Well here it is. The final FINAL part of I Will Blow the Cold Away. The long awaited epilogue.

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Gerald Johanssen and Phoebe Heyerdahl

After Gerald and Phoebe made the promise that they would get married if they made it out, Gerald instantly proposed in the hospital room in front of Helga, Curly and Arnold. Phoebe, of course, said yes. They were married a couple months later surrounded by their families and friends, except for the immediate families that had not made it out Hillwood. It was sad to not have either of their parents at their weddings, but they had managed to make the best wedding that they could. Phoebe had Helga as her maid of honor and Gerald had Arnold as his best man. After their wedding and honeymoon, Phoebe went on to start college and major in Biology at Yale University while Gerald decided to go to a smaller college and major in business. They graduated with honors and Gerald decided to start a school to help children learn the basics of singing while Phoebe became a marine biologist. They also started a family of their own. They have two kids, Lydia and Michael. Lydia is now a junior in high school while her younger brother Michael is a freshman.

Thaddeus Gammelthorpe

After they were all saved, Curly stayed with his aunt and uncle in the countryside of Virginia and worked around several different small jobs in order to make enough money to get back into the city. After two or so years, he was able to afford the rent of a cheap apartment in Brooklyn. The first thing he did in the city was to attempt to find a member of Rhonda's family. He was shocked to find that Rhonda's parents had been in Aspen at the time of the Hillwood Zombie attack and found out that their daughter had been dead through him. It was like Rhonda's parents were too concerned with themselves and the money that they were making to realize that their daughter had been dead for almost a year. Curly then made it his mission to start a memorial fund in Rhonda's name. With the help of Phoebe and Gerald, he started his own school to help support children in cities like theirs before, learn to thrive and survive in the outside world. He became Gerald's business partner and named their school the Rhonda Wellington Lloyd School of the Arts and Humanities. Curly never married and never had any kids, because he knew that no one would be able to replace Rhonda is his heart.

Sid Parker

At the end of the short story, Sid was in a coma after losing a lot of blood from the knife in his stomach. He had visitors everyday in the remaining five survivors, most of the visits coming from Helga herself. After two long months of remaining in the coma, it was feared that he would never wake up. It was that day that a new interning nurse named Natalie was working by Sid's bedside when Sid awoke. He always says that he woke up to the face of an angel by his bedside. Unfortunately for Sid, he lost mobility in the lower half of his body but managed to make the best of it as he married his bedside angel, Natalie and had a son named James. James is the pride of Sid's life. James is a junior in high school and a star baseball player.

Arnold Shortman

Arnold went on to study history at a private college in upstate New York. He decided that he wanted to be a history teacher and spend 5 years in college before getting his Master's. He now teaches in a high school that Johanssen and Parker children all attend. He's a senior year World History teacher.


After the attack was ended and the zombies killed, the government decided that it was best to condemn Hillwood until they knew that it was habitable for people to live in again. It was recently declared as habitable and the remaining five survivors returned to the hometown. In the city, where the old P.S. 118 building used to stand, there is a cemetery of the fallen citizens of Hillwood so that they can be honored and buried in the place that they died. At the top of a newly formed hill, there is a small grave that shows the final resting place of Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, a noble fighter in the battle to save Hillwood.

Helga Pataki

At first, Helga didn't know what she wanted to do after she got out. She had decided to stay in Washington D.C. with Olga and her husband where she spent most of her time waiting tables and writing alone in her bedroom while rocking Olga's newborn daughter, Eleanor, nicknamed Ellie. After saving enough money, Helga went up to New York and on to study at NYU as she decided to train to become an actress. It wasn't something that she thought that she would have been able to do, since she mainly focused her efforts on writing for the past year. But once she got there, her natural talents came out. She made it big for a little while but wanted to slow down and start a family with the love of her life. She and Arnold got married in Hillwood, once it was rebuilt and honeymooned in San Lorenzo while Arnold's parents were helping the citizens there. They spent two years there before they decided to move back to Hillwood for the safety of their kids. They have three kids of their own, Miles and Stella, who are twins and Phillip. Miles and Stella are both freshman while Phillip is the 7th grade. It was during the time that her kids were at school that she decided to go back to writing under a fake name. Her first novel? A zombie survival story called I Will Not Blow the Cold Away.

And she and the rest of the Hillwood Six lived happily ever after.

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