Okay, before anything, I just want to point something out. I don't think this will happen, nor do I want it to happen. At all. This is just a quick, ten-o'clock at night spurt of inspiration fic.

Okay, that said, enjoy.

She didn't bother to give a formal goodbye. They just saw her leave.

"Asami? Where are you going, it's dark. You shouldn't be out, it's not safe," Korra said. The Sato ignored her and continued walking.

"Asami, come on! What are you doing? Talk to us," Bolin pleaded. Still she continued to walk.

It wasn't until Mako spoke up that she stopped.

"Asami, what's wrong? It's dangerous to just go out by yourself, and you know that. Something has to be wrong."

She turned on him and said, "You're what's wrong!"

The three teens just stared at her in shocked silence.


"You lied to me. You didn't tell me you kissed her," she jabbed a finger at Korra, "and you've been playing me on since our first date. I can't do this. I can't deal with you anymore."

"So, you're just going to go back to the mansion?" Bolin asked.

Asami was silent for a while. Then her face turned to anger and she said, "No, I'm not. Dad was right…"

Korra started to walk over to the girl, but froze when an active equalists glove was held out. "Don't touch me."

The Avatar backed away, her eyes filled with horror. "You…You're not…are you…?" she whispered.

Mako and Bolin echoed Korra, shock and horror showing on their faces as well.

"Please, Asami. Don't-"

"Bolin, I'm sorry. But, you can't change my mind." She turned back to Mako. "You're a lying, cheating, go-for-nothing…" Her voice faded at the end, her throat tightening. Her eyes started to shine with tears.

"Dad was right. You are all the same," she muttered, turning around again. She began to walk once more, but she was stopped by a hand grabbing her arm. It was Korra.

"I said don't. touch me." Asami turned around and placed the glove to Korra's arm. She let out a cry and jerked away from the Sato, a hand over the spot where she had been electrocuted. Panting, she glared at the girl.

"Korra!" Mako and Bolin shouted in unison, running over to her.

Korra took a breath and muttered, "I thought we were friends…"

"Not anymore."

"Asami, please don't-"

"Shut up! I don't want to hear it, Mako."

She was taking heavy, angry breaths. Silence fell as she wiped the tears from her eyes and swallowed the lump in her throat.

Turning away one last time, she said, "I'm leaving. Nothing you say will stop me. I'm going back to my father."

"No…" she heard Bolin whisper. She clenched her fists, the tears flowing now.

"I'm going to join him…You lied, cheated, betrayed me…and you broke my heart. I trusted you…

"…I'm joining the ranks."

As she left, she could feel the disbelieving, shocked, and agonized stares of her friends. No...not her friends. They had all kept the secret. They all knew it. She trusted all three of them, and they let her down. Broke her heart, shattered it.

"Dad was right…" she said again.

She took the ferry back to the city without a backwards glance at the island. She was don and over with this. No more. No more heartache, lies, or distrust.

"I'm coming, dad…"