Author's Note: Well... this was a very long wait i'm sad to say. I am never the less continuing with the story and I hope that you guys won't be disappointed with how it develops =)


"blah" - normal speech;
"Blah" - overheard conversations;
'blah' - thoughts;
[blah] - letters, diary entries, book passages, etc.
$blah$ - Parseltongue;
"blah!" - spells;
%^blah^% - ghosts speaking to each other without living people hearing;

Previously on 'Harry Potter: The Black Lord':

Straight forward and to the point… very Snape-ish.' – Harry chuckled mentally and took out the books. There were four of them and all were very useful – 'I guess I'll forgive him for not making this easy for me, he is a Slytherin after all. Now let's see…'

The first book was rather thick. It had a black leather cover and the title was engraved in cursive purple letters 'Dragon Demons: Origins and basics'. Harry made a face – history was certainly not his strong point, but he would definitely read this later. The next book was both larger and thinner. It was called 'Of habits and mating'. Harry put this one on the bedside table, it would certainly be the first one to read. Another book had info about Dragon magic and coming into the dragon demon inheritance. Harry held the books close to him and smiled – the day was certainly a good one… at least for him.

On with the Story.


(the Burrow, same evening)

While Harry's day was for a change a good one, the same could definitely not be said for one Molly Weasley nee Prewitt. She landed in a heap on the floor, her head throbbing from hitting the book shelf she was thrown into, and stared at her husband in mute horror. She could not understand how it all came out. After all Dumbledore said Arthur would never know and Dumbledore was always right, everyone knew that.

"Gonna sit there and say nothing?" - snarled the man that was her husband - "Nothing to say for yourself? ... Suppose not, after all what would you say? That you did it cause Dumbledore told you to? ... Pathetic."

While Arthur was usually a very gentle man, his kids were the most important thing for him and Molly harmed them in a very horrible way, now she would pay for what she's done.

And that was indeed practically the only thought circling in Molly's mind, nothing else.

"But ... but ... Dumbledore said ..." - she managed to stutter out.

"Not a word about that lemon-sucking bastard!" - spoke Arthur in a deadly calm voice - "You will say why you went along with what Dumbledore planned ... NOW!"

(Meanwhile at Privet Drive)

Hugging books sure was silly, but these were special - they would explain all the changes Harry would have to go through. The boy had no clue what would happen, but he was sure it would be significant. A strange feeling overcame him and Harry looked around frowning - it felt like someone was watching him. He was however alone. The young brunet closed the window for good measure, even it was a warm night and he lived in the attic, not wanting anything bad to happen.

'Just one night and I'll be out of this damned place,' - he assured himself and settled down on his bed to do some reading before sleep. He smiled to himself as he realized that he would have a year with no annoyances like Granger or Ronald. It was of course not very nice of him to think so, considering the fact that Hermione was dead and Ronald in St. Mungo's, but it was not like Harry claimed to be the utmost Gryffindor person possible.

'This has to be a good year ... as long as Dumbledore doesn't screw anything up that is.' - chuckled the boy as he flipped through the history books, soaking in practically every word he read. At first the history of the ryu-youkai did not seem all that interesting, but as he read more he understood that it was important to know this stuff since it actually had ties with pretty much every thing else that was to know about his kind.

Harry was very happy to find out that even though his true form would indeed have wings and some scales in certain places on his body, he would also have a human form that he could maintain constantly and it could not be detected, distorted and so on. Several hours later he was finally in the mating section of the book. This was indeed the knowledge Harry dreaded to learn. As such he made sure to pay extra attention.

[There are usually 4 groups within the ryu-youkai kind. The females can only be either the submissive or the carrier in an all-male mateship. This can be told by the level of parental feeling she displays towards young children, be it her own siblings or the children of other mated pairs. If such an instinct is very well developed, the female is most likely a submissive. The other important way to tell is the positioning of the scales present in the female's true form. Until the submissive, female and male alike, are mated, their scales remain white and turn an appropriate color after the mating.

The males ryu-youkai fall into two main groups: dominant and submissive. Dominants are taller, more muscled and physically stronger than the submissive, while the submissive males are faster and stronger magically. This is so the dominant mate can care for and protect his submissive/s and punish should the need arise. The submissive mate though has much more magical power to protect him/herself and the children should the dominant be not present, as well as to not let him/herself to be abused.

It is quite usual that the mateship has anywhere from 3 to 5 members, 7 happens in the cases of very powerful submissives that need more than one grounding mate. It is not necessary that all members of the mateship are ryu-youkai, but at least the submissve, Alpha dominant and the carrier (only needed if the submissive is not magically powerful enough to carry his own offspring or just does not wish to risk it) have to be. The ryu-youkai gene is dominant and any children in the mateship will be ryu-youkai.

Currently submissives are quite rare and as such there are strict rules when it comes to mating. Every new submissive must hold a meeting to meet the possible dominants as soon as they come into inheritance or by the age 16 if the inheritance comes early. These happen in the presence of a chaperon, if the submissive's parents are not available, so that the submissive is safe from those that may want to force themselves on him/her.

The ryu-youkai do not have destined mates like many other magical creatures, but they can be the destined mate of another creature. In this case they may or may not accept the mate into the mateship. WHile it may not seem so, the submissive is the head of the mateship, even if not officially... ]

With a heavy sigh Harry placed marked the page and set the book aside. It was of course good to know that he would not be forced to be with with someone he didn't know at all or just plain hated, but if he was right, he was submissive, that meant that he could possibly have anywhere from to 2 to 6 mates... the thought made the boy shudder, especially since he never actually thought about which gender he would like to date later on. Thankfully he had at least 2-3 years to come to terms with his news status.

(Back at the Burrow)

While Harry was busy reading, Arthur interrogated his wife. He of course had hoped that she was under the imperio like their children, but that was unfortunately not the case. Molly Weasley knew what it was that she was doing. Worse than that - she knew exactly what Dumbledore did to two of her sons. Ginny's situation made her go in a rage and it was then that she spilled the plan of making the girl marry Harry to get a hold of the Potter fortune. To put it mildly - Arthur was deeply disgusted by the woman he married, especially since he sacrificed the ties with his family to do so, as his father was against his marrying Molly. Were it not for the children, Arthur would definitely regret he ever married Molly.

With a heavy sigh the man put his wife under a stunning spell and went to call his friend and auror Kingsley Shakebolt and report his wife, all the while thinking if it would be possible to ever make his dad forgive him.

Author's Note: Sorry for this being sort of short, I needed to see if i can actually pick it up where i left it especially after such a long break. The next chapter will definitely be longer, what with third year starting and all =) And here's a question for you to consider: If Arthur divorces Molly, who would you like to see him with?

P.S.: The mating process of ryu-youkai may seem like the one described by StarLight Massacre in 'the rise of drackens' and yes, that is what inspired this entire thing, so I hope it is okay. I shall obviously do my best to create something unique even if it has a similar base =) Once again, sorry for the horrible long hiatus.