Chapter 5
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Allen's day was not getting any better. Kanda was still avoiding and him and scowling a lot, and Allen was starting to get frustrated. Again. Still. Whatever.

Allen had gone to visit the scientists on the research team to distract himself, and was currently watching Komui dance around Lenalee while exclaiming that nobody made a sandwich like his little sister. Lenalee stood with a smile working at the corner of her lips, patiently holding the tray that Komui's lunch was now residing on, until he calmed down enough to take it from her.

Across the room someone was mumbling about too much paperwork and lack of sleep, apparently under the impression that no one else could hear them. If there was one thing that Allen had learned over the last year, it was that everyone at Headquarters had really good hearing.

"Nonsense!" Komui said brightly. "You've got plenty of stamina left! You just need some fresh air. I'll open the window for you!" Allen rolled his eyes from his perch on the only love seat not covered in paperwork as Komui bounded to the window, flinging open the small shutters in glee. A breeze drifted in, bringing a whiff of cool evening air that would have been nice if it didn't immediately send papers flying everywhere. Komui seemed oblivious to the cries to close the window as he skipped back towards Lenalee.

The breeze died down for a moment, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief as paper began to drift back towards the ground. The reprise was brief, however, and the wind immediately picked back up with a vengeance. Allen winced as he saw it swirl through the room, knocking over whole piles of papers as it went, instigating a collective groan. It made a path of destruction all the way to where Komui was finally accepting the tray his sister had been trying to give to him for the past 20 minutes. Papers swirled around their feet, and Lenalee's short skirt was caught in updraft, giving the room an unimpeded view of white panties with a little pink bow on the front. Lenalee gasped in surprise, dropping the tray in her haste to pull her skirt down. Sandwich parts went flying as tea splattered across paperwork unfortunate enough to be within a four foot radius of the siblings.

Ominously, the wind died down, and no one in the room dared to breathe. All eyes were on Komui, hands still held out towards a tray that now lay at his feet, eyes wide and wild. Finally, he spoke - four words that froze the souls around him in fear. "My - little - sister...KOMLIN!"


Allen skidded around the corner, barely noticing as his shoulder hit the opposite wall - hard enough to bruise, he was sure - and coaxed more speed from his legs. The electronic whir of Komlin's legs could be heard above the pounding roar of it's feet hitting the ground and Komui's crazy screams about 'Lenalee's precious innocence.'

Why did every person at The Order have to be so crazy?! Like Allen was even remotely interested in Lenalee's panties. Especially since apparently he preferred boxers. Or, more precisely, the boxers of one cranky, overly dramatic exorcist who was not speaking to him.

Allen cringed away from a block of stone that exploded on the wall next to him, shielding his face from the shrapnel pieces and tripping over his own foot before sprawling on the floor, his momentum slamming him into the opposite wall. Komui was serious this time. Allen shook off the pain, and stumbled to his feet to resume running. He rounded another corner, sensing Komlin as a huge mass that was slowly gaining on him. A door opened in front of him and Kanda stepped out - Allen realized with a jolt that he had led Komlin straight to Kanda's personal quarters.

With a panicked gasp, he slid to a stop in front of the other exorcist, whose eyebrows were raised in question. Allen imagined how he must look - probably covered in dust, limping slightly, and a ruckus that sounded like a tank booming from around the corner.

"Back - back in your room! Komui...he's on a rampage! Lenalee's panties...we saw them!" Allen was frantically pushing the unmoving Kanda back towards his door. "He's out for blood!" he finally yelled, looking over his shoulder in fear.

Kanda sighed and turned towards his door, mumbling something about mad scientists and bean sprouts. Allen sighed in relief and turned to resume his running, but ended up letting out an alarmed squeak as Kanda grabbed his arm and pulled him through the door, slamming it shut behind him.

"What are you - " Allen was cut off as Kanda slapped his hand over his mouth and pressed his body against the door, body going tense as the sound of a rampaging robot made its way closer.

Allen closed his eyes and prayed that the robot would keep going, images of Kanda flying through the air after the robot sucker punched him playing across his lids. He sagged in relief when the booming footsteps and Komui's maniacal laughter moved past and continued down the hallway.

His relief was short lived when he opened his eyes and found himself facing a very cranky exorcist. Dark eyes drilled into his, and he realized how close they were. The length of Kanda's body was pressed against his, and his heart jumped in his chest. Allen reached up slowly and grasped the wrist of the hand that was still clamped over his mouth. He gave it a small tug, and after a moment Kanda pulled his hand away and placed it next to Allen's head flat on the door. They stared at eachother for a few moments, Allen not daring to even breathe. After a moment, and totally of their own accord, his hands lifted from his sides, and he placed them on Kanda's waist. Slowly, as if not to scare the other man, he slid his hands up Kanda's side, and moved them in too splay across his chest. Kanda was wearing a white button up shirt, and Allen could feel his muscles contracting under his fingers. Kanda's breath caught as he moved his hands up over the man's nipples, but he continued on until they reached his shoulders and wrapped around Kanda's neck.

Then he was standing on his tippy toes and tilting his head back, a request that Kanda wasted no time in granting. Their lips brushed together for a moment, causing Allen's eyes to flutter shut and his breath to catch in his throat. Kanda softly pressed his lips to Allen's three more times, eliciting a soft sigh from the shorter exorcist.

"Bean Sprout," Kanda whispered as he pulled back. "Why were you looking at Lenalee's underwear?"

It took Allen a moment to process what Kanda had said. His eyebrows came together as his eyes fluttered open to meet two cold black orbs. And then Kanda was stepping away from him, and he was forced to slump against the door behind him as his knees were still resembling water from Kanda's kisses.

"What?" He said, slightly dumbly.

"Lenalee's panties. You said 'we' saw them. And Komui found out somehow and is now on a rampage."

Color filled Allen's cheeks, and he waved his hands frantically in front of him while he shook his head. "No, no, no! It was an accident! The wind...and...her skirt - it foosh!" he made a gesture that was supposed to symbolize Lenalee's skirt flying in the air. Kanda didn't seem like he was buying it. "It was all just an unfortunate accident! I would never purposely look up Lenalee's skirt!"

"The panties were...on her when you saw them?" Kanda's expression was now thunderous, and he took a step towards Allen.

"No! Well, yes, but the wind lifted her skirt! We didn't mean to see them! And - and - wait. Why do you care? I didn't know you were that protective of Lenalee." Allen's head cocked to the side in confusion, and Kanda scoffed and looked away.

"You're a mess, bean sprout. Go get cleaned up." He said gruffly before turning away.

Allen deflated even more against the door. Obviously Kanda was still angry with him. "Fine," he whispered, too worn out to argue. He turned towards the door, ignoring the tears prickling in the back of his eyes as he turned the doorknob and began to pull the door open. Kanda's hand lashed out and slammed the door closed again, wrenching the handle from Allen's hand and making him jump back with a cry of shock.

"What the hell, jerk?" He yelled, glaring at Kanda as the older man glared right back.

"Idiot. Komui is still out there. I'm guessing this is the last place he would check, so you should stay here until Lenalee beats some sense into him. I meant go clean up in my bathroom."

"Oh." Allen said, cursing his red cheeks. "Th-thanks." He turned and fled towards the bathroom, practically slamming the door behind him. Kanda's bathroom was similar to his, with a large shower stall dominating one side of the room and a small sink with a square mirror above it standing across from it. With a sigh, he moved to the sink and turned the tap onto hot, wincing when he caught sight of his reflection. He was covered in dust, and was bleeding from a small cut on his right cheek. His coat didn't even look blue anymore, and he could see that dust had caked at the edge of the collar, leaving a dark brown smudge on his neck. It was no wonder Kanda hadn't wanted to kiss him. He was filthy. He unzipped his coat, letting it slide from his shoulders onto the floor. He then moved to the buttons on his shirt, which thankfully wasn't too dirty except for at his neck. He finished unbuttoning them, and winced as he slowly pulled the fabric off of him and his shoulder twinged.

He studied the bruise in the mirror. He'd had worse, sure, but this one was still pretty bad. He must have hit the wall harder than he thought. It spread across the skin to disappear onto his back, and was starting to turn from red to nasty purple.

Allen put his hands in the water, watching as the grey liquid ran down the drain, before cupping some in his hands and splashing his face and neck. He blinked water out of his eyes as he lifted his head, knowing he was still covered in dust, but figuring he would just have to wait for a real shower.

Allen started at the figure standing behind him. Kanda was in the doorway holding a towel in his hands, eyes riveted on Allen's bare shoulder. Allen shifted uncomfortably under the intense gaze, and he cleared his throat.

"Um, Kanda...?" The other man's gaze snapped from Allen's shoulder to meet his eyes in the mirror. Kanda's jaw was tense, and Allen was surprised to see that he was furious. He stood pinned by that gaze as Kanda strode across the bathroom, and jumped when he felt a light tough on his bruise.

"Did Komui do this?" Kanda asked in a low voice that promised pain.

"No!" Allen yelled instinctively. Sure, Komui had crossed the line today, but Allen didn't want him dead. Kanda focused his glare on him, sensing the lie. "Well...I mean...not really. I ran into the wall while I was running." He shifted uncomfortably as that gaze stayed focused on him.
"And this?" Kanda whispered, turning Allen towards him and brushing his hand across the small stinging cut on his face.

"Hm?" Allen asked, entranced again by dark eyes that seemed to stare right through him. "Oh...yes, he threw a block of stone at me," his voice sounded dreamy, even to him, and somewhere in the back of his mind he realized he was in trouble. How could the man pin him with one simple stare?

Kanda's other hand moved up to lightly brush his bruised shoulder, and then his hand was moving in a slow caress down his torso, causing goosebumps to rise in response. "Did he hurt you anywhere else?" Kanda's voice was husky and low, and his face had moved so it was just inches from Allen's.

"Mmmm...I fell on my hip," Allen said distractedly, parting his lips and allowing his eyes to close to half mast. He leaned forward. Just another few inches and that mouth would be on his...

Kanda growled and took a step back, leaving Allen blinking for a moment in shock. He jumped when he felt hands on his belt, and made an attempt to move away from the reaching digits. "What are you doing?" Allen asked. Kanda ignored him as he undid his belt and with a deft move unbuttoned his pants.

Allen slapped at his hands to no avail. Before he could really process what was happening the pants had been yanked down his legs and Kanda was on his knees in front of him. Allen's eyes widened in shock, and he would have scrambled backwards if not for the calming palms that now rested lightly on his hips. Unbidden an image came to him of Kanda on his knees in front of him in a different bathroom, and he stifled a moan as he twitched beneath his boxers.

Apparently unaware of Allen's distress, Kanda grabbed his underwear and tugged them down. Allen gasped, and watched wide eyed as Kanda leaned forward. Oh god, that mouth was getting closer...but Kanda completely bypassed Allen's now half-hard member to instead inspect his hip.

Surprise warred with disappointment as Allen realized Kanda was running his hands over his hips checking for serious injuries. "Um...I think I'm alright, Kanda. Really. Just surface bruises." Allen's voice sounded rough to his own ears, and he cleared it, aware that a blush had formed on his cheeks and was working its way down his neck.

Kanda harrumphed and stood, stepping past a still blushing Allen to the shower. Allen heard the sound of water, and a few moments later felt steam at his back. He felt Kanda brush by him, and watched as the man bent down to pick up the towel he must have dropped earlier, and stood up to hold it out to him.

With a jolt Allen remembered his pants were still around his ankles, and he swiped the towel from Kanda's hand and wrapped it around his waist. Kanda's lips quirked up in a smile, and Allen was in danger of losing his brain to distraction again. "Take a shower, bean sprout." He turned to leave, and Allen panicked. And apparently had a stroke, since it was the only excuse for what came out of his mouth next.

"You won't be joining me?" He blurted, and cringed at his own words. Kanda stopped mid turn towards the door to give Allen a bemused expression.

Pretty sure he now resembled a tomato, Allen mumbled 'nevermind' under his breath and turned quickly towards the shower, not daring to look over his shoulder, knowing he might actually die from embarrassment if Kanda mocked him at this point. He hung his towel next to a dark blue one - Kanda's he assumed - on a hook next to the stall, and quickly stepped over the small lip, reaching behind him to shut the glass door behind him.

Allen stepped under the warm spray, closing his eyes when he felt the grime from his misadventure begin to wash off of his hair and down his body. He slowly began to relax his muscles, willing his brain to forget the last few minutes of his life, when the unmistakable sound of the shower stall door opening had his eyes flying open and his body going rigid.

He strained his senses, and felt Kanda step up behind him after the soft whoosh of the door closing again reached his ears. Allen remained tense, and just about jumped out of his skin when he felt gentle fingers in his hair. The fingers pulled insistently until Allen tipped his head back out of the spray. One hand disappeared, and Allen heard the pop of a shampoo bottle, and a gentle thump as it was set back down. Then the fingers were back, gently massaging suds into his scalp.

Allen pulled in a deep breath to calm the beating of his heart. A warm fuzziness started in his chest and spread to his fingertips and down to his toes. Kanda was washing his hair. He closed his eyes and relaxed into the massaging motions of the hands - which felt amazing. They rubbed in circular motions down to his temples, and he allowed a small sigh to escape his lips. And then Kanda stopped, and gently pushed Allen's head under the spray again, carding his fingers through to help release the suds.

Once he was thoroughly rinsed, strong hands gripped his shoulders and spun him around. Allen blinked water out of his eyes until they could focus on the man in front of him. He swallowed as his gaze wandered down Kanda's body, and back up to his face. Yu Kanda was gorgeous. Beads of water clung to his eyelashes and long, loose hair, and were joining to form rivulets that ran down his muscled, tattooed torso and further into a patch of dark curls that his hard member jutted proudly from. Allen swallowed again, and felt his mouth water as he looked at it. Again, images from their last time in a bathroom came to mind, and he realized that Kanda wasn't the only one sporting an erection.

Tentatively, Allen reached out and wrapped a hand around it, watching Kanda's eyes closely as he did so. He couldn't help but feel a little smug as they became half lidded and darkened. He bit his lip for a moment before moving his hand down to the base and then back to the tip, his breath hitching when Kanda let out a moan. So Allen did it again, and again, until Kanda's hips were jerking back and forth with the motion, and both of their breaths were coming out in short pants. Allen had never felt so powerful as he did right at that moment - watching the icy Yu come apart at his hands.

Finally, Kanda wrapped his hand around Allen to get him to stop his movements, and put the other in the base of his hair to pull him forward for a kiss. Lips and bodies crashed together, and Allen immediately opened his mouth to allow Kanda run his tongue along his teeth once before delving into his mouth.

Allen gave a low growl that he had never heard come out of his mouth before, and wrapped both of his hands around Kanda's neck. He felt warm palms splay out on his back only to move lower until they gripped his butt and pulled him forward. His erection pushed up against the crease of Kanda's thighs, and he could feel Kanda's answering hardness against his abdomen.

They kissed until they ran out of air, and then Kanda pulled back. Allen opened his eyes, and became aware that it was possible to be more turned on than he already was. Kanda looked almost edible with his dark eyes and lips wet from Allen's saliva. Pink tinged pale cheeks, and Allen had a crazy urge to lick them.

With a shaky hand Kanda reached a hand to the shelf next to them and picked up a bar of soap. He began to lather it in his hand. Allen stood a bit stupidly and watched him - his brain seemed to be incapable of higher function after that kiss, and his body seemed to think that whatever Kanda wanted to do was just fine with him.

When Yu finally put the soap down, he reached forward to rub the lather on Allen's body. Apparently bathtime wasn't over.

By the time Kanda had finished lathering and rinsing him, Allen was just about mindless with the need for...something. They had stopped for frantic kisses twice, and now the hot water seemed to be waning.

Kanda reached around him to turn the spray off, then turned and opened the door to the stall and stepped out. He looked over his shoulder and raised his eyebrow, a clear indication to follow, so Allen did. He probably would have followed him into Komlin's lair at this point, if it meant more kissing.

Allen stepped out of the stall onto a thread bear bath rug, content to watch and shiver as Kanda quickly dried himself off with the blue towel and turned to hang it up. Allen focused on Kanda's two round globes, realizing he hadn't ever gotten a chance to actually look at his butt closely before.

Then Kanda was turning him around and wrapping him in a warm fuzzy towel. Allen closed his eyes and sighed as Yu ran it over his skin, drying him, and gently rubbed his hair dry. He yelped and his eyes flew open when he felt a familiar warmth wrap around his length, and looked down to see that Kanda was now on his knees, and Allen's cock was in his mouth. Those dark eyes almost seemed to hold a challenge in them as Kanda began to move his mouth up and down Allen's length, drawing a low moan from him. Kanda pulled back until only the tip was in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and pulling a noise from Allen that was reminiscent of a squeaky door. So he did it again, and a few more times for good measure.

Allen was so lost in pleasure that he barely noticed when Kanda added his own finger in the mix, wetting it with his saliva, and then removed it from his mouth. Allen's hands were buried in the other man's black strands, and his eyes were closed. Moans were falling from his lips, and he almost choked on his own tongue when a cold, wet finger traced the outline of his cheeks before dipping in to play with the entrance of his hole.

He started to protest, but it turned into a strangled cry when Kanda hollowed his cheeks and sucked. He would have been in danger of coming if there was not a finger working its way inside of him. He tensed against it, and Kanda's other hand moved to make soothing circles on his hip with his thumb as his tongue lapped at his member.

Gradually, Allen relaxed, and Kanda pushed the finger in further. He gently pulled out a little and pushed back in a few times, until he was able to get the whole finger in. Allen moaned when he twisted the finger and pleasure spiked through his discomfort.

Kanda removed the finger allowed Allen to pop free of his mouth before standing. "Let's go to the bed." He whispered huskily, and Allen realized it was the first real words that had left his mouth since stepping into the shower.

Suddenly nervous, Allen nodded and followed him anyway. Kanda's bedroom was just as sparse as his own - a desk, a dresser, and a small bed tucked into the corner. It was, of course, immaculate, and Kanda walked to the bed and pulled down the comforter, then looked at Allen expectantly.

Allen swallowed. He knew what that bed meant - he even knew exactly what happened between two men, thanks to walking into the wrong room at a slightly seedy hotel he had stayed at with General Cross. Unable to help himself, he had asked his mentor how, exactly, two men could possibly be intimate. Cross had given him a lengthy and traumatizing description that had given him odd dreams for weeks.

Kanda sensed his hesitation, and stepped towards him. "Bean sprout...if you want to stop..."

Part of Allen wanted to take him up on his offer. The other part, however, felt something painful constrict in his chest at the thought of leaving at that moment, and prompted him to shake his head. After a deep breath, Allen moved to the bed, and gingerly laid down on his back. Kanda's face relaxed, and Allen realized he was relieved. He didn't have much time to think about this, however, because Kanda was lying his - very naked - body across his own, and was leaning down for a kiss.

It started out slow, but soon they were running their hands over every bit of flesh they could reach while tongues battled inside mouths, neither really caring who won. Allen wrapped his legs around Kanda's waist to pull him closer, reveling in the feel of soft flesh against his own, and both moaned at the contact of their two erections sliding against each other.

Allen arched into the body above him, pulling away from the kiss to bury his head in Kanda's neck. The friction felt amazing, but suddenly it didn't seem like enough.

"Y-Yu," managed, then had to stop to moan as Kanda moved his lips to his neck and begin to nibble the soft skin behind his ear. "Yu. More. Please..."

Kanda paused in his ministrations and pulled back to study Allen. "Are you sure..."

"Yes. Please," Allen groaned.

Kanda took a ragged breath and nodded. He reached into the crack between the bed and wall, and pulled out a small jar. Allen would have laughed at the location of Kanda's lube supply if he wasn't busy watching him sit up and adjust himself between Allen's legs.

Yu twisted the cap off the jar, and dipped two fingers inside, rubbing them against his thumb and palm before moving the hand to grasp Allen's penis. He groaned and pushed his hips into the hand now working his length, but continue to watch through eyes half closed in pleasure as Kanda dipped the other hand in the jar and moved it between Allen's legs, which had fallen open for him. Allen knew he should be embarrassed about being so exposed, but couldn't find it in himself to care just then.

He tried to keep from tensing up as a finger brushed against his entrance, but it was hard not to reject the intrusion as it pushed inside. Allen gritted his teeth and forced muscles to relax, grateful for the hand that was still working at his length.

Kanda pulled the finger in and out of him until Allen felt pleasure begin to build and the discomfort wore away, and he started to thrust against the finger inside him. Kanda then added another finger, and though the discomfort was intense, so was the pleasure.

Soon Allen was thrusting against three fingers, his breath ragged and catching on his moans. "Now," he groaned. "Oh, god, Yu, now."

The fingers inside of him and the ones working his length disappeared, and he would have groaned in disappointment if it weren't for the nervousness that had overtaken him again as he watched Kanda, whose cheeks were red and pupils were blown out with want, position himself at Allen's entrance. Allen swallowed as the tip bumped him, and he tensed for a moment before reminding himself to relax. Kanda looked at him, the question clear on his face, and, taking a deep breath, Allen nodded.

With a sigh, Yu leaned forward on one arm and positioned himself at Allen's entrance, pushing forward until the tip was surrounded by a ring of muscle. Allen had squeezed his eyes shut against the pain, and Kanda moved the hand that had been guiding his cock to Allen's hip to make soothing circles with his thumb. After a moment Allen relaxed, and gave a small jerk of his head to indicate that he was ready.

Slowly Kanda pushed forward another inch before rocking back and pushing in a bit more. After several moments of this motion, Allen realized that Kanda was fully inside of him. The burn was intense, but past it Allen felt the satisfaction of being filled by his lover, and the promise of pleasure to come.

He opened his eyes, ignoring the moisture that had gathered at the corners, and took a shaky breath. One look at Yu's face and he almost completely forgot his discomfort. His eyes were closed in bliss, and his mouth had dropped open. His muscles were tensed, showing Allen every delectable muscle on the long, lean body. He was obviously struggling not move and cause Allen more pain, which caused a pleasant warmth to seep into his chest.

Tentatively, Allen dug his heels into the bed and thrust up, tightening the muscles around Kanda's length. The man's eyes flew open, and he emitted a deep moan that ignited a fire in Allen, who moved his legs to wrap around Yu's waist.

"Yu...move." he whispered. With a groan, Kanda did so, slowly at first, but picking up the pace at Allen's urging. The pain melded into the pleasure, and Allen had never felt anything quite so intense in his life. He was moving into Kanda's thrusts, groaning as he pulled back and pushed forward to fill him before pulling out again.

Kanda stopped to pull one of Allen's legs over his shoulder, kissing the calf and caressing down the thigh as he resumed his thrusting. Allen saw stars and his hands scrabbled at Kanda's shoulders as he hit something inside him that sent spikes of please straight to his groin.

"Oh, god, Yu, again - please do that again." Kanda stopped for a moment in shock before tentatively repeating the motion, drawing another intense reaction from Allen before he did it again. All thoughts of pain fled as Allen moved his hips to meet each thrust, begging Kanda to go 'faster, harder, oh god, more.'

Yu complied with the request, and Allen almost crawled out from under him, the pleasure was so intense. Strings of words were pouring from Allen's lips, so jumbled even he wasn't sure what he was saying, and his fingers dug into the flesh of Kanda's shoulders hard enough to leave a mark.

Yu was chanting something over and over again, and Allen lost it when he realized it was his name - his real name. With a gasp, he let go of Kanda's shoulder to grab his own erection, only pumping twice before the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced ripped through him. His body arched taught like a bowstring, and he let out a loud, low moan as every muscle in his body contracted and hot, thick fluid spurted out onto his chest and hand.

Kanda let out a low growl and thrust twice more before he stilled and Allen felt him pulse inside of him, drawing another groan from him as he relaxed his body down to the mattress. A moment later Kanda followed, sliding from between Allen's legs and to his side. Allen stretched out his leg in relief, and let his eyelids flutter shut. His whole body felt relaxed and he didn't think he could move if he tried.

A few minutes later he let out a moan of protest as Kanda sat up next to him. "Come on, bean sprout. We need a shower before sleep." Allen mumbled a protest and snuggled further into the mattress. His eyes flew open and he yelped when two strong arms lifted him off the mattress.

Kanda was carrying him into the bathroom. "Oi! Jerk, let me down!" he cried.

"Che." said a voice above him. Allen gave the exorcist a half hearted glare, but his body was still feeling too content to put up a real fight. All thoughts of arguing left his brain when he saw Kanda's gaze soften, and he took a shuddering breath before raising a hand to the man's cheek and leaning up to give him a soft kiss on the lips. Kanda returned his gentle kiss for a moment before pulling back and gently setting his feet on the ground, though he kept a hand on Allen's waist as he was still unsteady on his feet.

Allen made a face at the mess on his belly, suddenly glad Kanda had forced him to shower. He sighed and snuggled into the man's side, not caring how girly it felt when he nuzzled his nose into Kanda's neck. He was surprised to hear a chuckle in response.

"Come on, bean sprout. Time for a shower." He lifted Allen over the lip of the shower and under the warm spray - apparently the hot water had a chance to build up again - and stepped in after him. Allen decided he liked this softer side of Kanda, and that he would take total advantage of it. Truthfully, he hadn't had a lot of physical affection - even Mana hardly ever hugged him - and now that he was getting it he realized he enjoyed it..

He let Kanda lather him with soap and rinse him, admiring his long fingers and flawless skin as his did so. As soon as he was rinsed he stepped to the side to allow Kanda some time under the spray, and gasped at the twinge he felt from previously unused muscles in his lower regions. He stumbled, and Kanda wrapped his arms around him.

"Are you alright, bean sprout?" A concerned voice asked. Allen leaned into the touch and buried his flushed face in Kanda's chest.

He whispered a muffled affirmative, but didn't move from Kanda's embrace for a moment before pulling back and smiling up at him.

Kanda's eyes widened, and he stared for a moment before his lips quirked up at the edges and he rolled his eyes, dropping his hands and moving into the spray. "Idiot bean sprout. Are you sore?" Allen was distracted from answering for a moment by the sight of Kanda leaning his head back into the spray. He swallowed at the toned body stretched out in front of him, and cleared his throat.

"A bit," he said, and as if to prove his words he shifted his weight and gasped at the twinge of renewed pain.

A hand cupped his cheek, and Kanda's dripping face was looking at him in concern. "Was it too much for you? Was I too...rough?"

Allen shook his head. "I'm not a girl, okay? I'm fine." He pulled his face from Kanda's hand as he looked away.

"I'm sorry if it wasn't good." An emotionless said, and Allen's eyes whipped back to Kanda in surprise, but he was turned away.. Was he kidding? How could he think he didn't enjoy it? Allen could tell by Kanda's stiff shoulders that the mask was coming back into place, and he desperately wished he could take the words back.

"What? No! It wasn't! I mean, it was! It was really good. Better than good, really. It was amazing. I'm just now starting to notice it...good for you?" Kanda had seemed to enjoy it, but Allen really didn't have any other sexual encounters to compare it to - except for the ones with Kanda, of course, and he was starting to feel insecure with that cold, stiff back in front of him.

Silence met his question for a moment, and then Kanda's body relaxed, and he shook his head before resuming his washing. "Yes. It was good for me."

Allen smiled. Really, that was practically an enthusiastic shout coming from Kanda. They finished washing, and Allen was happy to note he wasn't the only one stealing small touches and embraces, though Kanda was better at pretending it was an accident. Finally, Allen reached behind him to turn off the water, and shook the droplets from his hair. When he looked up Kanda was giving him a bemused expression.

"What?" Allen asked, then yawned hugely before Kanda could reply.

"Nothing. I've just never met anyone who shakes like a dog after a shower."

Allen glared at him. "I wasn't shaking like a dog! I just like to get rid of the excess water!"

"Mmm-hmm." Kanda stepped out of the shower and grabbed their towels. Allen followed, giving Yu a grateful smile as he took the slightly damp fabric from him. After he finished drying, however, Allen realized he wasn't sure what he should do next. His clothes were still filthy - should he put them on and skulk to his own room? Or was he expected to stay with Kanda? If so, what would he wear for pajamas? He wasn't sure he was ready to sleep naked, even if he did have a lover now. What if there was a fire? He wouldn't have time to stop to put on clothes, and then everyone would see him in the nude...

Luckily Kanda stopped his internal panicking by waving his hand in front of Allen's face. "Oi, bean sprout, I said I would lend you a pair of pajama bottoms for bed."

Well, that answered that question. "Th-thank you." He said, cheeks brightening as relief and panic flooded his system at the same time. He wasn't being treated like a dirty one night stand, but he had also never slept with someone in the same bed before - at least not someone he was intimate with.

"In the morning you can wear one of my coats to your room."

Allen stuttered another thank you, and followed Kanda into his bedroom with the towel still wrapped around his waist. Kanda crossed the room to his dresser and pulled two pairs of flannel pajamas from the second drawer. Both were black, and Allen almost rolled his eyes. Of course Kanda wouldn't have colored pajamas.

They changed into the pants - Kanda with more grace than Allen, who by that point was fumbling with nervousness - and Kanda crossed the room to turn out the light and lock his door. Allen then decided he was horrified that someone could have just walked in while they were having sex, never mind that only someone who wished for death would enter Kanda' s room without knocking.

Moonlight softly lit the room through Kanda's open shades, and Allen shivered as he realized just how chilly it was. Strong arms wrapped around his waist, and he felt lips in his hair. Allen closed his eyes and leaned back against Kanda, immediately feeling warmer.

He almost laughed when he realized that two weeks ago he was ready to strangle the man. Now...well, now he wanted to do other, much naughtier things to him, when he wasn't being a cold hearted jerk. Speaking of that...

Allen turned around so that they were standing chest to chest, and put his hands around Kanda's waist. Unable to resist, he also laid his head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"Yu?" He ventured.


"Why were you upset with me today?"

Kanda stiffened and tried to take a step back, but Allen tightened his arms and pulled his head back to look up at Yu's face. "What? It's not fair to give me the silent treatment and not even tell me why. I spent half the day thinking that you were...ashamed of what we had done."

Kanda, who had been staring moodily at something to their left to avoid looking at Allen, swung his head back to stare at him. "No. That wasn't it." He said shortly.

"Well then?" Allen raised his eyebrows, and got only a "che" in response.

He sighed and let his arms drop, then stepped around Kanda and headed determinedly towards the bathroom.

"Where are you going?" Kanda asked.

"To get dressed and go back to my room. I'm not going to do this with you."

Kanda walked towards him and grabbed his arm to stop Allen from walking into the bathroom. "Fine. I don't like to share."

Allen paused, his eyebrows crinkling into a confused frown, and turned to study Kanda. "What do you mean?"

Kanda sighed, his usual scowl making its way onto his face. Allen decided suddenly that it was cute, and had to stifle the insane urge to giggle. "The Finder." Kanda said, as if that explained everything.

"If you want your own finder, I'm sure Kanda would give us two on our next mission...?" Allen said in a voice that made it sound more like a question.

Kanda growled in annoyance. "No, idiot. I don't want to share you with that finder."

Allen stared at him blankly as his mind raced. Finally, a thought hit him, and he gasped, horrified. "You think me and Toma -"

"What? No! The Finder in the cafeteria! The one who had his hands all over you this morning! The one you're always flirting with!"

Allen's mouth hung open as shock, anger, and amusement all flooded him. "You're jealous of Alex? You treated me like crap after not seeing me for weeks because you're jealous?"

Kanda opened his mouth to speak, but Allen beat him to it. He lifted a finger and poked Kanda's chest as he spoke. "Listen. I don't what you're opinion of me is, but I am NOT the type of person who goes around doing...inappropriate...things in bathrooms with just anyone! There is nothing between Alex and I, and if you insist on acting like a child and treating me horribly because I have a friend who happens to give lots of hugs, than you can just forget about all of this!"

Kanda blinked a few times as he stared at Allen, who by now was panting slightly with anger.


"Okay?" Before Allen could recover from his surprise, Kanda was covering his lips with his own, and Allen forgot all about being angry. Kanda pulled away slowly, and it took Allen a moment to open his eyes. What had they even been talking about?

Then Kanda was leading him across the room and pulling him into bed. Kanda ended up on his back in the bed, with Allen's head on his shoulder. As Kanda pulled the covers over them with the hand that wasn't currently playing with the strands of Allen's head, and warmth seeped into his cold body, the gray haired exorcist decided he could get used this.