Author: Me, Hi

Title: Talk me through my panic

pairing: Stiles s./ Derek h.

A/N: So hahaha... *scratches back of head* it's been a while... please don't kill me. There are several really good reasons that I haven't worked on this in so long, three of which I will tell you. Firstly I restarted school in September which is time consuming as all hell. Second, college app. Any of you who have been through College app will understand my pain, all of you who haven't, you can not understand my pain. Third I have been like deathly ill. Ok so maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration but I really have been sick on top of everything else, like kinda in the hospital kinda sick... so I'll be taking it slow but suffice it to say that I'm back and I still love you all and I am very sorry for the wait. Also I left you all on a cliff hanger so I totally understand if you want to maim me, anyway... onwards.

Last time (long long ago):

Stiles and Derek-

"I'm sorry baby" Derek sighed nuzzling at Stiles neck smelling the sorrow flow of the teen. "I wasn't thinking." the werewolf admitted squeezing his eye's shut against the burn of tears.

"Yes you where" Stiles accused "you where thinking, I just can't understand what was going through that tinny werewolf brain you've got."

Derek growled slightly at Stiles insult. Derek knew, it was time, now or never.

"Stiles there's something you need to know."

Lydia and everyone else-

Lydia smiled even as her eyes teared up "that's what I though" she murmured looking down. After a few seconds of silence Lydia viably stiffened as she heard Scott's obnoxious laugh coming down the hall way.

Now (finally after all this time sorry bout that again):

"Lyd you Ok? Does something hurt?" Jackson jumped up asking as Lydia stiffened. Lydia, her brilliant brain working on over drive to keep Jackson out of the werewolf world for now, smiled inwardly as a ingenious plan flashed into her mind.

"Yes it hurts Jackson, could you maybe go fetch me the nurse?" faking her best grimace. Always willing to go to Lydias' rescue Jackson shot out the door. Just a moment latter Scott and Allison walked in.

"Was that Jackson?" Allison asked her patten concerned look [plastered across her and Scotts faces. Lydia would have laughed if she wasn't feeling tired all of a sudden.

"yah, was Jackson, you guys should leave for now, is it normal for me to be this tired Scott?" She asked worried about having an adverse reaction to the bite but when Scott just smiled she knew she'd be ok before he even said anything and passed out, very lady like of coarse.

Allison decided to stay with Lydia and sent Scott off to get her car from Stiles's house, He leaves just in time for Jackson and nurse to bustle in.

"She said she was feeling really tired when I came in" Allison shrugs and smiles up at a worried Jackson.

"Was she in a lot of pain?" he asked worried that he hadn't brought the nurse fast enough but Allison just shook her head and gave that little reassuring smile.

"Nah, I think she's just shill a little shocked over the whole thing you know?"

(And finally after the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time of waiting, Stiles and Derek.)

"Stiles, in all your research into wolfs what did you find out about pack dynamic."

A little shocked by the sudden change in direction Stiles just decides to roll with it if it means getting answers from his alpha idiot. "Uh just the usual, Alphas, beta, omega umm stronger in packs, even adopt some strays if they prove themselves strong enough to run with them. Why?"

Ignoring his mates counter question Derek pressed forward "what about mating?" He cant look up into the honest and curious eye's in front of him.

"Uh... that wolfs mate for life?" As soon as the question leaves his lips Stiles gets it staring down at Derek who still hasn't looked at him. "Derek?" Stiles mutters quietly trying to get Derek to look at him. "What exactly are you trying to say?"

Sighing Derek finally lifts his head "Werewolfs are different when it comes to relationships, we can have normal one's but once we meet out mate..."

"Are you trying to tell me that...?"


"ok... I'll just, go then." Stiles makes to climb out the drivers side door his voice quiet eye's downcast.

"What?!" Derek grabs Stiles around the waist not letting him leave looking into Stiles eye's his own glowing crimson in his emotional turmoil.

"Hey," Stiles shrugs, "I get it you met your mate, is it Lydia? Actually scratch that I don't want to know, good luck Derek."

Derek is shocked, that is so not what he meant and Stiles sounded so... bitter. It is a new and terrible sound in his usual playful voice. Stiles was wiggling to get away trying not to tear up.

"Can I go now?" Stiles voice is tight and he looked down at his hands unnervingly still.

"Wait, no. Stiles? What? no... I meant you" Derek rushes out trying to catch his eye.

Now they are both still. Derek mentally slapping himself for his total lack of eloquence and Stiles dead still trying to process exactly what just came out of his (mates?) mouth.

"So how long have you known?" Stiles looks up still afraid to believe. To hope.

"Uh, when you refused to cut my arm off? Maybe before, not after..." Derek trails off looking for any sign of anything in Stiles face, posture, breathing.

After a second Stiles grins and lunges into a kiss which Derek confusedly responds to. However it only takes a moment before Stiles is pressed up against the steering weal which gives a feeble beep in protest. The horn thinks it's already seen more than enough with Scott and Allison and now it has some pretty boy and a hot werewolf alpha pushing up against it. The horn sighs out another squeaky noise before a tapping on the window startles them apart and Derek turns a half transformed snarling face to the bewildered face of the town sheriff. Fuck.