There was a time, not so long ago, when we lived in an enchanted world full of grand parties and elegant ball gowns. The year was 1916. And my son Nicholas…was the czar of imperial Russia.

We were celebrating the three-hundredth anniversary of our family's rule. And that night, no star shined brighter than that of our sweet Anastasia.

Marie loved Anastasia most of all her grandchildren. The youngest of the lot, Anastasia was bright-eyed and fiery and lovable. She loved the other little ones, of course, but something about her darling Nastya was so precious, so wonderful, that she could hardly bear the separation that was to come. She was moving to Paris soon; she saw it best in light of the situation here in Russia. The Romanovs had been on the throne for three hundred years, yes; however, in the last decade or so, it had seemed like something had enshrouded their rule, something portending to darkness. Marie could not help but feel a foreboding sense of loss ahead.

And so with a solemn heart it was, that Marie was moving to Paris.

Anastasia had been told the news just a fortnight ago, and it already pained her; her grandmother was as dear to her as her sisters, even more perhaps. In her grandmother, she found a sense of belonging, a sense of home.

To make the separation easier for both of them, she had gotten her a necklace and a music box encrusted in emeralds, custom made by Carl Faberge of course. The necklace, gold plated with a forest green flower pendant, boasted one sparkling ruby amidst the petals. Across the back, tiny capital letters crudely formed an arc across the top- "Together in Paris."

And as Anastasia bounded up the steps towards her, hitching up her beautiful blue and gold silk gown, Marie's heart swelled in pure love.

"I leave for Paris next week, Nastya. You will come to visit, yes?"

Anastasia's eyes, like saucers, bore into Marie's with a kind of probing sadness. "If Papa allows us, I'll visit every month."

Marie smiled at Anastasia's childish impishness, but her heart ached. She slipped the music box and the necklace into Anastasia's palm. "I… thought this would make the separation easier for both of us."

Anastasia closely examined the necklace, reading the words on the back aloud. "Really?" Her blue eyes lit up once again, and her whole face brightened.

"It's to sing you to sleep when I'm in Paris. It plays our lullaby." Marie found her voice breaking, the unfamiliar feeling of a lump lodging in her throat rendering her unable to speak. However, she hummed along silently, as Anastasia slowly turned the necklace in the music box's keyhole. The notes of the song were forever embedded in her heart.

On the wind

Cross the sea

Hear this song and remember

Soon you'll be home with me

Once upon a December.

And Anastasia looks up at her with a tearful grin. "Oh grandmama!" And they embrace, for the last time in what would soon seem like forever.

A/N : This is the first of my oneshot collection for Anastasia. I've loved this movie since I was eight, still do at fifteen. I wanted to write more about this movie, considering how much I love it. I'll update this every so often with little drabbles about various events that happen during/before/after the film.

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