•°•Tas The Toon Mouse's Perspective•°•

I did a somersault as a red beam of plasma hit the ground beside me and exploded on impact. I stood up from my somersault, barely glancing behind me to see the robot blasting at me. But… She looks like a robotic dog!

I kept running and she kept blasting at me. No chance I could transform, oh no! I'd lost my hoop! A blast hit me from behind and I tumbled to the ground. I was already bruised and scorched, I couldn't do much more than roll over on my back and see my attacker march, clank-clank, up to me.

"I'll deliver the final blow myself," The android said in her feminine warped voice through the guard on her mouth. It much looked like that of a furnace, but instead of a flame teasing through the slits, it was a red light that lit up when she spoke. She returned the cannon on her arm back to a normal, metal fist. She raised her leg up high, her knee meeting her stomach, and slammed it down onto my stomach. HARD.

She turns around and marches away.

After she's out of sight, I open my eyes again and crawl off in the opposite direction. It's a bit dark in this… What Is it, some sort of robotic factory? Anyways, I thought something was moving. I slooowly turn my head around to see a single, glowing red eye from the shadows. I turn forward again and begin to run when I realize it's her again.

"Hey, I won't hurt you!" A somewhat normal, feminine voice calls and I slide to a stop. I turn around to see the strangest thing: A cyborg dog!

She smiles, and I can now see that her one robotic eye is surrounded by a pinkish-purple star pattern on her face. Her fur color is slate blue. Her ears were "floppy" but definitely artificial, as was her left arm and both her legs. (Although they still managed to wear pink Converse High-tops and white socks) She had a pink, metallic pleated skirt and top with a large star pattern cut out of it that revealed her.. Uh, you know what, use your imagination on this one. She was about my age.

"What.. Are you?" I asked.. "her".

"I'm the cyborg K-10!" She told me cheerfully.

I sat crisscross applesauce on the ground. She grinned at me and joined me.

"Why do you look so sad?" She grabbed me from under my chin and pulled me towards her. I blushed a little.

"I think because I was just being chased by a freaky robot dog with an arm cannon!"

"My mother, K-9!" She turned away and dropped me. My chin hit the floor. I picked myself up and looked at her.

"Woah, wait, what?" I asked, confused.

"My mother, K-9! That must have been the unit you saw. She's a gynoid of a dog, just like all my of us except my grandmother, K-8, was a clockwork dog and I, K-10, am a cyborg!"

"But you're half toon!" I pointed out.

She looked down, a shadow being casted over her eyes. "I know… My father, he.."

"No need to say anymore, Cybertron! (She reminds me of a transformer) I gotta leave before that K-9 comes back and kills me!" I stood up, ready to run.

"No!" She grabbed onto my arm. "If K-9 discovers that you aren't dead, then she'll become very angry! Possibly with me!"

"What do you wanna do, come with me?" I teased.

Flames came out from underneath her feet and she hovered above the ground. She grabbed onto my hands. "Just show me the way!" She zoomed through the ceiling, leaving a gaping hole and flew into the blue sky.

..And that was how I met Cybertron.