Author's Note: I have always loved the Lightis pairing. Though I have nothing against Stella, I would rather that she stay far, far away from Noctis. Anyway, this is my first story focusing on the Lightning X Noctis couple. I would have preferred that my story be a light and happy one but this plot bunny just refused to leave my mind. So, here we go. Please do leave a review! ;)

I had always believed it to be a foolish notion, an impossible situation. Such emotions had no room in my life. I had too many things to think about as it were. There was my responsibility towards my family. Then, there was my duty to my world. I had no time to waste, no time to spare on such feelings. But . . . it seems that I could not help myself.

I can no longer remember when it started. All I know is that it is too late. I have fallen deep into a pit that I cannot get out of. Here in this blinding darkness, what I find is pain. Anger is here as well, but it is mainly directed at myself for being so stupid. I thought I was better than this. How wrong I was.

Standing by the door, there is only one thought in my mind. That I have lost him. No. That is not right. He was never mine in the first place. I should take care to remember that. My time here had always been temporary. He knew that. I knew that. Only I was foolish enough to think otherwise for a while.

The ceremony is beginning. The notes of an all too familiar tune are grating on my heartstrings. It feels like a saw is being used to strum them. He takes her hand. The rings are exchanged. Each passing minute does nothing but increase the constricting in my chest. I can only pray repeatedly to the Goddess Etro that soon my heart shall become numb so that I would no longer have to feel this pain.

The rites are finally over. The crowd cheers and gives a loud applause. I continue to stand at attention by the door, as is my role. She and he, they wave at all who have come to witness the grand event. He catches my eye. His blue irises are unreadable. I look away. It is not out of disrespect but for emotions that go far deeper than that. I can only hope that he does not see what is hidden. We have been working to protect the Last Crystal together long enough to read each other like open books, after all.

His father stands from his throne and raises a hand. Almost immediately, the crowd falls silent to listen to their king. I knew what was coming. I brace myself for the blow. Strangely enough, one line comes to my mind as clearly as the announcement from the monarch.

"I present to you my son, Noctis Lucis Caelum. And his wife, Stella Nox Fleuret."

I love you.

Another Author's Note: And there you have it. Please do not kill me! I would have also loved it if Noctis married Lightning! Anyway, now that that plot bunny is out. I should be able to focus on the other one. It's still Lightis, don't worry! And it's not a one shot! Yey~ So, stay tuned with The Clawed Butterfly! Remember, review, review, review! :D