Summary: The events of the Sorcerer's Stone went on like they did in canon and this begins during the summer before second year. Harry finds some of his parents' old things in the attic at 4, Privet Drive and makes a very important discovery.

Pairing: Harry / Severus (maybe Lucius);

Warning: lots of Dumbles & Weasley bashing;


"blah" - normal speech;
'blah' - thoughts;
[blah] - letters, diary entries, book passages, etc.
$blah$ - Parseltongue;
"blah!" - spells;


[Dear Diary,

Today has been a really tiring day. Yesterday I told James that I was pregnant. He was overjoyed, as was I. And today I fell down the stairs and lost my baby. How on Earth am I to tell that to my husband?

13. 10. 1979.]

Harry stared at the faded page of the diary in his hand. If this was really his mother's diary and all the signs pointed to it, than the child known as Harry Potter was never even born. So than who was he? He impatiently flipped the page over and read the next entry.

[Dear Diary,

It's been a week since I last confided in you. Things went through a dramatic change, not that anyone except me knows about it. See, when I lost little Harry, I went to see a mediwitch that is a good friend of mine (I of course swore her to secrecy just in case). It turns out that my muggle blood was the reason I couldn't carry to term. Thus I've undergone a ritual to purge the muggle blood out of me. That is the reason I couldn't write sooner. Lucky for me James is out of the city on an assignment and should be away for at least a few more weeks. I can't even believe I'm about to do this, but it's the only way I can remain with James. Tonight I have a date with Regulus Black. He is Sirius' younger brother and a Death Eater to boot, but he is a pureblood wizard and a powerful one at that. He agreed to give me a child, if I name him or her him heir, so that the Black Family won't die out. Got to go, write soon.

20. 10. 1979.]

The green eyed boy frowned slightly. There could be no doubt – this was about his conception. His father was not his father. He didn't know what to think about this. He decided to withhold judgment until he finished reading the diary and mentally thanked his aunt Petunia for never throwing things away. He recalled how he found the diary in the first place.

*flashback to a few days ago *

12 year old Harry Potter has been back from his first year at Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry for almost two months now and there was almost an entire month of summer left to go before he could go back to school. Of course his books were all locked up in the cupboard under the stairs and he couldn't do his summer assignments, still it was much better than being stuck at the Dursleys doing their house work for them. Currently he was stuck at the dusty attic, cleaning it. His job was not to throw out stuff. No, he was just to dust everything and arrange it in such a way so that there would be enough space to place his cot, table, wardrobe and a small kitchen. You see, a distant relative of Petunia's got stuck at a hospital and his aunt agreed to take in the kid of said relative for a month. So now Harry was relocating to the attic. According to Petunia, the child was not to know that Harry was there. Thus a window was made and a ladder was placed near it, so that Harry could get from the attic into adjacent barn. There was already a small bathroom at the attic, so Harry had no arguments against living there. He placed the rows of boxes in such a way that the door to the attic could not be opened by the unknown kid that would naturally be curious about the house he would be staying at. It was during that huge cleaning spree that Harry came across his mother's school trunk. Also there was a box there that was labeled 'James & Lily'. He placed the two items in such a way that they didn't stand out but were easily accessible none the less.

*end of flashback*

So now it has been almost a week since the new kid arrived and Harry spent the entire time at the attic. The first thing he did was go through the trunk that was still in perfect condition, indicating some sort of preservation spell having been used at some point. To his relief he found that his mother kept all of her school textbooks as well as notes from classes. This of course made homework his next priority and that was also quickly finished. Once that was out of the way, Harry began reading his mother's diaries. There was one for every year since she came to Hogwarts. Harry was pretty sure that he now knew his mother very well, while James was still just a person he looked a lot like and that apparently was not even his father. This baffled the young boy, how could he look like James Potter if he was not the man's son. So in order to understand things better the raven haired boy went back to reading the diary.

[Dear Diary,

I can't even wait until tomorrow to write this down. I did it. I had sex with the younger brother of my husband's best friend. And though I feel bad for doing this to James, I can't make myself regret this. To be quite frank – this was the best sex I've ever had. While Regulus is two years younger than James & I, when it comes to giving pleasure to a woman, he is a god. We've spent four hours in bed. I think I had more orgasms tonight than through my whole marriage to James. If Sirius is as good as his brother, than I can understand all the girls… and some boys clinging to him. I can't be 100% sure that he got me pregnant, but I have a positive feeling about the whole deed. And if I'm totally honest with myself, I wouldn't mind a repeat performance. Until next time…

20. 10. 1979.]

Harry stared at the page, blushing furiously. It was almost certain that he was this Regulus' son and he couldn't understand how he felt about it.

[Dear Diary,

Today it's confirmed. I'm pregnant with Regulus' child. The mediwitch confirmed it, I'm expecting a son and he'll only be a week and 2 days younger than my Harry would have been and unlike Harry, this child of mine will be a pureblood, the heir of Black.

21. 10. 1979.]

Harry sighed as he put the diary onto the table. This made it official – he was not a Potter, which meant that he was most likely under some sort of charm to make him look like James Potter. Then there was the fact that he was pureblood. This made him wonder if perhaps he could move out from the Dursleys, if they really had no blood in common.

The boy glanced at the Hogwarts letter that also came that week. He only needed to by the ridiculous amount of books by some Gilderoy Lockheart. 7 books of the same author – it was really stupid. And then there were clothes. He wanted some normal clothes to wear under his robes. After all he was an heir to a pureblood family, whatever that entailed.

'I really have a lot of things to figure out…' – thought Harry – 'And I better do it before school begins…'

Later that week Harry finally decided to go to Diagon Alley. He searched through the box with the names of his parents on it and found some clothes, as well as books, documents and a bit money, which was by far the most useful one, well not counting the folder that held copies of his parents' will and his own birth certificate... two of them, one with the name Harry James Potter and the other under Antares Regulus Black. As James' clothes were much too big for him, Harry decided to hit at least one muggle clothing store and finally get himself some well-deserved clothes.

That day many people were confused by the 12 year old child shopping for himself, but thankfully word did not get to one very manipulative Headmaster who would certainly have kittens if he learned that his pawn was becoming independent.