Chapter 16 Too soon for Heartbrake

Kayla's POV

"I'll always find you. Your my little sweetheart. My key to riches. Your future all lies on me. So, don't you run. Because I will find you. And if you fight. Things will get messy" the black hooded figure said. With that in my mind I awoke from my slumber stifling a scream only to see a smiling face. "Morning sleeping beauty" Castiel said smirking. "Ughhh" I groaned not being a morning person. " .Me" I said pushing him off the bed only to fall down with him. This sneaky kid had managed to pull me with him. "You like it on top now don't chu?" he said winking. I playfully ruffled his hair "It's too early for your flirting" Castiel I said as I started to climb off him. "No" he said lightly pouting his bottom lip. "What do you want?" I ask placing my hands on my hips. "A kiss" he said smirking. That moment of vulnerability now gone. I blushed red "Ew, I have morning breath." I said covering my mouth. "I don't care Castiel" Castiel said roughly pushing me down onto my carpet so that he was now on me.

Castiel POV

I didn't care. Morning breath or not. I wanted to be sure yesterday happened. That it wasn't a dream that she wanted me as much as I wanted. No needed her. I pinned her arms to the sides of her face looking at her. She had her face scrunched into a scowl. We were one in the same, she didn't like being controlled anymore than I did. I kissed her shoulder making my way up from there to her collarbone and then her neck. Right before I got to her lips I slid off her and sat on the couch smugly. She huffed got clothes from her closet and shortly after headed to the bathroom. Today was a Friday. Thank god. 3 days in school was enough for me. I then noticed I was in the same clothes from last night. Oh well nobody really saw me in them. "What are we?" came a sweet voice from the bathroom. "Pardon?" I asked looking around her room for the first time. "Are we like a couple?" she asked as I heard the bathroom door open. "I don't do dating" I said not really paying attention due to the fact that I was more focused on the family picture on her dresser.

Kayla's POV

My heart dropped at his answer. I could feel my face fall, but I fixed it before he could notice. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing he had me. Walking over to my dresser I slammed the picture he was looking at down and started rummaging through my draws letting my mind wander. What if my Aunt hadn't come home when she did. What if I actually had sex with him. Lost my virginity with a guy who doesn't date. Who it probably would have meant nothing to. I mean I'm not a girly girl and I don't want roses, but my first time should be with someone who actual realizes how special it is. Hot tears came to my eyes as I realized my almost deadly mistake. I brushed them away quickly standing up. "Find what you were looking for?" Castiel asked me. "Maybe" I replied flatly not looking at him but into the mirror. My hair was wavy. I took my bangs and twisted them back securing the twist with a clip in black rose. With a sigh I took a look at my outfit which was a black and white polka dot dress with a heart cutout in the back. (link in bottom) As well as black wedges. So planned out for a boy who wouldn't care. I put on some black eyeliner making wings at the corner of my eyes. I was about to put on mascara, but Castiel grabbed my hand and said "You look beautiful without it." I snorted in an unlady like manner setting the wand down. Looking in his eyes I harshly stated "I bet you say that to all the girls you wanna fuck." Leaving him in my room alone as I headed down the stairs. Thank god my aunt left an hour earlier on Fridays. Sadly that meant another hour with Castiel.

"Did you get lost on the way down?" I asked sarcastically seeing as it took him a good 10 minutes to get down here. I had already made myself cereal sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen and eaten half of it by the time it took him to get down here. "Maybe you were snooping through my stuff. Trying to see where I keep my dirty things. "I say out loud picking up my phone. " What are you talking about?" he asked. I ignored him seeing as I didn't want to answer. Seeing as answering would lead to admitting my feelings and no… I would not think of that. An unread text showed on my phone. Now I honestly don't have friends so there is only a few who would actually message me. Opening it I saw it was a message from Nathaniel. "Would you like to go on a lunch date with me? Xxxx Nat" it read. I really didn't want anything to do with boys at the moment. With a sigh I threw my plate in the sink and huffed under my breath "Comeon."

The day was quite boring. At 3rd period Castiel finally noticed something was wrong. And it only took him 4 hours wow. Sarcasm by the way. I tried to avoid him, but it seemed everywhere I went he was there. At the end of 7th period he caught me coming out the bathroom and grabbed my arm "Meet me after 8th period by our tree. I won't take no for an answer." He said flatly looking me directly in the eyes. I grabbed on finger on the hand holding me as if it was slim not wanting to touch it removing it from me. "Fine" I replied rolling my eyes. "Pushy much?" I added, but he had already turned around. Making my way to my free I couldn't help but think over how he said our tree. I sat in the computer room typing into a folder marked on my flash drive "ME". It was a folder wear I kept outfits I liked, tattoos I dreamed of, quotes I lived by and how I felt. Writing had become my way out of reality. Away from my shitty life without cutting. Before long the bell rang signifying the end of the day. With a sigh I pushed my chair in rather roughly and prepared to face the inevitable.

Castiel's POV

I was pacing our spot frantically. How nice to share a spot with someone who wasn't obnoxious I thought laughing to myself. I looked around, where was she? I check my watch 2:37, chill Castiel the bell rang two minutes ago. I don't think she would be able to make it from the 3rd floor to ground level that fast. She's been cold since this morning, well to me as far as I know. Running a hand through my red hair I sighed. Where did I mess up? A pair of hands smelling of cake covered my eyes from behind. Well I would find out soon enough I thought, as I turned around pinned the girl into the tree and kissed her with as much feeling as I could.

Kayla's POV

Maybe I was a bit too hard on him. I mean, he's Castiel I couldn't expect him to treat me different then every other girl. He was there for me more then he knew. He was helping my with my family issues and a friend. How could I ask for more? We weren't perfect, but who cares. At least things would always be interesting between us. Smiling for the first time all day. I headed out to our spot. I stopped in my tracks when I saw Castiel kissing a blonde. Amber. My heart fell and I felt tears come to my eyes. But before I knew what I was even doing I had pulled them apart. Looked Castiel square in the face said "Is this what you wanted me to see? You know telling me would have worked just as well." I went to walk away but Amber grabbed my shoulder. "Look don't be a jealous bitch." Amber shouted starkly. "Get. Off" I said through clenched teeth realizing people had started to gather around. " Nobody likes a M.U.R.D.E.R.E.R." She said loudly for the school to hear stepping up closet to me smiling. "Nobody likes a bitch with a fucked up face." I stated punching her in her chin and walking away hearing the Ohh shits as I left the school premises. I took out my phone and replied to Nathaniel " yes, I would love nothing more" I came home to my Aunt making dinner. "What's wrong hunny?" she asked. "I fucking hate my life, and this place. Coming back was a mistake!" I shouted losing it. "Everyone knows I'm a murder, this was probably your plan from the start to brake me completely." I said in a monotone before I ran upstairs to my room locking the door and throwing myself on the bed. I knew in that moment that Castiel and my relationship was platonic.

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