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"I'm thinking." Gray grinned and looked to the goddess by his side. "Let's go, Fate. You have a bet to win and I have to change the freakin' course of history!"

Happy Ending?

Gray was running towards the train station, saying 'I'm sorry' to the people he bumped while doing so. He first went to the Guild to find Juvia, only to learn that she had already left to the mission with Lamia Scale. He didn't even say good-bye when he left running because he would be damned if he was going to let Juvia go and create the future Fate showed him.

She was not going to kiss Lyon.

She was not going to marry Lyon.

She was not going to have a baby with Lyon.

Not with Lyon.

Gray was not going to be that guy. He was not going to be the guy who only realized what he had once he lost it. And he was about to lose the girl he was supposed to end up with because he was stubborn about his feelings?

Even he wasn't that much of an idiot.

Once Gray arrived at the Train Station a little breathless after the long run, he started to walk towards the train. He needed to find where she was.

"You won't find her." Fate appeared next to him, making him jump a little to the side. He scowled at her and started running along the train and looking through the windows to know if she was there. The blonde goddess was floating around him. "That future is going to happen." She teased him."

"Shut up, Fate." He growled and some people stared at him like he was crazy and he realized that she wasn't visible for anyone but him. "Great. Now I look like a crazy guy."

"A crazy shirtless guy." Fate giggled and Gray looked down only to find himself without his shirt.

"Wonderful." He hissed and when he was almost in the end of the train, he noticed the strange hat she liked to wear. She was the only person he knew that would wear that. "Juvia? Juvia!"

She looked to the window and her eyes widen when she saw him knocking. The blue haired woman opened the window, wearing a preoccupied face. "Gray-sama?"

"Is something wrong?" She asked and Gray just stared at her, forgetting for a moment what he was going to say. At that very moment, Juvia hadn't kissed Lyon, she wasn't married and she certainly had no baby.

She was there. In his reach and yet, he couldn't do anything.

"Erm…" was his very intelligent reply and that made Juvia become even more worried.

"Oh, God. What happened?" She put her head out of the window, her long-ish hair now hanging outside of the train, panic rising and showing it in her eyes. "Is everyone alright?"

"Yes." Gray nodded. "Nothing happened."

"Good." She sighed in relief. "Juvia thought something bad happened. Fairy Tail has been receiving some threats since the end of the Great Games and she thought that…" The blue haired woman sighed again. "I thought that we were being attacked again."

A Dark Guild attempted to pick a fight with Fairy Tail a month before and they ended up having a huge fight, which Fairy Tail won, of course. Since then, Juvia was afraid of hearing that they were under attack again. She hated to know that her friends were in danger.

"No." He couldn't stop looking at her. Juvia was saying something else but he wasn't listening. Gray was just staring at her. He was looking to her almost unnoticeable freckles, her cat-like eyes… She was there.

"… because Juvia will go to Lamia Scale for the mission and…" Gray snapped out of his thoughts with her words. There he was being all romantic (inside his head) and there she was talking about Lyon! Okay, so she hadn't exactly talking about Lyon but either way!

"This mission… I was supposed to go." Gray growled with anger and Juvia frowned.

"Oh. Master said that you didn't want to go, Gray-sama." She was confused. "Juvia offered herself to go. She likes to bring down Dark Guilds." She said and then an idea came to mind. "Oh, did you change your mind? Does Gray-sama want to go in Juvia's place?"

He was about to say that 'yes'. Gray wanted her as far away from Lyon as she could possibly be. Just because he set his mind to change the future, it didn't mean that the other life couldn't still happen. So, his animalist side wanted to just tell her that she was his and she needed to stay away from any male. Forever.

But that wasn't what came out.

"No." He said. "That's not what I came here for." Gray shook his head slightly.

"Then what is it…?" Juvia let her head fall to the side, signalizing her confusion.

"There was something I needed to do." Gray said, making her even more confused.

"What?" She asked and then stopped when she felt his lips crash into hers.

Her eyes widen and she couldn't believe what was happening. Her Gray-sama was kissing her? By his own accord? The kiss was just a small brush of their lips, but it was a kiss nonetheless.

"Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia! Gray-sama is kissing Juvia!" Was all Juvia could think while she was pretty sure that her heart was about to burst out of her chest and she closed her eyes to feel more.

When the train started to move, they were separated and Juvia stared at him with eyes wide open with surprise of what had just happened; her face was red and she looked a little dazed, making him proud of himself.

"Hey, Juvia!" Gray half-yelled and the Water Mage looked at him, with confusion and happiness all over her eyes. "When you come back, you and I? We're going on a date." If it was possible, her eyes were bigger. "And that's not negotiable." He had to yell that time, because the train was getting far and far away.

"Y-yes, Gray-sama!" She yelled back to him and before she went back to her cabin, Gray was sure that he saw hearts in her eyes.

He laughed to himself and put his hands on his pockets. If he knew her, and he did, Gray was almost certain that she was almost having a heart attack, or a panic attack, or any attack. He was sure that she was freaking out at that very moment. And he thought that he would be too after exchanging a kiss with the beautiful crazy woman.

But he wasn't.

Gray had this light feeling, like he had taken some heavy lift off of his back. He didn't say much, he didn't yell to the four winds that he loved her, he didn't say love words, and he didn't say poetry. But he told her enough with the kiss and with the date he asked her about (more like demanded).

Without words, he had said to her that he was going to try.

Better yet, he was going to succeed. Gray turned around to leave when he couldn't see the train anymore, laughing again.

"What did you do?" Fate appeared in front of him out of the nowhere again, making him jump a little "I thought you were going with her! I even thought that you would go in her place instead."

"I kissed her." Gray grinned and shrugged, returning to his walk.

"Only that?" Fate ran after him. To tell the truth, she wanted something steamier. She wanted to see him yell how much he loved her and that he wanted her away from Lyon from then on because she was his! She didn't enter in this bet to get this lame outcome!

"Didn't the other life started like that: with a kiss?" The Ice Mage reached the street and for the first time in some time, he was actually and utterly happy and peaceful. "You said it: It's not the mission, it's the decisions I made. And I decided to start the freakin' life I supposed to have."

"But…" Fate tried to talk, but he interrupted.

"I don't like the fact that she's going to the mission that led to the other future, but I can't force the future either, can I? I know we're supposed to be together because I felt in my gut that we were meant to be. You said it yourself, Fate." Gray shrugged. "The other Gray felt bad because he realized that he was in love with her too late. And he regretted never making a move." He was serious. "I made my move, but I can't force my future too. If we are going to be together, she needs to meet me half way. And that includes me letting her make her own decision about staying with me. I made myself clear. Now is up to her."

"You know you will love her very much." Fate frowned. "Why don't you tell her so? Maybe that will guarantee that she chooses you."

"Because I can't tell her that I love her when I am still falling." Gray looked up to the light blue and cloudless sky. "I don't lie because I don't like liars, so, I won't lie to her: not about my feelings, not about anything. And trust me; I look forward to feel this love I'll have for her someday. It looked like it'll be strong." Gray let his head fall to the side, staring at the goddess. "Judging by the way I feel right now, maybe it won't take too long."

Fate stared at the man truly amazed by his words. Who would've thought that that guy could be so smart and grown up about the situation? She always thought that guys were meant to be really rude when it was about love. Maybe even in immortality you have some things to learn.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes, trying to pretend that his words didn't get into het. "I won my bet."

"Did you?" Gray smirked. "Were you hooting for me?"

"No." She scoffed. "I was hooting for myself. You were just in the way." Fate put her hands on her hips. "Do you have any idea of how long I am trying to make you see your feelings for that girl?"

"Really?" Gray was surprised.

"Yes!" Fate sighed. "I was the one who stole her clothes when she took that bath at the Guild, remember?" Gray nodded. "That was me! I thought that maybe you would see her body and jump her, or something." Fate was annoyed. "And then I made you walk into her, but you just offered her your coat and went to her place to get her extra clothes? C'mon!"

"I wasn't going to jump her, Fate!" Gray was red with embarrassment. That goddess was demented or something?

"Why not? Animals do that when they want a female." Fate frowned, not really getting it. Was she wrong?

"We're not animals, you crazy god!" Gray passed his hand over his face. "Men don't just jump on women!"

"Oh…" Her mouth made an 'o'. "That explains a lot. That's why the 'sexy plan' didn't work." Fate looked really concentrated. "And I assume that men also don't bite their women so other men won't touch them?"

Gray thought a bit before answer that. "Well, I certainly can see the fun in that. I think this one is right."

"Argh." Fate put her hands on her head. "Why aren't you humans like dogs? It would've been easier."

Gray grinned. "I thought you liked a challenge."

"You know it." Fate also smiled to the man. It was fun and it ended well for everyone. Everyone but Maria, of course. "Anyway, now that I won my bet, I can home and collect my prize."

"Yeah." Gray nodded.

"Don't look so down. You will see me again." Fate teased.

"Alright." Gray laughed. "Make sure that next time you come, there are no more bets involved."

"I can't promise anything." Fate giggled. "Bye, Gray." And in a blink of an eye, she was gone.

"Bye, Fate." The Ice Mage looked to the sky again. "Oh, crap. Where on earth I'm taking Juvia when she comes back?"


"Maria!" Fate barged in her sister's room. Maria was a red haired goddess, with the same pale green eyes that fate had. She and Fate had the same face, since they were twins. The Goddess of Balance sighed and got up from her bed, wearing a similar dress of light as her sister. "I told you I could make him realize he loved her and that I would make him do something."

"Yes, you did." Maria put her hands on her temples and started massaging. Fate was worse than a child sometimes.

"I am very good with the destiny of lovers." The blonde glowered with pride.

"I'm sorry; do I need to remind you of… what were their names?" Maria searched for the names in her mind. "Juliet and the boy was… Romeo!"

"Hey!" Fate pointed to her sister, very exasperated. "I was right! They were meant for each other. It wasn't my fault if they didn't cope right. I did my part." She shrugged.

"I am sure." Maria giggled and Fate made a face.

"Shut up. Now you're bound by oath to give me all the chocolate I want for a decade!" The red haired laugh ended up as soon as Fate finished talking.

"Bitch." Maria growled to her sister.

"I never lost a bet, Maria. You should've learned by now." Fate was smiling with triumph.

"I am the goddess of Balance, Fate. I like to think that your winning will come to an end, so I can start winning, you know to make things even." Maria rolled her eyes.

"Not today." Fate practically sang.

"Yeah. I don't know what you see in that chocolate thing anyway." Maria was pouting by then.

"I don't see it. I taste them." Fate opened her arms in a theatrical way, and then let them fall again. "Lame."

"Yeah. Lame." Maria laughed. "Not go return the Compass. Tempo is going nuts without it."

"Whiny Temmy." Fate smiled.

"I know, right?" Maria agreeded with her sister and they tangled their arms together, going out of the red haired's room and walking towards their brother's. "Hey, Fate. Why did you show that future to the boy? You had many outcomes to show to him. The one with the Juvia girl and the Lyon guy was one of the very unlikely futures to happen."

"I showed him what he needed to see." She shrugged. "Besides, now he's going to appreciate what he has." Fate smiled.

Fate was never wrong about a couple. She wouldn't let them be wrong for each other; fate was stubborn and so was the goddess of it. And from Fate, you can't escape.

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