Author: um hi yah me... duh

Title: Talk me through my panic

pairing: Stiles s./ Derek h.

A/N: this ideas been buggin' me for a while... it's probably only gonna be a one shot but if you want more I might add to it if enough people want it... oh and this takes place as if the second season hasn't started yet. Also I know panic atacks are different for everyone but this is what its like when I get them so it is just...yah... hope you like it

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Derek was just walking. Meandering along enjoying the forest, letting his hyper active senses feel the living being that was the forest around him. Just everything, the soothing sound of the leaves scattering across the forest floor, the slight smell of fresh decay under the stronger smell of dew. Everything looking clean and crisp, a nice change from the musty look of his falling apart house.

The walk was a cool down from his daily work out. His shirt was damp with cooling sweat from when he'd thrown it on before going outside. Grimacing slightly Derek pulls the sticky garment away from his well toned chest feeling the cool air hit his still damp skin. He doesn't leave his families land when he walks but seeing as his land covers most of the forest he can walk for a solid couple of hours before he has to turn back. And for the first time after becoming alpha he feels completely calm his muscles are tired and his heart is going at a normal rate and the forest is rustling softly around him. That is until he hears the snapping of running feet. Twigs and leaves giving way to no longer white trainers. Growling Derek focuses on whoever dared to come gallivanting upon his land, reaching out with all his senses.

At first all he can pick up on is the sound, the intruding noise of feet on ground and soft panting coming straight towards him. All he can think is 'good let them come to me, I'll make them leave' that is before the smell hits him. It is the overwhelming sent of panic and pain. Derek flinches when it first hits his nose it feels almost like getting slapped I the face. And it takes Derek a second but he knows the root sent that it currently covered in panic and pain and fear and right as the realization hits him the person comes into view right in front of him.

"Stiles" Derek whispers looking at the boy who just stopped in front of him, and that's the right word for stiles in that moment because never in the time that Derek has known him has he ever looked so much like a scared little boy.

Stiles falls to hi knees before collapsing to his side and curling in on himself, shaking. He seemed completely dead to the world just laying there looking very uncomfortable in a ball on the forest floor shaking at Derek Hales feet.

Now Derek wouldn't claim to know Stiles very well but he would claim to at least know Stiles and this sad creature laying almost on his toes is not at all how he knows Stiles. It freaks him out a little bit to she the usually happy and sassy teen at his feet and when he feel Stiles shaking increases he thinks for a moment that maybe the teen is laughing at him until he kneels down nest to him and sees his face. Stiles looks like he is in real physical pain, the kind that is just bearable enough that you don't cry out and Derek is so not ok with seeing the human like this.

Not knowing what else to do Derek reaches out his hand but the second it touches Stiles shoulder the boy stiffens before scurrying back away from him until his back hits tree a couple feet away. Stiles eyes are unseeing and dead. But despite his dead eyes his face looks like the definition of fear and panic. Derek can hear the younger males heart beat and is mildly surprised that he isn't going into cardiac arrest. It is in that moment that Derek realizes that the only way he is going to get Stiles to respond to him is by doing one thing he really hates. Talking.

Sighing Derek walks over and sits down in front of Stiles who looks at him and whimpers curling his arms over his midsection as if it would protect him.

"Stiles can you hear me?" Derek asked in his version of a soothing voice. Stiles for his part snaps to attention looking at Derek's face.

"Stiles it's Derek. Do you understand what I'm saying at all?" Styles blinks at him and opens his mouth but nothing comes out, absolutely nothing. He tries again and menages a noise that sounds like someone is strangling him with all their might. His inability to talk only seems to feed his panic and Stiles starts to scratch at his throat drawing blood.

Derek's nose flares as the sent of blood fills the air and he reaches out taking Stiles hands and holding them between his own.

"Stiles don't try to talk ok, I just want you to listen." Derek paused waiting for him to give confirmation Stiles nodded.

"I don't know what happened but you need to breath" Derek let one of his hands rest on the teens chest and pulled Stiles hand to rest on his own. "Breath Stiles, come on just match my breathing." and slowly Stiles stuttering breaths even out and some of his muscles release.

"Good now I want you to try and talk to me are you hurt anywhere?" Derek asked already knowing the answer was no, he would have been able to smell the blood.

Stiles voice is barely a rasp but he manages to get out a "No, I'm ok b-but" Before diving into Derek's chest and sobbing. Stunned for a minute Derek has never really had to comfort anyone before and was therefor at a bit of a loss but eventually decided to rest his hands on Stiles back and rub soothing circles in his back. Still feeling the pain and fear coming of his Stiles, Derek decided to examine his choice of words later, He began to make soothing noises close to a purr.

It took almost an hour but eventually Stiles let out a content sigh and shifted back off of Derek's lap. He gave an embarrassed chuckle and scratched the back of his head.

"Thank you" the words where so quiet Derek in all of his werewolf glory almost missed them. But when Stiles made to get up Derek grabbed his wrist and pulled the second-string lacrosse player back down to him.

" Stiles what was that all about?" Derek was trying really hard not to sound angry and apparently he succeeded because Stiles looked up at him in surprise before settling back down onto Derek's lap.

"My dad got into a car crash earlier today and it was really no big deal but that how..." He trailed off but Derek knew exactly what he meant, his mother.

"I know you probably think it's silly or weak or something but I really couldn't help it and when I got the call Scott was there with Alison and I didn't want to break down in front of them and so I just kinda ran and .." Derek was almost used to Stiles babbling by now but as he listened to the boy babble and looked at his lips he just couldn't help but shut Stiles up.

The kiss was soft, just a push of lips on lips and it was perfect. Stiles tensed for a moment in Derek's arms until the older of the two ran a hand down his back and he melted into the kiss giving a little moan.

After Stiles relaxed Derek found it safe to proceed and shifted his lips just the tiniest amount letting Stiles decide what to do next. Derek was almost gleeful (not that he would ever show or admit it) when Stiles kissed back shifting his own lips against Derek wrapping his arms around the wolfs neck. Derek pulled Stiles closer by wrapping his strong arms around the teens waist before letting his tongue out to swipe across Stiles bottom lip. The werewolf whined just a tad as if asking for entrance and then growled in approval when it was granted. What surprised Stiles though was that Derek didn't just dive in and claim his mouth, he was slow and thorough . First licking at the teens lips than lightly feeling the roof of his mouth before seeking out Stiles tongue to tangle with his own. Stiles gasped when there wet muscles finally met allowing Derek further access into his mouth before groaning when Derek played with his tongue. Using teeth and tongue and lips Derek had a Stile puddle of goop in his lap in a matter of seconds.

Um if people want the next part of this (meaning smut) than let me know if not that eh.