Following the Sparkles

Chapter 3: Unpleasant Coincidence

AN: I have just realized the size of this project when I looked at all the "major" characters I introduced thus far so I'm thinking of focusing on one track/character at a time to develop and hopefully wrap them all up near the end of this chaos… now the question who to write first?

Marshall Lee floated around the castle to kill some time and curiosity, the Princess thought it was best he stayed here in case his presence had too much of an impact of their world but with the day quickly turning to night he found himself more and more awake. It was just after dinner when he decided to settle in the library where he and Gumball would sometimes watch movies or the candy royal would be reading a book and he would be fusing over some new song he was trying to perfect. The Candy Kingdom in this world wasn't very different to what he was used to back home minus constantly being shooed away by Peppermint Maid, in fact the palace staff treated him more warmly then he remembered them on his side. Peppermint Butler actually greeted him once or twice today with an actual smile.

The Princess as it turned out was busy ever since he last saw her that afternoon and having nothing better to do went to back to her bedroom to retrieve his bass but as he entered the room, there were things he didn't notice before. The wardrobe for one was a mix of polar opposites, one side was in dark shades of black and greys and reds and the other full of pink. There was a guitar stand next to the bed and the other bed side had a small dresser, slightly open and it was full of books and papers. Amongst other small details he could tell the space was made to accommodate both the vampire and the princess almost equally. He almost felt a little jealous, didn't the self of this world they call Marceline remember (from what he could tell the events in their lives in these parallel worlds are almost identical) the promise on that tombstone from once upon a time? Mortals are fragile things, short lived things—impossible not to love but painful to lose.

"Oh, good evening Marshall Lee." Bubblegum greeted him as she came into her room, her hair was wet most likely from the royal bath house, she was dressed in a black rock shirt and pajamas with a book in hand. "I've already asked Peppermint Butler to prepare a room for you when you feel like sleeping." She settled into a couch next to the open window that led to the balcony. "Could you… would you like to stay for a little bit?"

The question surprised him but it was better than doing nothing. "Alright Princess." He got comfortable and hovered over the bed, bass resting on his stomach. "Would you mind if I play a little?"

"Not at all, that would be lovely." She sounded tired.

Idly he let his fingers go over the chords and strummed gently and from that point PB noticed the small differences between the vampire king and her lover, the sound he made was a little harsher, having a more distorted tone to them but at the same time it sounded guarded, the sound from a very wary person.

i wanna stay here in the dark with you

let monsters come and death fly by

i'll watch you, i'll hold you as you sigh

there's no fear here, that's all thats true

i wanna stay here in the dark with you

till the warmth meets cold

till i read your tombstone

the nights, the brightest days

no matter what anyone says

know that this is true

i'll remember you, long long after you

i just wanted to stay in the dark with you—

He stopped abruptly when the Princess began to cry. "Princess—"

"She was going to leave Marshall." He realized this problem was just lurking under the surface and he brought managed to push it over the edge. For what it was worth he lowered his guitar onto the bed and floated over next to her and drifted down closer for what comfort it might give.

She leaned into his shoulder muttering unintelligible things but from what he could pick up Marceline indeed remembered that promise and the hard lesson on mortality, unsure of himself he draped an arm around her shoulders, she had already slip herself under his chin.

However the moment lips meet lips and a hand get uncomfortably close to his crotch, he stiffens defensively, he wasn't sure anymore who kissed who but he was going to stop… she tasted just like him, or at least what he imagined Prince Gumball to taste like, not exactly like bubblegum with a small hint of saltiness. He pulls away as the hand climbs higher.

"Princess, this isn't right." He says with conviction floating again. "I'm not the reset button for your relationship with the other me and you're not my chance at someone quite dear to me. We wont be fooling anyone except ourselves…" He picks up his guitar and leaves out the window, floating up into the night sky to gather his thoughts on the roof where he's spent many nights if only to listen to the candy royal back home sleep. Indeed even if only for a rebound that offer was tempting. She hears her, still crying softly for what seems like hours until only there are the soft snores of sleep, she even sounds like him.

"Just great."He mutters to himself imaging the amount of awkwardness that's going to follow this situation. He leans back and cradles his guitar again, trying to think of who could be behind this whole mess.

"GLOB I THINK I KNOW!" his eyes widen at the realization, it's been almost five hundred years but that sounded like the most probably explanation.

"Finn are you sure you know where we're going?"

"Sure man, I mean we bumped into Marshall right? If anyone else was swapped we'll bump into them too… or you know fall into a dungeon like we usually do and find the treasure to fix all this."

"Bro, you worry me sometimes."

The two looked up as they heard a high pitched cackling and a wall of ice suddenly block their path.

"Finn, I think I'm starting to hate it when you're right."