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"blah" - normal speech;

"Blah" - overheard conversations;

'blah' - thoughts;

[blah] - letters, diary entries, book passages, etc.

$blah$ - Parseltongue;

"blah!" - spells;

%^blah^% - ghosts speaking to each other without living people hearing;

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"I knew him, yes." - he said bitterly.

Harry blinked at the tone. It was a simple question, so why was the man so upset about it? He frowned at Sirius: "Were you related?"

Sirius sneered, the harsh expression looking kinda out of place on his face: "Of course. He was my good for nothing death eater of a brother."

Harry flinched. This was another uncle who would probably hate him if he knew he was his nephew and not the son of his beloved James Potter. Now what was he supposed to do?

on with the story


(Privet Drive, evening)

Sirius couldn't get rid of the feeling that he said something wrong, but he couldn't really understand why that was. His god-son only asked about Regulus... but how did he even know about him? Regulus died around the time he got thrown into Azkaban... so how? And he knew. And he was asking about the man. Instead of wanting to know more about Sirius himself, he was asking about his dead brother. This was not fair. Not fair at all. Black was getting wroked up and it showed. His breath was fast and shallow, his eyes dashing around very fast. The man kept licking his lower lip.

Harry watched him warily. He knew now that this man was his uncle. Though if this was a good thing or not... there was one way to find out for sure, but Harry didn't exactly feel very brave at the moment. He didn't know how the man would react to the knowledge of him being Regulus' son and not James Potter's. Black clearly needed professional help. As such Harry decided that it would be safer for him not to tell his uncle that he was in fact his uncle.

"Oh. My mom mentioned you in her journal. She said you had a brother." - he stated, shrugging his shoulders.

Sirius' thoughts instantly calmed down. He smiled brightly: "So you know me then? Do you remember me from when you were a kid? You used to ride on my back when I turned into Padfoot. You were the cutest baby ever!"

The transformation from insane psycho to doting uncle sure was unnerving. Harry decided that one way or another he didn't really like the man all that much, so glancing at the clock he remarked casually:

"You know... if you're planning to stay much longer, you should probably figure out what to tell the Dursleys about who you are... and maybe do something about the chore list. Since our little reunion prevented me from doing them..." - he tried to sound confident, but on the inside he was nervous. His uncle the man may be, but he was still an escaped convict and didn't seem to be bothered much by the fact.

Sirius looked where the boy was pointing and stared at the long as hell list of ridiculous chores. There were normal things like wash the dishes there sure, but mostly it consisted of stuff like paint the fence, get dinner ready, clean the windows, wash Petunia's car and so on.

"What the hell is this shit?" - the escaped prisoner yelped - "How the hell are these even chores?!"

Harry flinched slightly at the overly loud noise, but Sirius was too busy gaping at the list to notice, which Harry was happy for. He did not needed even more complications.

"What's the big deal exactly?" - he tried for a bit different angle - "It takes all of 5 minutes for Severus to get them done." The use of the Potion Master's first name was quite deliberate. He knew the man in front of him had a bad history with his teacher and so this would hopefully do the trick... except Harry didn't count on just HOW MUCH Sirius disliked Snape.

"Severus?" - the wizard whirled around, his eyes almost glowing - "SEVERUS?! What does that greasy bastard have to do with you, huh? Why is he slinking around here?"

Potter froze, his eyes narrowed to practically slits. Something deep inside of him absolutely did NOT appreciate the way Sirius was talking about Snape. It was not like he was especially close to the man, but out of all the adults he's met so far, Severus Snape was one of the 2 most helpful ones. As such he did not appreciate his uncle bad mouthing the man.

"Yes. Severus." - he stated firmly through clenched teeth - "You got a problem with that?" The boy wanted to yell and scream, but his self-preservation won out and he settled for cold anger instead.

"YES. I. DO!" - Black all but growled at him, quite clearly resembling his dog form at that moment.

"Which would be?" - snorted Harry angrily.

"I don't want you anywhere near that greasy bastard!" - was the snarled response.

"Oh that's rich." - bit out Potter - "Coming from a man who's almost a complete stranger to me, do excuse me if I don't give a shit."

"I'm your godfather and you WILL listen to me!" - now it was clear that the man was not thinking clearly, but Harry did not appreciate that kind of attitude. He had enough of it from Vernon, thank you very much.

"No I bloody well won't..." - he said quietly. The angrier he got, the icier his voice became - "My godfather? Is that so? And where the hell have you been these last 13 years huh? Why weren't you here taking care of me? Huh? As far as i'm concerned you're no one to me."

Sirius all but whimpered at that: "No, Jamie, i'm sorry. No, don't be like that..."

"I'M NOT JAMES-FUCKING-POTTER!" - yelled Harry at the pathetic man in front of him. He couldn't really bring himself to hate his uncle or anything like that. But the man sure was good at stumbling at all the wrong buttons. That much was obvious. He took a calming breath: "I suggest you take care of the chores, then go to wherever you are staying and get some sleep. If you write me a letter i'll consider reading it. But do not come here until you have a clean bill of health from a mind healer." - with that the boy turned around and stalked back upstairs.

Sirius was left alone in the middle of the house with the chore list in his hand. He took a shuddering breath. 'How did this happen?' - he thought miserably – 'This is Jamie's little boy, little Prongslet, he shouldn't be this way...' - he glared at the chore list – 'It's probably all those muggles' fault...' He knew he couldn't do magic unless he wanted to alert the aurors, so he had to do the next best thing. He quietly called out: "Kreacher." and summoned the old Black family house-elf.

"The filthy traitor son calls the faithful Kreacher. Oh mistress..."

"SHUT UP!" - growled the man and the small creature trembled with fear or maybe disgust, but Sirius didn't really care. He thrust the list at the elf: "Take care of this. Quickly and quietly. There is a boy upstairs. After you're done you're to go to his room and ask for further instructions."

Happy that he found a way to help Harry Sirius smiled childishly and was about to go and try talking ot him again when he heard the car pulling up in the drive-way.

"Damn it..." - he muttered and disapparated as quietly as he could.

(a bit later, the Burrow)

It was very dark outside, so the two males lit a few of the lamps around the room. You couldn't call it bright-lit for sure, but the somewhat muted light had a slightly calming effect on Arthur's much abused nerves. The red haired man settled back on the couch and watched Kingsley work with a kind of exhausted fascination. The dark-skinned wizard was about a head taller than Arthur himself, even though he was about 12 years younger if Arhur's math skills were to be trusted. He only half listened to the interrogation. It was of course important, but he just couldn't handle this emotional roller coaster for much longer.

"Molly, were you aware of what was happening at Hogwarts to your son Ronald?" - asked Kingsley, throwing a worried glance at Arthur.

"Yes." - came the short simple answer.

"Why did you allow the boy to be raped?" - he asked, employing all of his professional self-control.

"Albus required it." - was all she said.

"Why Ron? Why not any of the others?"

For a few moments there was silence and then Molly just said "I don't know." It was said in a flat voice of a person under a truth serum. Arthur would probably be very hurt by this, but his mind wandered back to when it all started. At least for him... he tried to remember the day he proposed to Molly... and couldn't. The memory was kind of … eluding him... it was right there... but he couldn't really recall it … not in detail. Of course it was some 20 years ago, but still... Arthur growled quietly to himself.

"...thur... Arthur!" - the man in question jumped slightly. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice Kingsley standing calling him until the man got in his face … quite literally. All mister Weasley could see were deep chocolate brown eyes... he rather liked seeing them so close... that thought startled the man and he blinked, clearing his throat a bit awkwardly:

"Sorry..." - he cleared his throat because he thought his voice sounded a bit off - "I was deep in thought. Did you find something out?"

"Nothing really new, at least pertaining to the case." - sighed Kingsley wearily - "It feels like she was just going along with whatever decisions Dumbledore made. There was one thing though..."

Arthur stiffened, whatever it was it would not be good news. He just knew it. He leaned forwards until his forehead rested against Kingsley's body: "Just tell me Kings. I doubt it can really get much worse than it already is..."

The younger man put his left hand on Arthur's shoulder for comfort and replied: "I wouldn't be so sure. How much do you remember about how you two got married, or better yet engaged?"

Arthur stiffened. This question he did not expect.

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