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(Chapter by Mintly)

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It was another party at the Briefs. It seemed to Pan that Bulma had parties for anything and everything. This one was on the new technological advancement Bulma had made. Although she had long ago handed the company down to her son, she still worked in the labs on a daily basis. This new advancement happened to be a prototype time traveling machine. The whole thing sounded ridiculous to Pan, but she was far from the genius the Briefs woman was.

Bra was the same way as her mother when it came to parties. Although Pan was far from the average girl, she had grown distant from her tomboyish ways in the last three years. She had even consented to letting Bra dress her up. Bra, being her best friend, knew the real reason to her easy defeat. It was to catch the attention of a certain dense lavender haired demi Saiyan.

Pan was currently sitting in a tree, watching through the window all the people laughing and having a good time. She sighed, swinging her legs back and forth, watching longingly at the others. She was nineteen now, nineteen years old! Why was it that everyone still treated her as a mere child. It wasn't fair, even Bra was treated with much more maturity than herself and she was only 9 and a half months older! Pan dug her fingernails into her palms. No, she would not give in to the tears that threatened to fall. That would of course be weak.

"Hey Panny? What are you doing up there?" came a laughing voice from below. Pan's breathing stopped as she immediately recognized the baritone voice. Looking down, she could see a mop of lavender hair and a wide grin.

"N-nothing," she choked out with a squeak. 'Smooth, real smooth Pan'

"Leave her be Trunksie," came a giggling voice to the left "She's having fun up there, right sweetie?" she asked as if talking to a child. A child! Pan was seeing red. The blonde poked Trunks in the stomach and he seemed to laugh along with her. His new girlfriend? Pan hopped down with a single leap, and landed with cat-like reflexes on the ground.

"You're right," she spat venomously to the woman in front her. "I was having fun," she glared down at the busty blonde, who seemed a little nervous. Pan used her taller height to her advantage.

"But we could have fun also," Pan grinned maliciously. She didn't know what had come over her. Jealously. It was filling her insides, entangling with her emotions and dominating them. Protecting what was hers? Hers? Trunks didn't belong to her. But she felt this need to kill the annoying little creature on the spot. Looking down to the arm linked in Trunks' she growled deep in her throat. Growled? Where had that come from? It sounded so animalistic, but in a way matched her current emotions. Without another thought, Pan formed a small ki ball in her hand, it glowing in the dark. She could smell the fear and confusion just radiating off the blonde.

"Pan?! What are you doing?" Trunks roared in horror.

"I'll give you ten seconds to leave," she shot her blast at near by tree, it exploding on contact.

"Who the hell are you!?" the woman in her mid twenties screamed at the raven haired Pan.

"10-" Pan began counting, forming another ki ball. The woman screamed and ran.

"No! Wait!" Trunks called after her, his attention turned back to Pan, he was furious she could see that. Pan snorted as the ki
dissipated into her palm.

"What was that for!?" Trunks screamed at her. Pan flinched. She hated him mad at her, and he was on the brink of going super at the moment.

"I didn't like her," she backed up a little towards Capsule Corporation.

"Oh, so you were going to kill her JUST because you don't like her, that makes sense! That sounds like something my Dad would do," Trunks voice was dripping with sarcasm.


Vegeta and Gohan were sitting on the roof witnessing the scene below them. They had immediately (and appreciatively for the Saiyan no Ouji) left the party upon feeling the two kis fluctuate greatly. Suppressing their ki, they watched intently the two. Vegeta smirked. Finally, something worth his attention at that whole damn party.


"Who cares what you like, Panny! I liked her!" Trunks took a deep breath "What do you know anyway?" he sighed. Raking his hands through his hair.

"What do I know?" she repeated after Trunks as he started to walk back to the party "I know plenty!" 'Like the fact I love you Trunks Vegeta Briefs!' she thought to herself, but didn't say.

"Don't worry, Panny," he smiled over his shoulder using the nickname he gave her when she was small, "I'm not mad at you anymore. I'm sorry I exploded," he said walking away.


Vegeta snorted, awaiting something big to happen. He could feel the tension crackling in the air.

Gohan frowned, watching as Trunks left. He always knew his daughter had a crush on the son of Vegeta, but he didn't like it. He honestly believed, this was best even though he knew his little girl was hurting.


Pan was consumed in her emotions, she could barely see her surroundings. Trunks had openly rejected her feelings for her. He did not reciprocate them and never would. The pain was building up, it was just too much to sustain.

"I am NOT a child!" she screamed, her ki swirling around her. Her trademark red was now flickering gold.


Inside Capsule Corporation the lights had gone out.

"Don't worry everyone," comforted Bulma "I'm sure they'll be back on again any moment now!" she shouted. Everyone silently
agreed. No one had noticed the disappearance of the Z Senshi.


"What the hell-" Yamcha could barely stand anymore, with the lashing of energy all over.

"Its coming from Pan!" Krillan screamed in horror, pointing to the girl whose eyes were white with fury.

"Look!" Goten yelled pointing to Vegeta and his brother on the roof of Capsule Corporation.

The rest of the senshi made its way over to the two silent warriors.


Pan let out another agonizing scream in pain, trying to release the hurt she was feeling inside. She was waiting for a numbing release, but couldn't quite reach it. She was oblivious of the siding that was peeling off Capsule Corporation and her Uncle's screams for her. She was oblivious to it all. Pan just gave in to the consuming rage. It was then it happened. It snapped inside.


With an explosion of light, the Senshi shielded their eyes as Pan's energy was now put into a more concentrated form. It flowed around her like a wild flame. Her now shimmering golden hair, stuck out all over the place and defied Chikyuu laws of gravity. Eyes, an intense deep aqua and dress torn where her muscles had expanded. The bust line was now incredibly indecent.

"Wow.." Yamcha was the first to openly gape at her body. Gohan and Goten growled synchronized and smacked him on the backside of his head. Vegeta snorted when in fact he was intrigued, seeing this was the first Super Saiyan female that had probably ever been seen. She was the first. Goten and Gohan were frightened to approach her, knowing how dangerous the first transformation was. Trunks just openly stared.


She had done it, even though her father had said it was quite impossible with her lack of Saiyan blood. Pan could feel the Saiyan in her coursing throughout her veins, aching for battle. Suppressing the feeling, she looked around to assess the damage she had caused, not too bad. Nothing the infamously wealthy Briefs couldn't have cleared or fixed.


"What is she doing?" whispered Yamcha to an entranced Trunks.

"I-I don't know," he replied, not taking his eyes off Pan.

"We better just watch." Trunks nodded absently.


Pan knew exactly what she had to do. She flied to the laboratorial end of Capsule Corporation. Entering the labs, Pan could tell the workers had all attended the party. The Saiyan female flicked on the lights, as she looked about a little until she stopped upon recognition. There it was. Approaching the prototype, she smashed her hand into the glass encasing the machine, shattering it effortlessly. An alarm went off overhead, but Pan ignored it. Stepping into the cockpit, her brows furrowed together confusedly.

"I guess I should push some buttons," she shrugged flippantly, silently marveling in how her voice had gotten deeper. As if on cue, the machine hummed to life. She had to leave. She had to go to where they didn't know


Bulma could hear the alarms going off in the laboratories and rushed to the scene. What she saw before her stopped her dead in her tracks. A Super Saiyan Pan was hijacking her Time Machine? Bulma blinked until she came to her senses.

"Wait!" she yelled at Pan as the machine became humming with life "Its not fully tested yet! Its just a prototype, Pan!" Bulma
screamed, running to the machine. With a whirl of color and light, Pan was gone.


Next Chapter: Pan lands on...Vegeta-sei?


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