To: Sherlock Holmes

Subject: Nerves!

- It's not really fair that I'm complaining about how nervous I am to myself. By all RIGHTS, you should be here. But. I'm not worrying
- about that. I'm worrying about how in the world I'm going to manage this. Jeez, oh, there goes Stamford. I've talked him out of the
- room. Oh, you'd hate me right now.

John's by far passed every stage of nerves that he has ever experienced. All the nervous times he has had in war, all the nervous time he had spent with Sherlock... They don't add up to the nerves of this moment. Because in exactly ten- no, nine minutes, he is going to walk down the aisle and get married. Of course, that's a bit dramatic... Mary's walking down the aisle... not him... but...

It's all for Mary.

That calms him down just enough to know that he can do this.

Sherlock's watching over him, after all.

To: John Watson

Subject: (No subject)

- Of course I'm watching over you. You're my only friend, after all.

- SH

John stares at the return message on his phone, a sense of horror and shock spiking through him. He whirls around, taking off across the room before he wrenches the door open.


He ignores Stamford and takes off down the church stairs. He's halfway to the door before he realizes that he's forgotten his cane in his room. He stumbles on the landing but catches himself on the banister, not pausing as he spins himself around for the front doors. He also realizes, a bit late, that it probably looks like he's running away from his own wedding.

He goes right out the front doors, breathing heavily as he comes to a solid stop on the front steps. His eyes dart around quickly and he's looking, looking, looking...

"Where's the fire, John?" elicits a silky baritone voice from behind him. John recognizes that voice. He turns slowly, almost unwilling to hope even now.

Sherlock stands behind him, a look of confusion on his face but the amusement alight in his eyes. He holds out a hand, which is holding John's tie that he is to wear today. "I think you might need this, by the way. A suit never looks good without one, especially for such silly things as this," he states as he waves his hand towards the church.

John just stares.

"You said you wanted me to be your best man, didn't you?" Sherlock says, after a moment. "Well, come on, John! You're going to be late to your wedding!"

Without a word, John lets Sherlock drag him back into the church. (He is used to being pushed around by the man, after all.)

Sherlock smiles to himself as he walks back into the church with John.

The doctor? Currently in shock. Good. If Sherlock is to be this best man, he prefers to not have a bleeding nose or a black eye.

All in all, he is glad to be back.

(He was really getting tired of typing Failure to deliver message over and over again, after all.)

There you guys go! Texting a Disconnected Phone has reached its end! For all you guys who asked, Is Sherlock coming back?, well, I didn't answer you for the exact reason of THIS CHAPTER! :D For those people who noticed the typo in one of the previous chapters and said It's Sherlock! He's been typing it!, my dear Sherlockians, you were correct. For those who wanted Sherlock at his wedding, you've got it! ;D And I really wish this would be how Sherlock's return happens... One of Moffat's words was "Wedding"... but, you know, no matter how Sherlock returns, no matter how John responds...

I'll just be overjoyed when Series Three airs!

Thanks for following the story, you guys! Hopefully you guys liked it!