She had managed to face the odds with success no matter what situation had been thrown at her, of course, they were nothing compared to this. It was a battle for life and death and Helga wasn't ready to die, but didn't exactly know if anyone in the heavens above her believed the same thing that she did. She wanted to consider herself a hero, but after the experiences that she had been through in her past, covering up anything and everything, making herself seem like this incredibly strong person, it had all been a ploy to cover up how she really was. Weak and constantly terrified of the world around her and how they would treat her if her dark truth ever came out.

She only knew that she couldn't give up, she couldn't break the mask that she had shown the people around her, they were counting on her to make it safely out of this. No matter how paranoid she was of her chances of survival, she needed to keep her carefully sculpted ego in tact. Her fake, cold ego where she constantly tuned out people and shut the entire world away from her fragile emotions.

Her emotions were something she needed to keep to herself in order to survive.