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WARNING: This chapter contains limes!

He still wasn't used to how soft the skin could be. The pink tints from whenever he massaged her shoulder was a display of how warm she was, and the tiny bumps from a shiver, the small freckles, scars, lines, and everything else that proved that the body he was holding had been lived in, was enough to make his bones ache with excitement.

She was beautiful. And the fact that she allowed him to see that warmed his blood and made him want to experience last night all over again.

Videl stirred in that moment and scratched her nose in her sleep. Gohan couldn't help but immediately trail his thumb across that same spot and kiss it gently. It was like an addicting sport now: leave no part of her body untouched, and whenever she smiles, he wins. So he would brush away the small hairs that betrayed her and fell over her eyes. And then he would hold her hand, and smile to himself as his leg rewrapped itself around hers and tickled her thighs. This was the pattern he had followed for hours. He wasn't tired, admittedly. He spent the rest of his night watching Videl sleep and participated himself for a while, but his Saiyan blood made him restless and awoke him as soon as he felt her move. He did not know how long it would be until Videl brushing up against him did not make his body thrilled, but for right now he was perfectly fine with not knowing.

"Mmmm," Videl produced a low, groggy groan from her chest, moving around again. She stretched her arms out and tried to wipe the morning out of her eyes. Gohan smiled and shifted back some to give her more room to stretch.

"Good morning," he dragged out with his smile stretched from the knuckles resting on his cheek.

"Mmnnn, it's still morning?"

"Well, barely. You slept most of that away."

"Oh," she chuckled, eyes still struggling to open. "I figured that!"

She wiggled her feet and he responded by tugging the sheets so they were back over her body.

"How'd you sleep?"

Finally she fluttered her eyes open to stare up at him. And all of him she saw. The blanket they had shared barely covered his waist, and if she looked down enough she could probably see more, but before anything she was met with his chest—possibly chiseled by an instrument of the gods. Glistening from the light by their window, it was almost taunting her with how good it looked, and his tan skin captured all that light, warming her fingertips and inviting her to sink further into him. And he had morning voice. By heavens, were her ears beautifully assaulted when she inched out her slumber. She never thought his voice could do the things it was doing to her right now, but when he hadn't cleared everything from his throat, everything that he said sounded almost feral. Oh, she wanted to touch him. More. She wanted to demand him to do the things he did to her last night. She had to make it up to herself. After all, she was the one to fall asleep first.

Videl drew a lazy line down the center of his chest. "Not too bad," but her smile and the gleam of her teeth biting down on her lip totally obliterated her attempt at nonchalance, which made Gohan bite his cheek and smile back. But he noticed something that made his smile burst out into a hearty laugh.

Her eyebrows knitted together in concern. "What? What is it!?"

"Nothing, it's just…I never get to see you like this. You're so…cute."

Her smile tightened. "Cute…? Really?"

"What?" His huffs of laughter starting to fade. "It's true!"

She slapped his chest, knowing it would have no effect on him. "Why not go for beautiful, or ravishing! Cute is what you'd call your kid sister."

But he held onto that hand and kept it close to his heart, and he stroked the side of her forearm as he thought aloud, the feral splashes in his voice returning. "And you are definitely not my sister…"

Videl clenched her brows together. Was that…? Was that a hint of lust she just caught from Gohan? Gohan? His leg started to creep back around hers and rub against her heel, and the hand that held her arm reached to cup her chin and pull her closer. All of a sudden Videl's world started getting hazy again, and the heat between her thighs wanted to claw its way out.

Right before his lips met hers, though, she stopped him.

"Gohan wait," she held her finger up to his mouth.

"What's wrong?" He was clearly confused. Shouldn't she usually praise him for being this bold?

"I…my breath stinks…" she sounded smaller than she wanted to, and even though the precaution seemed unnecessary, Videl still cringed at the thought of her breath knocking out a Saiyan.

But Gohan once again parted his lips for a smile, and decided to kiss her anyway. He made sure to keep it quick, and keep it gentle, no matter how much deeper his nerves wanted him to go.

"Just like I said," he smiled at her colored cheeks, "too cute."

Videl just rolled her eyes and grabbed a pillow from behind her. "Uuughh," and she playfully tossed it over Gohan's face.

"Hey!" he muffled underneath the satin.

But she just replied with, "I'm going to shower!" And while holding the pillow in place, she shimmied from under the sheets and climbed over him to head for the bathroom door. As soon as he felt the weight off of him, Gohan reached for the pillow but Videl caught him quickly with an,

"And NO peaking!"

So to oblige, he didn't. Even though technically it wouldn't have been anything he hadn't already seen. However, just thinking about that made him instinctively clutch the pillow to his groin. He was the only man to see Videl like how she was last night, and the only man to ever see her like that again. If that didn't make him the luckiest man alive, he didn't know what did.

Videl's shower was definitely going to take longer than anticipated, but that was because all she could currently do was stand amidst the flying streams of water and think about what had just transpired.

She woke up for the first time next to her husband: a man she was now tethered to spend the rest of her life with, a man to give her babies and bring her home to a bed they'd share together. If there was ever any confusion or uncertainty, they were no more the second Gohan said "I do." The kiss he gave her in front of their friends and family was the seal to their union, and the start of a whole new existence for her. With the way his hands grabbed her, made her flesh tighten while rolling around her hips, how he held her like he was asking her permission to for the first time, how he looked at her—like the Gohan everyone else knew just tore off his mask and the only thing left standing was the Gohan that harbored all this longing and passion that he only trusted her to see—was all so much she just wanted to lie under the shower and pretend that each pang of droplets was Gohan touching her somewhere else.

The man just behind that door was the man that was waiting for no one else but her to love him. She could recognize the Videl inside that would fear that, that would reject such intense emotions and cower away from it. But she didn't have that kind of life anymore to where she could take advantage of doubt. She couldn't just trust Gohan or anyone else she loved to be there to forgive and forget years, or even days later. Evil forces just love to invade Earth and threaten the peace they've all come to build, so for whenever the next time would be when that happened, she knew that she and Gohan were going to face that evil together, and Gohan would know every second that he would be loved and adored and wanted by her.

By his wife.

She soon finished her shower and made sure her teeth were sparkling and clean before heading back out. Gohan was still where she left him, under the sheets in his perfect form. He already had her eyes on her as she walked out the door.

"How was your shower? –And is that my shirt?"

Videl shot him a mischievous half-smile as she made her way over to his side of the bed. "I didn't unpack yet so I had to improvise. How does it look?" And she spread her arms wide mockingly showing off his white button-up.

But there was nothing to joke about the way she looked. It was just amazing. She was mouth-wateringly tempting, and the way her hips jutted out right under the hem of that shirt was dangerous. That peach blossom skin was the color of beauty and want, and her puckered lips were the color of need. And he needed this. Gohan didn't answer right away, but he pulled his legs over, tugging the sheets with him, so he was now sitting up at the bed's edge, juxtaposed right underneath her line of sight, each pair of legs touching each other. Videl let her arms fall to her side to watch him with a smile, and Gohan took the opportunity to grab her hands and caress each one in a smooth rhythm.

"You look beautiful…"

Videl bit her lip as those words made the skin around her spine shiver. "Yeah…?"

"Yeah…" he spoke low, and he let his arms surrender to the calling of the heat inside him, ordering him to please her. He pulled her hands together right under his chin, and gently he kissed her ring finger before pulling her hands back up to rest at his shoulders. With smooth calculation, he leaned further into her and guided his hands to her thighs, hovering his palms over her skin before looking up for silent permission. He wanted to feel the flex of her muscles cushioned beneath that soft skin; he wanted her to need his touch. Videl all but smiled and moved her fingers to grip the back of his neck and comb through his hair, leaning forward to cradle his face against her chest. He took that as all the okay he needed and pressed harder into her thighs, gripping the lower swell of her butt to prop her up and usher her onto the bed with him. Videl now sat on his lap, sandwiching his legs with hers and lowering herself so they could meet at eye level.

"You know what…?" she barely whispered while contouring his hairline with the backs of her fingers.

"What?" his voice came out as a throaty grunt.

"I brushed my teeth so now I'm minty fresh!"

Both bodies then shook as Videl couldn't even get that out with a straight face. With their heads huddled together Gohan finished the last of his hearty breaths against her neck with a smile.

"So," he started to lift his head up, "can I kiss you now?"

But Videl was already ahead of him with her nose quickly pushing against his. "Yes," she laughed, "yes you may. Now."

And they fell back hard as Gohan's hands roamed from the bottom of her thighs, to her waist, and up to her face to cradle her cheeks together. It was something about this kiss that seemed more…animalistic than the last. Somewhere between the night's endeavors and this morning, a match was lit under both their bellies to ignite something that could never be extinguished. They opened up each other's gates and no matter how awkward the initial descent, both were swimming now in their passions for each other.

Their tongues danced around each other and they didn't even mind the sloppiness of their kisses. Sometimes he'd kiss her chin, then she'd nip at his nose, then he'd lunge for her neck, and all the while their fingers would play with each other's skin. Nothing was unwarranted. Even the heat molting their groins weren't left ignored as Gohan nudged a knee against her inner thigh, causing her to shake and break one of their kisses with a gasping breath.

"Uuhhh…aahhsss," she moaned against his lips, which unlocked a new instinct for the young Saiyan. She liked that, and he needed to hear that again. So his knee rose once more, this time pressing harder amidst her thighs, teasing the friction between his skin and her underwear. And that was perfect. Videl's back arched sharply into the air and she grabbed a fistful of sheets under them.

"Mmmnn, yess," she huffed out in short breaths, staring right into his eyes. That was a new sensation. Neither blinked as their pelvises continued to grind against each other, something between half smiles and focused stares decorating their faces.

"Yeah?" Gohan tried to keep his pants as controlled as possible, but finding it the hardest job at the moment.

"Yes. Gohan. More," and they kissed hard again, barely matching up their lips as Gohan gripped her waist and Videl pulled his neck, each fumbling to rise up farther onto the bed. In only a moment, his legs were successfully scissored between hers now and able to gain better access to his wife's calling heat. Videl was more than ready for it, and pulled harder on his neck to usher him up. Gohan instinctively smiled, loving the possibilities of where they were about to go and used an elbow to prop him up, tugging her collar to draw her closer. If she could even get any closer than she already was, anyway. 'Cause she was heated. She could feel the heat from the ape deep inside him warm her own pulse, and his cock quickly climbed out its tepidness as it kept brushing against her. She smiled devilishly as his kiss lazily moved across her chin.

"We're gonna start enjoying this too much," she tried to joke between breaths.

"I'm okay with that," he groaned back as his hands clawed at the top her collar, ready to release the buttons and release her breasts to greet him and his reddening cheeks. His tongue lapped against her collarbone and sealed off each wet touch with open-mouth kisses, the feeling of Videl's pulse against his lips making the heat behind his ears and in his groin intensify. By the heavens, he wanted her. What happened in the mere hours they've been alone together? Was this another product of becoming a man, of accepting the affects the traces of Saiyan blood had on him? Now that he got a taste of love, of want, of all the pleasures of sex, would he always be this hungry? Would this annoy him eventually, never being able to go a day without touching his wife's naked skin?

He would have felt embarrassed if he had enough time to think right now, but all he could do is continue to enjoy himself, and continue to button down her shirt…

Videl was quickly losing herself to him again. One of his hands moved away to cup a breast tucked behind the cotton shirt she claimed, and he kneaded it against her chest, making her practically slam herself against him in response. She began tugging at the sheets loosely draped around his midsection, feeling for his cock and loving the twitching effect it had on him. Her sex was on fire. She could have sworn it had only been five minutes or so since she met him at the end of the bed, and yet she could barely count the seconds until he was in her again, until she could convulse with him and move with him and feel his sweet release make her overflow for what felt like hours.

Nothing but him inside of her…

But with that thought Videl had to stop. She pulled away as if she heard a gunshot and stared at Gohan with wide eyes.

Gohan held tight to her hips while the other hand paused from releasing her last button. He instantly frowned with worry. "Videl, what's wrong?"

She continued to stare. "Gohan…we…."


"We forgot…to wear protection last night…"

And his agape mouth slowly started to close in understanding, the heat from his groin starting to burn him with guilt. "Oh…you're right."

"Oh my God!" and she collapsed backwards onto the mattress and blew away her bangs in a huff. "So much for being responsible adults, huh?"

"Well," Gohan tried to assess the situation. He had to pause to release one long, heavy breath, trying to cool his head and everything else. He untangled their legs and fell back with her, side by side, and he lazily dropped the back of his hand to rest on her stomach. "This doesn't mean you're pregnant or anything, right?"

"Pfffft," she tried to shake the thought away, "far be it from my body to say 'say, this is your first time having sex? Why not I spice things up for you guys by popping a baby in here while you're at it!'"

But not finding that amusing, he turned to his side to face her and began stroking her abdomen. "I'm sorry Videl. I feel like that should've been my job to, you know…make sure we had all our bases covered."

But Videl didn't like him feeling sorry for himself. "Hey, it's not just your fault, babe, ok? We both were a little…preoccupied with other things. You took perfect care of me last night. Let's just chalk it up to us both being stupid, how 'bout that?"

"But still," and his hand rose absentmindedly to begin playing with her bangs. "Let me take care of you some more. I'll find a pharmacy somewhere around here. Or maybe the hotel staff sells them. We'll do it right next time, I promise," and he kissed her brow, which made her once again drift back into ease.

She huddled closer into him and rested her head in the crook of his elbow. "That's sounds good," she sighed. "After all, I don't think either of us are ready to become parents yet." And she lazily started tapping a tiny finger against his muscles, hating the fact that their excitement had to die so soon, but still refusing to let his heat leave her air.

Gohan wanted to let her relax, but after having said that out loud, thoughts that were usually just glazed upon now stood front and center in his mind. "Hey Videl…?"

"Hm?" she murmured with her eyes closed.

His nervous fingers drew circles around her arm as he tried to put his words together. "Just for conversation's sake…Have you thought about it? You know, being parents?"

"Mn, I don't know if this surprises you or not, but I actually have."

He straightened himself up at that. "Really?"

"Yeah. I used to never want a kid. They seemed like such a hassle, like something I would have to put my fighting on the side for, like too much of a sacrifice. And let's face it, I don't know the first thing about what it takes to be a mom."

"C'mon, Videl, don't say that. You'd be wonderful."

"Whatever, Gohan, you're biased," she rolled her eyes and turned on her side so she too was propped up to face her husband. "But really…I wouldn't have anything to go off of. My own mother died when I was just a little girl. I barely remember everything she used to do, only that she seemed like this…perfect, beautiful angel lady only sent down to make me happy. Having to be that for someone else is kinda scary."

Gohan was trying to piece together her thoughts, not yet knowing how he felt about the matter. "So, does that mean you don't want them?"

She bit her lip in thought. "You mind if I say something really selfish…?"

"No, go ahead. What is it?"

She sat up fully and crossed her legs before speaking. Finally she squared her shoulders and let out a huff. "I'd want them…if they were yours."

"Um…okay…" the warrior clearly was nothing short of confused.

"No, I mean—what I mean is… If it wasn't for you, I'd never have thought about having a family at all. I would want a boy with your strength, a girl with your heart. You…kind of complete the dream, Gohan, and I couldn't even imagine having kids if they weren't with you."

Gohan couldn't fight the gripping feeling in his stomach. God, how he just wanted to hold her right then and never let her go. "Wow, Videl…I'm honored. I'm really not that great, but I'm glad you think so."

Videl smiled and leaned forward to get closer to his face. "Oh, don't go hiding behind that so-called modesty; you know how awesome you are," and she kissed him. He reached for her face to keep it going and smiled against her lips once she let out a tiny moan.

"You know what?" he said with lips still meshed to hers.


"Being a dad scares the crap out of me, too."

She pulled apart. "You? You make up all the ingredients of a perfect father; what are you talking about?"

He began to sit up, too. "Well, I love my dad, but you know what I had to deal with…when he'd always leave. It makes me always ask myself, 'how can I change this? How can I be with my kids all the time, show them how much I love them, and still be able to protect the earth when I need to? How can I do it differently than my dad did? If I have a son, will he see me as a hero or a coward? If I have a daughter, will I be strong enough to protect her from a broken heart?' I feel like with all the intelligence in the world, I still can't answer those basic questions."

She grabbed his face then and shook it gently as she looked dead in his eyes. "Hey. You need to stop being so hard on yourself, and you need to stop comparing yourself to your father. You're not Goku, okay? You haven't lived the same life he has. You were raised to look at things differently. You…love differently than him. Goku takes it all, you know, the good and the bad. He doesn't know how to express in words how he feels when it comes to deeper concepts like love and family, so his actions make that up for him. But you, Gohan, you know how to explain yourself. You know how others think, and you cater to that. You have the ability to empathize with anyone, but for the ones you love most you know exactly how to make them feel better, feel secure. See," and she rubbed his cheeks with her thumbs and paused a bit, "I can look straight at you right now, and I can see exactly how much you love me, exactly how much you would do to keep me safe. You may not be the best public speaker—obviously—but I don't doubt things when I'm with you. Even when I'm furious, I know I'm better off with you than with anyone in this entire galaxy. So your kids will always know just how much you love them. And I know you'll be able to offer them the security you could never get with your dad."

Gohan held onto her knees and looked down the moment she let her hands go. "You make me sound like I'm perfect, or something."

"Newsflash, Gohan," and she placed her hands on his to give them a tight squeeze. "I think you're pretty damn close."

If there was such a thing as the most precious gift in the universe, he was holding her right now… He kissed her eagerly, then barely pulled apart for one last thing.

"So we agree?"

"On what?"


"Mmn. Someday."

"As long as that someday's not right now."

"Exactly. I still need you all to myself first before sharing you with someone else."

"I was thinking the exact same thing."

Videl frowned at the sun that said its goodbyes a few moments ago. The day was almost over, the first 24 hours of her honeymoon would be wrapping up in a short while. Even though she knew she had a whole other six days of bliss to enjoy, the sight was still bittersweet to her. She didn't want anything to ever end, as corny as that sounded.

The banister to their balcony was her cushion as she sat outside and slowly swung her legs back and forth. The newlyweds spent most of their day on the beach, flying around the other side of the island, and playing some innocent games in the hotel's casino—her husband's math skills rewarding them in some nice pocket change when it came to poker. But when it came time for dinner, the two agreed nothing would be better than to eat alone, popping in a movie and just being lazy with each other. So there Videl sat in her salmon-tinted sundress, being hugged by the small gusts of wind and comforted by the ocean's scent.

She almost hated how perfect everything was. Well, almost perfect. The current absence of her husband made it fall short.

But before she could sigh out his name, Gohan sounded behind the door, and she turned her head, already smiling before she caught her face.

The smile was contagious. He made his way to the railings and slouched against her side, giving her a mouthy kiss on her neck.

"Mkay, so I have good news and bad news."

"I'm a tough girl, gimme the bad news first."

He huffed out a sigh and snaked both arms around her waist, rubbing his thumbs against her abdomen. "Well," and he rested his chin on her crown, "I checked the front desk, and the gift shops, but the clerks told me cuz of a late shipment, they won't get any condoms till morning."

Videl's shoulders fell back against his chest, visibly distraught by the news. "Huh... Man… None till morning, huh?"

"Does that put a bump in our plans?"

"Depends, will you spontaneously combust if we can't have sex tonight?"

Gohan was embarrassed by how hard he had to think about that. He tried to ignore the twitch beneath his pants while in deliberation.

"I'll…try my best not to."

Videl laughed arched her neck to kiss his cheek. Her horny husband was so adorable, damn him. "Okay, while I try to let that sink in, what's the good news?"

He moved from behind her but kept his left hand clutched to her side. He stretched against the railing and rested his other hand on her lap. "Well, I got all your favorites from room service, and the rental kiosk downstairs had your favorite movie."

"Eternal Dragons?"

"Mushy, romantic action and all."

"Keeps getting better and better, huh?" She lifted an arm to gently rub behind his ear, and he took the opportunity to tuck himself under her and rest his head on her lap. And it felt wonderful. The sundress was thin enough just to tease his imagination without revealing too much. She massaged her fingers into his scalp and continued to look out into the ocean in front of them.

"Ah…you couldn't tear me away from this beautiful sunset it you tried…"

The lull in his chest from hearing her pulse against him was too calming, but with hearing that, a mischievous thought sprouted and he couldn't help but smile.

The arms that was wrapped around her flexed and in two seconds she was pressed against him and hauled over shoulder. She started laughing once it sunk in what just happened.

"Is it working? Did I tear you away?"

"Well, not really since I can still see it."

"Alright, guess I have to take you away then."

A mischievous grin of her own caught Videl and she shifted her weight so she was now facing her husband, legs pretzeled around his torso and cupped perfectly by hands. Her fingers began flexing against the back of his neck, and Gohan immediately shivered.

"Yes," she smiled point blank at him. "Take me."

And so he did.

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