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The little Saiyan clutched tightly to the blanket he was dragging across the floor. He didn't know what was going on outside his window at this hour of night, but he knew it wasn't safe for him and his brother.

"Gohaaaann! Wake up!"

The drooling teen squirmed as he kept on being shoved. "Uuuuughh..." he croaked out.

"Wake up! If the monster comes and eat you I won't be able to protect you!"

"Protect me from whaaat..."

"The monster at the window, dummy! He's got huge fangs and long fingernails and I think it's that boogeyman guy Trunks was telling me about! Plus he keeps calling your name! I think it wants to eat you first!"

"There's no such thing, Goten, now go back to sleep." Gohan crashed just a few hours ago after a day of rigorous training and he needed every second of sleep he could get. He loved his little brother with everything he had but sometimes he just needed a break from it all. And that break existed when he slept.

But Goten wouldn't budge and he pouted his lip. "But there IS a such thing cuz he's right OUTSIDE! Think I should go Super Saiyan? Oh yeah! Then I can blast him right back to the under-"

"NO!" and Gohan finally shot up from under his blanket. "Do you know what mom will do to us—TO ME—if she wakes up and sees that you went Super Saiyan and destroyed our room? SHE'D probably go something worse than Saiyan and have my head!"

"Then YOU kill it!" and with a quivering finger Goten pointed to the window behind them. Gohan turned as directed and looked at the window glass. It was dark at first, but after a few seconds he was able to adjust his eyes. Hahahaha...oh brother. His little bro sure did have one active imagination. How in the world did he get a boogeyman monster from what was really outside? He ran quick fingers through his messy mane and smirked back over to his brother.

"Goten, c'mon, buddy. That's just Videl flying outside our window. No boogeyman or anything. Now, go back to sleep before mom comes and checks on us, okay?"

Goten just stared in confusion at his brother as he pulled the blankets back over his head and collapsed on his bed in slumber.

…It took him a few more seconds until...


Gohan shot up once again and now stood oh his mattress, pointing in shock at the slim figure elevating behind the glass. Poor Videl...Goten thought she was a monster.

"Eh...Eh..." Gohan was absolutely stumped. Goten meanwhile rubbed his eyes while looking back to the two. "Oh...well her shadow sure looked like one. But Gohan," and he pulled on his bro's pajama pants, "I don't think mom's gonna like your girlfriend banging on the window like that. Are we gonna let her in or what?"

"Eh..Eh...Eh...R-right!" Gathering up any remnants of a clear mind he could, Gohan hopped to the ground and opened the window for the strange girl.

"V-Videl! What are you doing here! It's probably one in the morning!"

"I know," she smiled as she met his eyes. It was the dead of night but she was just as vibrant as ever. Something was definitely going on in that head of hers. "BUT I have another proposition for you!"

"A prop...osition?"

"Yes," and she hovered closer to him. "There's one more thing you have to teach me! I won't rest until I know I'm at my absolute strongest for the tournament!"

"Another thing? But I already taught you how to fly!"

"Yeah, and that was practically the only thing. I don't need you holding back on me, Gohan. There's more things about energy that I need you to teach me."

"E-energy? But it's like I told you before! Everything else you gotta learn on your own through practice and meditation. There's nothing else I can do."

Videl paused for a moment and squared her shoulders. Then in one gust she leaned forward and grabbed onto Gohan and looked him dead in the eye, to the point where their foreheads were touching.

"Look, bucko. Yes there is. There's a whole lot more to this stuff that I don't know."

"But you're already strong enough, Videl! I know you are."

"And I know you're holding out on me. Show me what you can show your brother over there," and she pointed to Goten who was just sitting on Gohan's bed, enjoying the current events in front of him.

Gohan never understood girls. You give them what they want, then they come back asking for more. There was absolutely no way that Videl could ever tap into a Saiyan's level of strength, let alone know that Saiyans exist, so what was he supposed to do to appease her?

Not to mention she could probably feel the heat radiating off of his cheeks right now, which only made him blush harder the more he thought about it. Man...he's never been this up and close to a girl before. Well, any girl that wasn't his mother.

She's gonna be the death of me, I swear.

"Is there...anything I can say to make you not wanna do this?"

"Either you say yes or I'll scream."

"NO! That'll wake up my mom for sure!"

Videl's chesire grin stretched wider, knowing that his mother was definitely one of Gohan's weak spots.

"One..." she teased.

Gohan's eyes bulged. "Videl noo!"


"C'mon, I'm begging you!"

"I think we both know what's gonna happen when I hit three..."

"Okay! Okay!"

Goten continued staring at the pair in silence. As far as he was concerned, girls were worse than the boogeyman. His brother looked absolutely defeated.

"I'll go out and train with you. But only for an hour."

"Two hours!"

"One and a half! That's all I got. I gotta make sure I'm home way before my mom wakes up or does her routine check ins."

Videl, still gripping onto his shoulders, glanced around the room in quick thought. Realizing she had nothing else to wager, she accepted.

"You've got yourself a deal, Gohan. Now let's go!"

"Hey, wait! Let me get my training gear-" but in one motion she pulled him out the window.

Videl tried to get at least one peak in, but Gohan would never let her slide. They were at a clearing now, a river sounding from a couple steps away, and Videl was forced to turn around with her eyes closed so not to see anything while Gohan was changing into his training gi, thankful that she let him go back to get it when they left.

"Can I turn around now, Gohan?"

"Not yet, let me put my boots on!"

"Oh c'mon, they're just boots. What? Don't want me to see what your toes look like?"

There was an audible sigh before Gohan responded. "Fine, okay, you can turn around."

She saw the last of him strapping on his left boot before he stood. They were now face to face and Videl stole a quick chance to look him up and down. He was an 18 year old in a grown man's body, that was for sure. It was quiet moments like these where the fight in her started trickling away, and instead she was left in pure awe. He was such a powerful guy yet...so totally innocent. Not many of that kind existed where she was from.

"So," Gohan started stretching, "I'm ready whenever you are!"

Videl snapped herself back to reality and took the time to stretch as well. "Okay, so...mind answering me some questions before we start?"


"Alright," and she took a deep breath. "Who was the first person to ever use this energy power? Does every martial artist know about this? Can animals do this sorta thing too? Can you move things with your mind? What about teleporting? And can you-"

"Woaahh there!" Gohan stopped her by putting a palm to her face. "Slow down, Videl. This isn't something that you can really take notes on. Even I don't know all those answers. It's just..." looking up to the stars he searched for a way to explain it. Giving her another look, he reached for both her wrists and guided her to the cool grass. Down they went, and facing each other they were now planted cross-legged. Videl thankfully stayed quiet.

"It's just...something you feel."

She let out a small huff. "That I understand...but what else?"

"There is nothing else. Just feel that energy inside of you, and channel it into any attack. Feel it through your finger tips...and once it forms you can do anything with it, like-"

"Like an energy blast!"

"Well...yeah! Say, is that what you wanna learn?"

"Pretty much..." she admitted. Her mind drifted back to the conversation she had with her dad earlier that day. Well...mainly it was another one of his mighty speeches, but it really made her think about what power really meant...

"Ya know, Videl," Hercule Satan started his tangent of monologues when he entered his daughter's room. At first investigating a loud thump (that came from Videl hitting the ceiling during one of her flying sessions) he eventually got caught in his own little world as usual.

"You almost remind me of myself at your age! Always lookin for a greater challenge. Best believe I was the kinda kid who took NO prisoners! Why, I remember this one time..." and he marched around the room ready to make a great speech to an audience of one. Videl jumped on her bed to pay more attention, relieved that her father was never the brightest of the bunch. She slumped against the wall, aimlessly watching her father go back and forth. After about the fiftieth time these stories started to get tiring. Right as she started to drift off Hercule changed the subject.

"...And if I didn't know any better," he continued, "I'd say you might even beat your old man at the World Tournament."

That most certainly perked her up. Videl raised a brow and her blue orbs started to sparkle. "Really?"

Hercule let out a huge yawn as he stretched and sat down on his daughter's mattress. "Hmm...well...yeah maybe! AHAHAHAHAAA but then again, heh heh, considering how hard I've been training lately, maybe you can take the second place trophy! Think about it, Videl! The undefeatable world champ! Ushering in a new age of his offspring to take the title when his time has come to end! Why, in 10 or 20 years from now you'll be wearing the championship belt!"

But that wasn't the reply that Videl was searching for. She rolled her eyes and shifted to rest her chin on her knees. "You know Dad...we might get some good competition this year. I heard that Saiyaman guy's gonna enter the tournament."

Immediately his laughter deceased. She could see the increase in bulge on his forehead. "Y-you mean that dorky-lookin-helmet-wearin-video-game-character-impersonatin-hippy-flyin-corny weirdo! HIM against the GREAT HERCULE SATAN! Oh Videl you must be comin down with something! How dare you suggest such a thing! No youngster in a cape's gonna ever get the best of the World Champ no matter what crazy parlor tricks he dishes out!"

"Just like those gold fighters...?" She looked up at him. But he froze in his tracks just like before. Videl never got it. Every time she brought up that band of mysterious warriors from the Cell Games he always reverted to a babbling idiot, turning red, and declaring his superiority over every living being. Maybe they were more of a nuisance on him than she realized.

He finally snapped out of it. "HECK YEAH JUST LIKE THOSE PESKY GOLD FIGHTERS! I swear they're little smoke 'n mirrors...flying tricks...just get me so ticked off. No real warrior would stoop to such pathetic little ploys. I mean...no one can glow like that...shoot little energy beams...it's like something out of a cartoon...!"

But Videl tuned out again.


Energy beams...


"See, my dad was going on about that fight with the gold fighters those seven years ago," Videl confided in Gohan. "He kept complaining about their mirrors and magic tricks, their weird blasts of energy. But after learning everything you taught me, c'mon Gohan...they couldn't just be tricks. Those fighters had immense amounts of energy, and if I'm up against someone like that at the tournament, I wanna be able to hold my own."

Oh boy...Gohan tugged at his collar. The gold fighters again? Well, he already made a vow with himself that if he were to fight against anyone, and definitely Videl, that he would hold back on going Super Saiyan and using his powerful attacks. As far as Videl knew the Gold Fighter and Saiyaman were two completely different people, and he had to keep it that way.

But still...hearing her talk like this was strange yet comforting. Never in his years of lonely studying would he have imagined there was a teenager like this out there, immersed in not only fighting but learning about martial arts as much as he was. Even if he was rusty, he still enjoyed the feel of using all of his strength to protect people. And Videl...well she was the city's protection just as much as he was. She was fearless, hard headed, and had the biggest heart he ever seen. She was something...definitely something.

"Okay, Videl...I'll teach you."

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