Texting a Disconnected Phone

To: Sherlock Holmes

Subject: I miss you

- I miss you, Sherlock.

John sits alone in the flat, haunted. Haunted by the memories of what he should have said and what he didn't, what he wants to say but can't. The time has passed for all of those thoughts, but they're all that John can think of.

It's too quiet in their... his flat. There's no typing on a keyboard. There's no cell phone text alerts. There's no violin playing. There's not even a chair squeaking.

John looks towards the chair opposite him. Sherlock's chair. Sherlock is... was very firm on who could sit in that chair. He almost acts... acted like someone sitting in his chair would spread the stupid to him. John had always thought that was funny. Now John thinks it was the most normal thing ever and he wishes that he could see Sherlock in his chair, just one more time.

John refuses to think that he won't. He refuses, absolutely refuses, to think that Sherlock is gone. Because, if he said it, it would give the words a meaning, a positive finality, and John knows that he just can't handle that reality right now. So, he refuses to think that Sherlock is gone.

Although, John knows, if he actually believed that, he wouldn't miss Sherlock this much already.

To: John Watson

Subject: (No subject)

- Failure to deliver message.