Following the Sparkles

Author: remthedogsitter

Summary: In the land of Aaa something strange begins to happen and two worlds are accidentally swept into a few unforeseen mishaps. MarhshallXGumball MarcelinexBubblegum finnXFlameprincess amongst other pairings

The sun was beginning to set in the Land of Aaa, Marshall Lee from the safety of his cave watched as the shadows descended over the land. With enough darkness he made his way out, axebass resting comfortably on his back and trusty umbrella in one hand, he floated in the direction of the Candy Kingdom. He had been on good terms with Prince Gumball lately ever since that awkward moment with the Door Lord, there was always distracting Fionna from the scene but Gumball at least boasted more focus and attention than that.

They were supposed to hang out tonight at the old tree house and watch a new Heat Signature movie that Fionna found on one of her latest adventures. His undead heart twitched at the thought of being next to Gumball in the dark, it was ok to feel like this right? For friends?

Lost in his thoughts he didn't notice the small rustle in the bushes as he entered gumdrop forest, he was after all the Vampire King and in this dark night he was at his strongest, his element. A great burst of white light then the night was still again.


"Strange," Prince Gumball muttered to himself as he checked his watch, it was quite long after sunset already and the movie was starting soon. Marshall Lee told him they'd go together tonight to Fionna's house (the Candy Kingdom was on the way to the tree house anyway he said), maybe he just forgot, the pink prince sighed. He didn't want to assume too much on their young friendship and didn't think any more of it.

"Peppermint maid, I'm leaving already with MonChro. I wont be back too late." The young master called to his ever faithful maid attending to her duties in the main hall.

"Alright my Prince, I'll have something warm ready for you when you return." She called back.

Prince Gumball walked out into the chilly night, warm in his favorite pink sweater, if he was lucky he could still catch Lord before he left.


Marhsall Lee groaned as he began to regain consciousness. He was face first in the grass and judging by the sugary smell he was still in gumdrop forest. The tiny gumdrop creatures that lived on the forest floor began to stir which only meant that sunrise was coming soon. His head was throbbing but he was at least thankful that he had enough hindsight to bring his umbrella.

The Candy Kingdom was within sight and his headache wasn't going away. PG probably wont mind if I hide out under his bed for a few hours he grinned he could kill two birds with one stone, apologize for last night and play an elaborate prank. In the back of his mind however was stirring with a string of frustration, who dares attack the Vampire King out in the open night? At least if it was an attack and not some fluke accident.


It was well into the afternoon when Marshall began to stir, refreshed and ready to wreak havoc. He smirked as he turned invisible, his keen senses were telling him Fionna and Gumball were probably in the main hall. He floated through the corridors and down the grand staircase to see the two back turned towards him, it was just perfect.

He transformed into a tentacle monster before he turned visible "BOO!"

There was a high girlish scream.

"What the GLUB?" when the two turned who he thought was Fionna was actually a boy and Gummy was a long haired princess.

The not Fionna exclaimed back as he punched him across the face. "WHO THE GLUB ARE YOU?"

"I SHOULD BE ASKING YOU THE SAME THING." He shouted back turning back to his regular form and taking a small retreat backwards to assess the situation. The hair on the back of his neck bristled and his senses were high with adrenaline. If these two were here where's Fionna and the Prince?

"You're a vampireā€¦" the boy said slowly lowering the sword he brought out in the commotion. "Do you happen to know Marceline the Vampire Queen?"

Marshall's eyes widened, HE was the King of the Vampires and he knew he didn't marry anyone. "What the glub are you talking about? I AM the only ruler of Vampires that I know of.

"This is quite a troubling situation." The pink lady frowned. "Put your sword down Finn I don't think he means any harm. That means you too." She looked at him with a knowing look. He twitched, his hand was already curled only needed a second to summon a sword. He relented, it looks like they both needed anwers.

"Whatever." He muttered leaning back, floating but still very much alert.


Author's note: OMG I'm actually writing this. Should I continue?