The elegant rose twirled around the index finger, giving off a vibrant sound of love.

The redness reminded me of the blood I just created, deeply dark.

My breathing quickened as the sorrow for the passed loved ones I just took pampered my ears.

Quiet. Quick. Quenched. I stood up for the final blow of my life.

The sound of the sword jabbing into this man's chest collapsed on me as if I was carrying the sky.

What had I become? And what had I done?

It was all for the innocent girl Silvia. The innocent drives the mad crazy. The crazy turns the innocent into madmen.

Red liquid splattered on my face as I understood what happened.

The once innocent Silvia, had released my once pumping blood out of my veins.

The twirling stopped. The rose fell. And the madman had just stopped the mad.

What had I become, oh dear Silvia. What had I become.