"I'm tired of this Kayla" my Aunt Isabella yelled slaming her hand on the steering wheel. "And I'm tired of you dressing as a fairy! And don't tell me it's your job because you where it at home too." I replied icily. My Aunt Issabella changed as often as the seasons, but the only thing consisitent about her was her fairy coustume. At the moment my Aunt was sporting fusha hair and our familys common blue eyes. " You know your not 18 yet, I can't tell you.. your parents would'nt want it" She said tucking a loose strand of hair that had come undone from her braid behind her ear. " In case you haven't noticed, my parents are dead." I stated throught clenched teeth as my aunt stepped on the brakes hard. I felt my head bang against my knees. Thats what I get for sitting wwiht my knees on the dash again... " This stage should be over by now. Your parents have been gone for 2 years now. This whole rude, loner stage should be over now. You start a new school tommorrow. You expect to make friends like this?" she said sternly turning awkwardly in her drivers seat to face me. " So? Am I supposed to forget them or something? They were kidnapped and probably murdered trying to protect ME! Do you not understand that the only two people who understood me are dead, because of me! So, yes I'm sorry I was expelled for failing out of TMLA, but this change is for the better." I said crossing my arms across my chest.. As my Aunt started driving again she replied back "Thats your opinion, and it will change."

I woke up to the sun streaming in my pink and yellow lemonade colored room. With a sigh I flipped my feet of the bed. Oh how I wished I could sleep my life away. Rubbing my arm I thought about my Aunt. She didn't understand that these personality changes was how I coped. I wasn't plannning on making friends. I mean, why get attacked when they would end up dead anyway. Today was my last Sunday off before I started my first day at Sweet Amoris highschool. Not bothering to change I got up out of bed in my black and red plaid pj pants and black tank top and patted my way down the stairs. Halfway down the stairs I heard voices. " Thanks for coming at the last minute." My Aunt said. " Oh, I'd tranfer anywhere for Kayla" I heard a high nasely mlae voice reply. Oh no she didn't.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Kwn venomly as I turned leftt off the stairs into our kitchen/dinning room. "K..Kay..Kayla" Ken stuttered as I made my way to the counter and took a bannana off the table. Pushing his already gel backed hair back further he finally found his words.

" Your aunt thought it would be a good idea for you to start school with a familiar face, so here I am" He said spreading his arms out for a hug. With a laugh I turned around and walked out the room.

Aunt Isabells's POV

Kayla just walked out just like that. Clearing my throat I yelled to her "Kayla a word in the livingroom please?" With a snort she replied " Not like I have a choice" as we both sat down on the brown leather couch.. "Can you be anymore rude?" I asked running my hand through my shower wet hair. " Um yes, but I'm trying to be polite can't you tell" Kayla said sarcastically blinking her abnormally large gray eyes sarcastically. " Alright enough smartass, what do you want" I whispered furiously. " Him," Kayla said pointing to the boy sniffing fruit in our kitchen. "Gone" she finished snapping her fingers. "He'll be gone as soon as your attitude is." I replied standing up knowing she wouldn't negotiate. " Done " she replied as I was almost out the room. I went to reply, but by the time I turned around Kayla was already halfway up the steps, taking them two at a time.

I closed the door slowly as to not make a sound. Once it was closed I slumped down to the floor and cried. This tuff act was a way so I wouldnt get hurt, so I would'nt get attached. So I would not be emotionally hurt. The only thing good enough for my Aunt was me being... me. When my family was whole I was happy. I never fit in anywhere I liked to skateboard and play football yet I loved to dance and go shopping. I lived life for rock music, but liked getting lost in books. I was friends with everyone and was content. But I guess bothing good lasted forever.

Weakly from crying so hard I pushed myself off my neon yellow carpeted floor and trudged over to my dresser. Wipping my eyes with the back of my hand I looked into the face staring back at me in the mirror. Weirdly large gray eyes stared back at me. My red dyed hair clinging to my moist face my full lips trembling. Rubbing my eyes again I smudged my already messed up (from sleeping with it on) makeup all over my face. I laughed remembering how my mom used to put way to much makeup on me and how my dad would come over with a wet towel and wipe it all off ,saying I was already pretty. I looked nothing like my mom. My mom a model with blonde hair and blue eyes and my dad an actor with black hair and blue eyes. A perfect match, a perfect human being people would say. I could have been adopted with all my imperfections, facial features and small atheltic body. I can't act without laughing and I can't model because I'm to small. I would have belived I was adopted if it wasn't for that paper. That paper and the pictures of my mother being in labor were the only proof of me being theirs. Nobody at Amoris or town would remember me. I was gone for 2 years and my parents weren't around with m to remind them. I was a nobody and nobody's. Finally tearing my eyes away from the mirror I made my way to my bed.

Tommorrow I would be "Myself" even if I was faking. Tommorrow I would find comfort in my "old friend" again too.