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It is however based on another of my favorite episodes, "Officer Bobby". Please enjoy and do not hesitate to let me know if you like it.


Finding Officer Bobby

Chapter 01

Chief Robert T Ironside sat in movie theater watching an action movie about cops. Normally he would enjoy a good action flick but this one was just plain stupid. Police procedure was completely being ignored. The main characters were grossly guilty of police brutality. Car chases like those in the film would never happen through the city. None of the cops used intelligence to solve a crime, just muscle and blasting away with a gun. What would they do if they were in a wheel chair as he was? Why didn't the motion picture industry consult real cops when filming movies?

Eve glanced over at her boss sitting a couple seats away from her. He was obviously bored with the film. She wondered how long it would be before he headed for the lobby. "Chief, you are fidgeting," she whispered.

"Who in hell thought they were an authority on police? Cops do not operate this way or they would be bounced out of the department," he said, his voice too loud and boisterous for a movie theater.

"Shhhhh," sounded several voices behind him.

"If you do not keep your voice down we are going to get bounced out of the theater," Mark whispered.

"It would not be the first time," Ed whispered to Mark.

"They could at least make the movie believable. This is ridiculous. I would bust those cops down to traffic control if they worked for me," Ironside groused.

"Shhhhhhh..." This time the banishment was louder.

"I am going to get some popcorn," Ironside said gruffly. His cell phone rang in his pocket. He pulled the offending unit out and answered, "Ironside." Listening for a moment the former chief of detectives frowned and barked into the phone, "The obvious course of action is to arrest him Lieutenant. Do you have to call me to figure that out?" He slammed the phone shut.

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," sounded numerous people behind him.

"Official police business," Ironside said gruffly. "Do you want us to protect you or not," Ironside snarled.

Eve stood up from her seat, excused herself and passed by Ed and Mark. "Let's go out in the lobby and get that popcorn, chief." She turned her boss's chair around and wheeled him toward the back of the theater. Applause came up from several people who had been sitting behind Chief Ironside. Ed and Mark slumped down in their chairs.

Once outside in the lobby Eve proceeded to scold her boss. "Why is it every time we go to the movies and you don't like the picture you behave like a child?"

Most people dared not speak to Robert T. Ironside in that manner but Eve Whitfield was one of very few people who could get away with it. Chief Ironside knew no matter what he said Eve was going to continue to scold him but he could not resist. "The movie was ridiculous," he said in his distinctive deep gruff voice. "No police department would allow their officers to behave in that manner. It is movies like that which give police a bad name. We don't need their kind of help."

"Chief! It is only a movieā€¦..it is entertainment." Eve rolled her eyes.

"It is amazing what people call entertainment these days," Ironside grumbled.

"That doesn't excuse your behavior," Eve said sharply.

Ironside looked at his pretty policewoman and began to laugh. One would think she was the chief and he was the police officer. It amazed him what he would allow Eve Whitfield to do.

"And just what is so amusing," she said as she looked at her boss like a parent scolding a small child. She saw the look on Ironside's face and could not resist laughing herself. "Are you going to behave if we go back into the theater?"

"I always behave," Ironside said. Once again, he pulled his phone from his pocket and searched through his contact list. Upon finding the number he was looking for, he pressed the button. After a moment, he got his answer. He smiled as he said, "Barbara, its Bob. Is there any chance you can pick me up at the Four Star Theater on Clement St?" He listened for a moment. "Of course I was behaving," he said indignantly. "I'll wait at the door." Ironside hung up the phone.

"You are leaving?" Eve said disbelievingly.

"Barbara is picking me up. You, Ed and Mark can stay here and waste your time watching that ridiculous excuse for a police drama. Take the van back to headquarters to pick up your cars. I will go over to Barbara's and watch the ball game on television.

"Lucky Barbara," Eve mumbled. "Alright chief. We will see you in the morning. Eve kissed his cheek and headed back in to the theater.

Ironside watched Eve walk away from him. "Officer Whitfield!" He said so loudly that several people who were purchasing popcorn, stopped to look at the loud man in the wheel chair."

Eve turned and looked back at him. "Yes, chief."

"Enjoy the show." He turned his chair around and wheeled toward the door.

Eve smiled and headed back into the theater to join Ed and Mark.


Barbara pulled her vehicle up to the Four Star Theater into a handicapped parking spot. Getting out of the car, she walked around to Robert Ironside and smiled. "Did you leave of your own free will or were you asked to leave?"

"I left on my own. No one asked me to leave. What would they do call the police?" He grinned, "I am the police. There is not one police officer in this city that would have thrown me out of that theater."

Barbara laughed. "And you take advantage of that too." She opened the passenger side of her vehicle. Ironside wheeled his chair over to the door. He removed the arm of the chair and handed it to Barbara. Using the overhead handle in Barbara's car, he pulled himself into the car, and then one by one lifted his legs into the front seat. Barbara put his wheel chair in the back seat and got into the car. She looked over at Bob Ironside and said, "Well, where to, Chief Ironside?"

He leaned over, pulled her to him, and kissed her lightly. "Are you hungry?" He asked.

"Not really but would you like to buy a lady a drink?" She smiled back at him.

"Your place or mine," Ironside asked.

"How about my place? Yours has a tendency to get rather crowded at times." She suggested.

Ironside smiled. "Sounds like a good idea."

Barbara directed the car in the direction of her apartment.


May Evans drove her vehicle down Clement Street to pick up her son, Bobby from the day care center. It had been another of those double shifts. She was very tired but was looking forward to spending time with her son. She had been working extra hours for more than two months. Working overtime brought in extra money for Bobby and herself. She thought back to when she and Bobby had been threatened by Harry Higdon. She had left Bobby in Chief Robert Ironside's van. May had been desperate to protect her son and she knew he would be safe with San Francisco's most celebrated detective. Chief Ironside did indeed protect Bobby and eventually arrested Harry. Ever since then, the chief had taken a personal interest in him. It was not uncommon for her to receive an unannounced visit from Chief Ironside. Bobby was very fond of the chief and always happy to see him. He was just about the only person that could calm the child when he was crying. And all it took for the chief to do so was to pick the boy up. Bobby would stare into the face of the big detective in complete contentment.

May smiled when she thought about Robert Ironside. He had a reputation for being tough, rough and guff. Yet all she ever saw had to be a closely guarded side of the man. He was tender, loving and caring where Bobby was concerned. He was constantly checking with May to be sure Bobby had everything he needed. The most feared detective in San Francisco had a soft side. She smiled. His secret was safe with her. She would never tell San Francisco the man's reputation was merely an image he had created for himself in order to do his job effectively. And she had first-hand experience of his effectiveness.

May went into the day care center. She walked swiftly to the front desk. Smiling at the clerk she said, "I am here to pick up Bobby Evans."

"Of course, Mrs. Evans. I will have one of the girls bring Bobby out." The young lady disappeared behind the large double doors. When she came back, it was without Bobby and a very worried look on her face. Following her out the door was one of the aides she had seen Bobby with many times.

Charlotte Wilson looked confused. "Mrs. Evans I do not understand. Your husband came in three hours ago and picked up your son. I guess he did not tell you. He is probably at home with the boy right now. Would you like to call your husband?"

May felt the rising panic. "Miss Wilson, my husband is in the service. He is overseas serving and will not be back here in the states for more than a year. If you gave my son to a man, I assure you he was not my husband," she said in a shaky voice. May was fighting the urge to cry.

Charlotte picked up the phone and called her supervisor. Moments later Allison Weaver walked up to desk. "Mrs. Evans, please follow me." She looked at Charlotte with contempt. "That includes you as well Miss Wilson."

When they arrived in Allison Weaver's office, she looked at her employee. Why in the world would you release that child to someone who is not authorized to pick him up?" She asked angrily.

"But her husband is authorized. There are two people authorized to pick up Bobby besides Mrs. Evan. One is Chief Robert Ironside, the other is her husband," Charlotte said on the verge of tears.

"I told you my husband is in the service overseas. He certainly did not pick up Bobby," May cried.

"Well then, maybe it was that Chief Ironside," Charlotte suggested.

"Was the man in a wheel chair," Mrs. Weaver asked.

"Well no," Charlotte replied.

"Robert Ironside is in a wheel chair, Charlotte." Allison said as she picked up the phone. "Get me the police, please."

May listened to Allison and interrupted. "I don't want just any police officer. I want Chief Ironside. Please give me the phone."

Allison handed May the phone. An officer came on the line. "SFPD."

May told the officer, "I need to speak with Chief Ironside."

"I am sorry, Miss but Chief Ironside is not in the building this evening. I believe he took his staff to the movies. Can I help you?"

May could no longer hold back the tears. She began crying. "NO! YOU CAN NOT HELP ME. I WANT TO TALK TO CHIEF IRONSIDE. MY SON HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED," she shouted.

"Miss, please calm down. I will give you to another officer. Please hold for one moment."


Not wanting to face the possible wrath of Robert Ironside, the officer quickly said, "One moment Miss. I will see if I can locate the chief."


With a baseball game on the television, one arm around Barbara and a glass of bourbon in his other hand, Bob Ironside could not imagine a better way to spend the evening. He leaned over and planted a kiss on her temple. She squeezed his hand in response.

The phone in his suit coat pocket began ringing. Barbara sighed. "Can't the police run that station without you for one evening? Do you have to answer it?"

"It might be important," he reminded her. He reached for his suit coat, which was lying over the back of the couch. Reaching into the inter breast pocket he pulled the phone out. He barked his familiar greeting into the phone. "Ironside."

"Chief, I am sorry to disturb you since I know you are at the movies but there is a May Evans on the phone. The woman is frantic and insists on speaking with you. She claims her son has been kidnapped," the officer informed Chief Ironside.

Ironside removed his arm from around Barbara. His face was a picture of concern and concentration. "Patch her through to me immediately."

Barbara recognized that look on the face of the man she loved. It meant the evening was about to end. Chief Robert T. Ironside was about to go back to doing what he did best.

"May, this is Chief Ironside. What is going on?" Ironside asked.

"Chief, I need you. Bobby has been kidnapped." The tears fell as she spoke.

"Kidnapped, from where?" Ironside demanded.

"From the day care center. I came here to pick up Bobby. They released him to a man that claimed to be his father. It could not have been my husband. Chief please, I don't know what to do," She wailed.

"May, listen to me. Calm down. I am on my way. Stay where you are and tell those people none of them is to leave before I get there," Ironside said and hung up the phone."

"Trouble?" Barbara asked, even though she knew the answer to the question.

"Yes. I have to go." Ironside dialed Ed Brown's cell phone. He waited a few seconds before Ed answered. "Sgt. Brown."

"Ed, I need you, Eve and Mark to meet me at the Weaver Day Care Center. Bobby Evans has been kidnapped," Ironside said and hung up. He turned to Barbara and said, "Help me back into my chair, would you please?"

Barbara got up, pushed Ironside's chair to the couch, and helped the handicapped detective into the chair. "I'll get my keys." Barbara left the room to grab her keys and purse.

Once in the car, Ironside became silent. He thought back to the day Bobby Evans came into his life. He was with Mark and Eve. His plane had just blown up and they had spent the day at San Francisco International Airport investigating the explosion. When they reached the van to head back to the office they heard a baby crying in the van. When they opened the door little Bobby was on the seat. While investigating the explosion and the appearance of the child, it became apparent the two were related, as Harry Higdon was the man responsible for the explosion. He was also the reason Bobby had been placed in Ironside's safekeeping. In the end, Ironside arrested Higdon and Bobby was returned into the arms of his mother. Ever since Ironside checked on May and Bobby. He was a fine boy. After all his name was Robert. Now with this new development Ironside knew he once again had to find a way to protect the little boy his staff had nicknamed 'Officer Bobby'.

When Barbara pulled up in front of the Weaver Day Care Center Ironside's van was already there. She kissed Ironside and got out of the car to remove his wheel chair from the back of her vehicle. Mark Sanger had approached the vehicle and as he had done many times, helped his boss into his chair. Mark stepped in behind Chief Ironside and wheeled him toward the door and his awaiting officers.

When Ironside wheeled into Allison Weaver's office, May Evans ran over to him. She knelt down as Ironside took the woman into his arms. She cried as Ironside held her tight. Shaking with fear and filled with concern for her small son, she let her emotion come pouring out to the one man she trusted above all others to find and return her son.

Eve, Ed and Mark watched as their boss held the distraught woman. None of them said anything. They knew the only person May Evans needed and trusted was the man who was holding her. All three knew that he and they would do everything within their power to find young Officer Bobby.

Mark thought back about the bed they had created out of a laundry tub. He remembered bathing the young lad in the tub while being warned by the chief not to let him slip and bump his head. Mostly he remembered the little doll he had purchased for Bobby. His mother had told the chief it had become one of his favorite toys.

Eve watched as Ironside continue to hold the crying woman. She remembered how the chief was the only one that could keep Bobby quiet. She smiled inwardly when she thought of the tenderness the chief had displayed toward the boy. She knew the chief kept track of Bobby and had included him and May on his Christmas list. Robert Ironside had spoiled the child with numerous toys, mostly related to the police. She thought about how she would not want to be in the shoes of the man who took Bobby.

Ed thought back to the time Myra Brinker, the woman from the Child Protect Agency had showed up to Ironsides office to pick up the child. He remembered the chief's reaction to the manner in which Miss Brinker had treated Bobby like another number instead of the helpless little boy he was. Ed fondly remembered the chief threatening to arrest Miss Brinker if she removed his 'material witness' from his office. Ed almost laughed at his boss winning her over later on.

May Evans let go of Chief Ironside and sat down in a chair beside him. "Chief, we have to find him. I want my little boy back," She cried as the tears ran down her face.

Ironside wiped the tears from her cheek with his thumb and said softly, "We'll find Bobby. And god help the man that took him when I catch up to him."