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In the dark bedroom that I share with my brother Teddy I can hear him crying. Pushing the pillow over my ears in an attempt to block out the noise of his tears, I try to go back to sleep. It's not that I don't care; I just can't deal with it tonight. Living in my house, with my dad, you get used to the tears and you get used to the pain. I hate having to watch my brother go though this. I mean the kid's only nine, at least I'm fourteen, and I'm old enough to deal with this.

"Liza, are you awake?"

"Yeah, Teddy. I'm awake."

"My arm really hurts."

"What happened to it?"

"Dad throw me down the basement steps right before I went to bed."

"Come over here."

He moves silently across the room and sits on the foot of my bed. His arm is bent at a strange angle. I can tell it's broken just from looking at it. "Oh Teddy. I'm going to get Billy or Eyeball. Whoever's awake."

I climb out our window and onto the roof. From the roof it's easy to climb onto the railing on our front porch and jump down from there. It doesn't take me long to get to the Tessio's. I take a rock and toss it up to Billy's window. Eyeball opens it. I'm surprised to see him, "What are you doing in my boyfriend's bedroom Chambers?"

"My dad's drunk as hell! I took precautions for Chris and my safety."

"Speaking of safety, or the lack of it we get from our dad's, I think Teddy's arm is broken."

"Is he okay?"

"I think so but you can never tell with him. I need a ride to the hospital in Harlow."

"Alright I'll get Billy awake."

Five minutes later both boys and I are driving to my house. I start to go in when we hear my dad yelling. Billy and Eyeball go in with me in case I need a bodyguard. My dad points his shotgun at Billy and me as soon as we get through the door. Eyeball stands a few feet away from Billy. "Get Teddy." Billy whispers to me. "When I say to."

To my dad he says, "Mr. Duchamp, put the gun down."

My dad does not put the gun down and mumbles something incomprehensible but I think I heard him say damn war bastards.

Eyeball speaks up, "You're not at the beach at Normandy, Mr. Duchamp. You're in Castle Rock, Oregon. You don't need that gun. You can put it down. We aren't going to hurt you."

My father turns the gun on Eyeball, "Die, bastard!" He pulls the trigger. The bullet hits Eyeball's arm. I scream and Teddy comes downstairs, wondering what is going on. My father drops the gun to the floor. I grab Teddy and the gun and start to run out of the house. My father seems to remember who I am because he yells my name, "Elizabeth!"

I feel his fist wrapped around my arm and push Teddy out the door. My father throws me backwards and yells, "Where the hell do you think you're going bitch?"

Billy grabs the gun and points it at my father, "Sit down, Mr. Duchamp."

My father sits on the couch and Billy helps me up. I feel a shooting pain in my head. He leads me to a chair and I sit down. Then keeping the gun trained on my father he goes to the phone. I hear him dial a number.

"Hi, I need police and two ambulances at," he gives my address, "A boy was shot and a girl hit her head. Thanks."