Its been a while since a wrote anything and i wanted to write a long story but this thing transformed into something else while writing the second paragraph so it turned into a drabble. reviews are always welcome

He's looking at her, staring right into her eyes, not so he can see what she hiding underneath them, but for her to finally see what is in his own. This isn't the first time he done it, no he has tried this tactic multiple times. It seems courageous that he's letting himself be open so many times, hoping something good comes of it, knowing fully well that each time he does it, there more of him that escapes than anything else.

He knows it's just a cowardly way to not have to say it out loud. What he learns is this type of unspoken rejection is much more destructive, a borderline addiction. It's gambling, a game of chance, taking a risk and maybe, just maybe having everything. He likes to think the probabilities change each time he does it, but luck has never been on his side and his running out of chips.

His there again, the last chip, playing the same game, hoping this is where it all changes. There's a smile, and suddenly his there awaiting the flashing lights and the confetti because this is the closest his been to winning. He lets go of his reservations, his already all in, but before making his final move, the game changes. There's three pairs of eyes now, none of which on his own. His game is over, a new one already began, his final chip lays forgotten on the table until the new player swiftly brushes away so it land on the floor.

His never was any good at gambling anyway. The surroundings, the "dealers", all part of an illusion so people like him believe they got a chance, a trap to keep you in until you have given away everything, only after do they show you the exit sign. Without a dame to his name, he leaves. Before the door closes behind him, he hears the faint sound of sirens, and can only imagine as to how the confetti falls.