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~Chapter Final: When Your Truly Happy You Cry~

Kuroko and Kagami was dodging all the attacks that Ame and the evil girls made. They were getting more worse, the last one was just plain evil. They pushed Kuroko in a room with hungry men that almost raped Kuroko until Kagami barged in and beat the men until you didn't know who was who.


"Hello Kuroko…." Said Ame. "How much I just want to kill you, but it wouldn't be fun if it ended that quick you know? Have fun, because that is what you do with my Kagami-sama!" She pushed Kuroko in a room full on men, naked men. "Hahaha!"

She locked the door and all Kuroko could do was try to push the men away. "Please stop…." Kuroko begged.

"Ha… boys do what ever you want with him." She was recording what was happening.

"Of course.. Come here little doll." said one of the men. They were getting close and close to him. One grabbed his legs, another grabbed his head and covered his mouth.

"HnMP!"(help) They took of his shirt and pants.

"TETSUYA!" Kagami knocked the door down and behind him was the principle and many other people. "You okay?" Kagami hugged Kuroko while he was crying his eyes out.

"Sh*t…" Said Ame.

"You are all under arrest for attempting murder, and rape." yelled a policemen.

"Who said I did anything?" shouted Ame.

"We checked the CCTV and saw everything." the policemen handcuffed the men and Ame. "Hope you have fun in jail."

"Tai-ga.." Kagami grabbed Kagami and was sobbing.

"Kuroko… It's okay… did they do anything to you?" Kagami asked.

"No.. just took off my clothing…" Kuroko sobbed.

"Hello.. My name is Isao. I'm a policemen.." said Isao. "It's okay. I'll help you."

"T-thank you." Kuroko fell asleep in Kagami's warm arms.

"You must be close to Kuroko." said Isao.

"Dating…." Kagami blushed.

~Flashback end~

~Lemon Warning… Lemon ahead, skip this part if not wanting to read~

"Tetsuya… You okay?" asked Kagami.

"I'm okay…" replied Kuroko. He was sitting on a patch of grass in a park, hidden. It was night and no one was there. "Taiga…" He kissed Kagami in the lips. "I want you…"

"But it's…"

"So? We didn't do it for days, and I can't hold it in anymore…"

"fine… Thank god I brought lube."


"Hey!" Kagami was kissing Kuroko while they were taking of their clothes. He was sucking on Kuroko pink nipples. "Hard already?"

He kneed Kuroko's hardening member.

"mn~!" Kuroko whimpered. "Please hurry…. Just put it in…"

"No foreplay?" Kagami said. "It might hurt you know…"

"I don't c-!"

Kagami shoved in his member that was covered in lube. "AH!" Kuroko held back his tears.

"I told you…." Kagami said.

"I'm fine… Move… faster~!" Kuroko arched back and was holding on Kagami. The only noise they heard was their panting and the wet, pleasuring sound of Kagami in Kuroko's tight hole. "Ah, I'm going to cum s-soon."

"I won't let you." Kagami tied Kuroko's wet member with a ribbon.

"You're a major perv." Kuroko blushed.

"Hey, you're dating a perv then." Kagami laughed. He was stroking Kuroko's twitching member.

"Please let me cum!" Kuroko begged.

"Nope, you will have to wait."

Kuroko whimpered. "please?"

"Beg better them." Kagami replied. Kuroko couldn't hold it in. He started to beg even more. Kagami untied the bow, and they came together. Kuroko felt full, Kagami's cum slowly exited Kuroko.

Kagami licked of Kuroko's cum off of Kuroko milky white chest and stomach. "I love you."

"I love you too."


Days, months, and years past since the day they met. Falling in love was easy, being together was hard. But they stayed together, Ame and her girls couldn't pull they magnet apart. Both 26 years old. They graduated collage and is still playing basketball together, and is very famous. They adopted 2 kids, one who was 4, named Tsunayoshi, and another who was 6, named Teito.

"Papa!" said Tsuna. "What's this?" He gave them 2 pictures.

"Ah… I remember this. Don't you Tetsuya?" Kagami showed the picture. It was them and their old basketball team, and Kuroko's middle school team.

"I remember…" Kuroko was smiling. He showed a lot of emotions now. "That was us and our friends, see. That's uncle Aomine."

"OH!" Tsuna yelled. "So that you and daddy when you were in middle school and high school?"

"Hai." said Kuroko, he was smiling. A tear fell.

"Daddy, if your happy why are you crying?" asked Teito.

"No, I'm crying because I'm happy." Kuroko replied. "Come on.. It's 10 pm. Lets go to sleep."

"Okay!" replied the kids. They ran off to their rooms.



They hugged while crying. "I love you…"

"I love you too."

When Your Truly Happy You Cry..


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