Alex's POV

I look at Eden with hesitation, but eventually let her lead me to the fancy couch. She smiles slightly at me and considers where to start for a moment.

"You look well. Is Anya with you?" She asks sweetly.

"No. She stayed on the Nautilus." I immediately reply. She probably doesn't believe me, but she doesn't mention it.

"I hope to see her again. Before Dorian destroys the League." I scrunch up my nose at her comment. She notices the way I react to her statement and puts a hand on mine. "You will not be harmed...if you chose as I have. Please Alex, you must see the benefit of joining with Dorian."

"I would rather die than join with Dorian. And I liked to think you would too. I was wrong apparently." I say with disgust in my tone. She looks sad, almost like I've slapped her in the face.

"You don't understand. He saved my life Alex. And when he offered me a place by his side...well I couldn't just refuse him." she half smiles, apparently finding some sort of humor in her words. I quickly pull my hand away from hers, almost like her touch is burning me.

"I think you should explain now."

"Of course. This is my home. It's been my home for a long time. Before you even knew of me. Before the League was even formed. I gave it to Dorian during the mid 1600's in exchange for a little protection. Then, years later, Dorian was killed by that rat Wilhelmina Harker." she hissed. Alex wanted to tell her not to talk about Mina that way, but he just sat quietly waiting for more. "I waited in Dorian's and my home, hoping that I was not the only one still loyal to Dorian. And eventually, Craig and Marie found me. The three of us brought together all of Dorian's loyal followers. And I sent them in undercover as members of the League." she smiles like it's the most simple thing in the world to talk about. But she pauses here, seeing the absolute horror on my face.

"The entire time you helped us fight the were working for the man who tried to destroy the League. But why?"

"Well...because of you. You were so cute...I couldn't quite help myself. And besides, I needed to make sure Marie and Craig were blending in." she smiles and puts her hand on mine again. I pull my hand away, again.

"It was all a lie then?"

"Most of it, yes." she shrugs honestly. I find myself glaring at her.

"So you're Dorian's little pet?" I snap. It's her turn to glare at me.

"I am his wife. His second half." my mouth drops open before I can try to remain composed. She grins at the shock clearly plastered on my face. "Oh don't take it so personally Alex. From what I hear, you have a new beau anyways. My step-daughter?" AGAIN I'm taken aback.

"Step daughter?!"

"Tristan. Didn't Mina ever tell you? The baby she had was not Sawyer's. Tristan is in fact much older than seventeen. Tristan, like her real father, will not age, she's been the same age for many years, just like Marie. Wilhelmina wiped her memory only a year ago, when they moved to their new home, and created a new memory. Soon enough, once Tristan figured out the trick, they would repeat the process. "For her own good"." From the roll of her eyes, I can guess that she's mocking Mina and Sawyer.

"It's not true! It can't be!"

"Oh don't be so defensive. Mina was with Dorian before she even considered being with Sawyer. Its not like the "League Mother" cheated on him or anything."

"Tristan would know if she was hundreds of years old! She wouldn't be so easily duped!" I shout. She seems surprised at the fact that I'm defending Tristan over Mina and Sawyer. I stare at her with anger in my eyes. "You're lying."

"I never lie Alex." she smiles and the door opens. Dorian glances at the two of us and with a smirk walks to his drink cart, uncorking the scotch.

"Hello Alex. Catching up?" he asks. I don't reply, I just continue to glare at him. He laughs slightly and brings two crystal cups over to the couch. I look at the offering and am genuinely surprised. Isn't he worried that I'm here to try and kill him? "Just a little peace offering. After all, you are the one who wishes for my daughters hand." he winks. I drop my glare and turn bright red. Eden giggles, the sound like bells, then stands up and kisses her husband. The display makes me want to vomit.

"Where is she? What have you done to her?"

"I told her the truth, that's all."

"Tristan would never ever fall for this! You brainwashed her, didn't you!" I cry, standing up trying to seem threatening. Neither one of them flinch. In fact they seem amused if anything. Finally Dorian, with a sigh, puts a firm hand on my shoulder, almost like a dad would. It's uncomfortable, but I allow it for the moment.

"Look Alex. Look at what we're offering you. Tristan's hand in marriage, a place in our powerful family, leadership positions. All we want in return is your word of loyalty." He explains, then gestures to the door. No one is standing there, and a few moments pass without incident. Right before I'm going to ask what in the world he's doing, the door opens and Tristan walks in, smiling! She's wearing a beautiful red dress, and her hair is curled with a portion up and a portion down. Her skin is bright and her eyes shine. She looks absolutely radiant!

"Alex?" she asks excitedly upon seeing me. She rushes forward and hugs me, so tight I almost have trouble breathing for a moment. I'm sorta stunned at first, but then I can't help myself and I hug her back. I hold her for all I'm worth. "I thought you would never come! But father assured me you would!" she exclaims, still clinging to me.

"Whoa whoa whoa...Tristan you actually believe Dorian?" I finally manage to pry her away to look at her more intently. Her eyes are a little glassy, but they seem sincere enough. Not brainwashed at all. Still she seems adamantly okay with this whole situation.

"Of course, why shouldn't I? He's not the one who lied to me my entire life about my very existence!" she smiles, but then it turns bitter when she brings up the supposes "lies" that Mina and Sawyer have fed her. She looks over at Dorian, who smiles warmly at her. "He's explained it all to me. I feel safe now. I feel like I know who I am now!" she explains, leaving my arms to go hug her "father". Eden smiles at the two before walking up to me.

"So you see now Alex? You can either join us...or you can lose her." she whispers so Tristan won't hear. I refuse to look at her, my eyes are fixed on the glowing Tristan. Finally I sigh heavily and nod.

"Okay. I'll stay."