Finding Officer Bobby



Robert T. Ironside looked out the window from his hospital bed at St. Mary's Hospital in Sonoma. His headache had not let up one bit. Why did he let his staff talk him into this? He hated hospitals. He did not have time to lie around here doing nothing.

The door open and Sister Agatha walked into the room. In her hand, she was carrying a pitcher of water. She set in down on the patient table, along with a glass of water.

"Sister, it is not necessary for me to remain here all night. I'm fine," Ironside barked at his favorite nurse.

"You have suffered a very serious concussion, Chief Ironside. You are not going anywhere. Behave yourself, do as you are told and you may get out of here in a couple days."

"A COUPLE DAYS," Ironside shouted.

"Shhhhh, you are not the only patient in this hospital. Keep your voice down," she scolded.

Commissioner Dennis Randall opened the door and walked into the room. "Bob, I could hear you all the way down the hall. Are you giving Sister Agatha a hard time?"

"Let's just say that he is in no danger of losing his reputation as this hospital worse patient ever," Agatha said.

Randall laughed. "Can I have a word with him alone?"

"Certainly. Please make sure he doesn't fall asleep." Sister Agatha left the room.

"Carl Reese has traced that heroin to it source thanks to the work of you and your people. We will need to get warrants and start arresting people. Have Ed get on it first thing in the morning. You can catch up on everything after you have had time to rest. How's Ed doing?"

"I don't know yet. I haven't heard but he should be alright after they remove the bullet in his shoulder."

"Bob, I have to tell you that is about the worse plan you have ever come up with. I was worried sick about all of you," Randall said. "Anyone of you could have been killed. You took too big a chance."

"What would you have had me do, Dennis? I could not let them leave with Eve. They would have killed her."

"We endangered Mark. He is not a cop."

"I could not take Carl in there with me. They would have watched him closer than Mark. Mark was the element of surprise I needed. They just were not expecting him to be armed. And I would have hated to be the one to tell Mark he could not go in."

Sister Agatha re-entered the room. "I am going to ask you to leave now, Commissioner. Chief Ironside needs rest and we need to run some more test."

The Commissioner got up. "I'll talk to you tomorrow Bob." He walked to the door but stopped just before he left, turned and said, "Do as they say Bob. I want you back but not until you are a hundred percent and Bob…..good job."

"Thanks Dennis." Ironside watched as Randall left.

"Take these," Sister Agatha said as she handed Ironside some pills and a glass of water.

"What are they?" Ironside asked.

"They are for that pounding in your head," Agatha said.

Ironside took the pills. Just before he put them in his mouth he stopped. "I can't help but remember the last time you insisted I take two pills."

Agatha smiled. "Don't remind me. I still thank the Lord you refused to take both those pills. This time you do not have anything to worry about. No one is allowed to give you medicine but me Robert. I am in completed charge of your care while you are here. There will be no repeat of last time. I have gotten too use to your ornery hide to give it up now."

Ironside grinned. "It is nice to know you care. Will these knock me out?"

"No, they are just to lessen the headache. We don't want you to sleep until we can complete all the tests. Are you sleepy?"

"No. Just exhausted."

The door opened again and Eve, Mark, Fran and Ed, with his arm in a sling entered. "Hi Chief," they called out.

"You are not to stay long," Sister Agatha told them at once.

"Sister, they can stay as long as they want," Ironside grumbled.

"Ten minutes tops," she called over her shoulder as she went out.

"How's the shoulder, Ed?" Ironside asked.

"It is going to be fine. They removed the bullet. The doctor says I can work," Ed answered.

"What happened at the day care center," Ironside asked.

Fran spoke up before Ed. "Tyson discovered a photo of you and Barbara in her purse. He decided to take Barbara as a hostage believing you would be less apt to interfere. I entered the playroom pretending to have been working in the basement. Ed and I worked it out with Allison by texting her. She blocked Tyson view when I dropped my service revolver in the toy box by the door. When he took Barbara out of the room, I retrieved it. Ed had moved to Allison's office. When Tyson attempted to leave with Barbara, he came out of the office. Tyson fired at him. Ed & I returned fire. Both shots found their target,"

"The commissioner said Vincent Sambani was shot at the scene," Ironside mentioned.

"I knew I had seen him somewhere before but I just could not place him. He was trying to remove the heroin. He was in a police uniform, Officer Gleason's uniform. When I saw the name I knew whoever he was, he did not belong in that uniform. He claimed Ed told him to take the heroin to the station. When I tried to stop him, he pulled his gun so I shot him. He is at County Hospital with a guard. He informed me they are keeping him there. They read him his rights and placed him under arrest."

"What about Gleason?" Ironside asked.

"We found him about four blocks away from the Daycare Center. He was in his patrol car. He was dead, chief," Fran said with regret in her voice.

Ironside frown, "Did we lose anyone else?"

"No, just Gleason."

"I assume Sambani was charged with murder?"

"Murder one, trafficking in an illegal substance, attempted murder, assault, and a few other charges," Ed said.

"Good job, both of you. I am recommending you for a commendation along with Carl."

"Thanks, Chief," Ed and Fran said at the same time.

"Since, you are not a cop Mark, I can't recommend you for a commendation but you were great on that boat. Any chance I can talk you into becoming a cop?"

"Not a chance," Mark said. "No way. This cat is going to be a lawyer."

"I want to thank all of you for coming after me," Eve said. "I can't begin to tell you what it means to me," she said as her voice began to break.

Ironside took her hand in his. He kissed it and said, "We take care of each other. That is what makes us such a great team and we are a great team," he said as he lowered his chin and nodded.

Eve bent down and kissed his check. "Yes we are."

The door to Ironside's room opened and May Evans walked into the room carrying Bobby. "Unk Bobby!" the youngster shouted with excitement. He wiggled and squirmed until his mother put him down.

"Come here Bobby," Ironside said with a grin. Bobby ran over to Ironside's bedside and attempted to climb up the side of the hospital bed. Ironside reached down and with one swipe of his arm, lifted the child up and set him down beside him. Bobby was not content with sitting beside him. He climbed up on Ironside's chest.

"Bobby! Take it easy on Chief Ironside," May scolded her son.

Ironside started tickling Bobby who laughed in high pitched shirks. "He doesn't have to take it easy. Do you want to wrestle, Bobby?" Ironside continued tickling the boy who could not keep from giggling with delight.

The door to the room opened and Sister Agatha walked in. "This is a hospital, Robert and you are not the only patient here." She looked around. "Only two people are allowed in a room at a time.

Ironside looked at Bobby and pointed at Agatha. "That's Sergeant Agatha, don't let the robes fool you."

"Alright, you people out," she said pointing at Mark, Ed, Eve and Fran."

"Ed, take tomorrow off. The rest of you are working," Ironside said.

"But you gave me an assignment…."Ed began.

"I changed my mind and I am not giving you a choice Sergeant. Take tomorrow off."

"Come on Ed, look on the bright side. He can't possible put us to work tonight from a hospital bed," Eve said.

"Don't count on it," Mark quipped.

"Out!" Agatha said. With that the officers left the chief's room. "Quite Robert!" Agatha scolded and left the room.

May Evans moved to Ironside's bedside and sat down. "That screaming cannot be helping your headache."

Chief Ironside smiled. "Sergeant Agatha gave me something for the headache. It has already started to subside a bit."

May placed her hand on his cheek. "There are no words that can express the gratitude I feel….no words to tell you what you mean to Bobby and me. Robert…"

Ironside placed his hand over hers. "None is necessary."

"Thank you Robert….for everything?" May said.

He smiled. "I was just doing my job." Ironside reached over and pulled May into his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead. "You just take good care of Bobby. He's going to grow up to be Chief of Detectives. He has to with that name."

"May laughed for the first time since Bobby's disappearance.

The door opened one more time and Barbara Jones walked in. "I'm sorry am I interrupting?"

May pulled out of Ironside's embrace and said, "No, Barbara. I was just about to leave. I have to get Bobby home to bed." She turned to Bobby and said, "Kiss Uncle Bobby goodbye."

Bobby climbed back on Ironside's chest and kissed his cheek, "Bye, Unk Bobby."

Chief Ironside kissed the boy's forehead, picked him up and handed him to his mother. "You mind your mother Bobby or the behavior police will be coming after you to put you in jail."

"Bob!" Barbara said, half laughing. May laughed with her.

After May and Bobby had gone Barbara sat down on Ironside's bed. He reached for her and pulled her into a long embrace and kissed her passionately.

When they parted, Barbara looked down. "I am so sorry Bob. I never even thought about May's police protection. It is just that I knew she and Bobby were important to you and I just thought it was a good idea to get to know her. I realize now how stupid and careless I was."

He rubbed his thumb down the side of her jaw. "I know my job is hard on you but it is what I do. You have to think before you act. Today was an example of how someone like Ken Tyson will take advantage of your relationship to me. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you because my job. Barbara, you have to be more careful."

"I know that now. I promise it won't happen again." A tear appeared in her eye. "But you must remember your job also brings worry to me. Most people never see in a lifetime the danger you face on a regular basis. It scares me. I don't want anything to happen to you either."

Ironside wiped the tear from her face. "Sometimes I forget how hard it has to be for you. But it is what I do, Barbara. It is who I am," he said softly.

"I know that Bob. It just is not easy for me to…..well you know what I mean."

"Yes, I know but can you handle it?"

"I am trying Bob," she answered.

"Then that is all I can ask. Just remember, I love you." He cradled her chin with his thumb and index finger.

"I love you too, Bob." She said no more as Robert Ironside kissed her one more time.


Chief Robert T. Ironside sat in the movie theater with Ed Brown, Eve Whitfield, Mark Sanger, Fran Belding and Carl Reese. He had just taken them all out to dinner for a job well done.

A new police drama was showing and everyone wanted to see it….except for Ironside. Since he was rewarding his staff and support officers, they finally convinced him to go.

Mark sat on one side of Carl Reese with Ed on the other. Ed whispered across to Mark, "Ten bucks says he doesn't make it."

Carl looked between the two of them, frowned and asked, "Who doesn't make what?"

"The chief," Mark answered. "Ten bucks says he leaves before the movie is over."

"From a police drama?" Carl questioned. "Not a chance. He's a cop. He'll love it. That's why I suggested this movie. I knew he would never go for a hack, hack, chop, chop movie or a chick flick. He hates most comedies. Says no one can possibly be as stupid as the people in the comedies. No, can't go wrong with a police drama," Carl insisted.

"Ten bucks says he doesn't make it," Ed said.

Carl again looked between them. "You two are on."

Eve had been listening to conversation between the three men while Fran was trying to explain a scene in the movie to the chief. She whispered in Ed's ear. "Taking candy from a baby?"

Ed only grinned.

Forty-five minutes later Ed and Mark were beginning to get nervous. Did Chief Ironside actually like this picture? It could not be. It had car chases, cops beating up citizens and the criminals and they were breaking every rule in the book. All Mark could think of was he could not afford to lose ten bucks right now. He was low on cash and did not get paid for another four days. Ed simply hated losing a bet to anyone…especially when the chief was the subject of that bet.

Ironside began fidgeting. He did not want to spoil his staff's evening. After all, they had all earned it. He had the best in the department working for him and Carl & Fran were working more and more with his office. They had become part of his police family. But this movie was as ridiculous as the last one.

Up on the screen the bad guy was in a chase with the police. He drove off a bridge. The car latterly took wings as he flew across a river that would be totally impossible. "Good grief, that is impossible," he said loudly.

Eve rolled her eyes. Here we go again, she thought. She watched as the car landed on the other side. Explosive went off and huge water tower fell over missing the car by inches. The cops in the pursuing vehicle drove up a portion of the tower that served as a ramp and went airborne over the gigantic water tower.

"Who in the flaming hell wrote that scene should be fired," Ironside said in a voice that was escalating in volume.

"Shhhhhhhhhh," came the first banishment behind them.

The thug continued driving away at high speeds with the police car in pursuit. A possum wandered across the road and the thug slammed on the breaks to miss hitting it. "Who in the blazes would try to stop suddenly at that speed because of a possum?" Ironside asked in a loud gruff voice.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," came scolding from behind them again.

"Chief, keep your voice down," Eve told the boss.

The thug's car rolled over so many times Ironside lost count. It landed upside down and crushed the roof. The thug barely fit through the opening. When he got out, he barely had a scratch on him. "There is no way in hell he could have survived that crash, let alone come out uninjured. Does Hollywood make anything that resembles real life at all?" He complained loud enough to be heard several rows back.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," came from several people in several rows.

Carl turned around at the crowd behind them and then looked at Mark on one side and Ed on the other. "I've been had," he said. Mark and Ed were both grinning from ear to ear.

On screen, the two cops had gotten out of their patrol car and had approached the thug who was lying on the ground. One cop began kicking the thug is the stomach as the other grabbed his hair, blaming him for the death of another cop.


"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Quite down front! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh….." It was now coming from all sides. Mark and Ed had long since crouched down in their seats. Carl looked around and slowly slide down in his seat. Fran had her hand over her forehead, hoping no one recognized her.

"Chief, behave yourself," Eve scolded again.

A man came forward and excused himself as he made his way toward Ironside. "Oh boy, trouble," Ed warned the others.

Commissioner Randall reached Ironside on the other side of the row of seats. "I knew that was you. Don't you know you are in a movie theater? You can get thrown out of here for being disruptive."

"Who the hell is going to throw me out of here?" Ironside growled.

"Bob, what do you say you and I go to a bar and have a bottle of bourbon between us?" Randall said. "My wife's at bridge club and I thought I would see a movie to pass the time. However, someone is disrupting it. Now, let's go."

"Dennis that is the best idea I have heard tonight." Randall began wheeling Ironside out of the movie theater. A collective cheer went up as they were leaving. Ironside waved to the crowd as a movie star would to his fans.


After Ironside and Randall were out of the theater Ironside's team sat up in their chairs. Mark and Ed put out their hands and said at the same time, "Pay up!"

"You guys conned me," Carl protested.

"Just like the chief," Mark said.

"Yep, trying to get out of paying a losing bet," Ed agreed.

Carl reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He gave both Mark and Ed a ten dollar bill. "I still say you conned me.'

"Is anyone watching the movie?" Fran asked.

"I hate to say it but the chief is right. It's terrible," Eve said.

"Why don't we go join the chief and the commissioner at the bar for drinks?" Fran suggested.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," from behind again.

"Let's get out of here before we get a call to throw ourselves out, "Ed said.

The left the theater to join the man who held their respect but more importantly had promised to pay for the entire evening…and he wasn't getting out of that no matter how much loud complaining he did.

The End

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed "Finding Officer Bobby" Watch for Ironside's next case, "Operation: Kill a Cop".

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