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In the year since his divorce from Alex, Wes unconsciously searched for anything that might empower him. Joining LAPD, which ultimately led to his marriage's demise, was the first of many decisions he'd made that reinforced his confidence. He was unsure why he so craved affirmation, hunted for it. The origin of his dependence could have been a number of different experiences, not the least of which, maybe, was his parents' overly high expectations as a child.

Perhaps his insatiable need had been the nail in the coffin of his relationship with Alex; she couldn't provide him with the assurance he needed to be successful in his new job. At the same time, she was unsure of his ability to keep himself alive as he valiantly battled crime. The separation had, of course, left him heartbroken. In his loneliness he found it was even more difficult to supplant his insecurities. He felt as though he were chasing a ghost, looking for anything that might fill the ever-growing hole in his heart.

Then, Wes met Travis. Incorrigible, ornery, and absolutely unbearable, Travis somehow managed to worm his way into that empty space. Wes was still vastly separated from completeness; however, Travis unknowingly gave him a strength he had never known before. Partnership seemed like the only realistic answer to Wes. How could he pass up the opportunity to experience such confirmation daily while truly fulfilling what he believed to be his life's calling?

As time went on, the vast emptiness inside Wes began to subside. Their work partnership was nowhere near perfect; quite the contrary, he could hardly stand to be in the same room with Travis most of the time. Despite their seemingly irreconcilable differences (count on Wes to put it in legal terms), Wes felt complete. The incident with the gun had been a fluke, a moment fueled by rage. Like he could ever shoot Travis, who was responsible for his renewed value. Dr. Ryan could try all she wanted to repair their relationship. What no one seemed to realize was their relationship had always been broken and it would always stay that way. But, the way Wes saw it, broken was human, was acceptable, especially when it allowed him to be somewhat whole again.