"Tigeress, wake up!" viper hissed into her ear as she slithered into her closet to grab a purple kimono.

"Viper, I'm tired." She said into her pillow, hiding her eyes from the sunlight that was streaming into her room.

"Today is an important day. Po…" she said, and tigress smiled into the pillow. Po; she never felt like this for anyone. After po had gained inner peace, and defeated peacock, the furious 5 and the dragon warrior started their trip back to the palace. She remembered it like it was yesterday.

"Po, what you did back there, was absolutely amazing" tigress told him, and he smiled at her.

"It was because of you tigress, I couldn't let you get hurt anymore than you already were. I wont let anyone harm you again." He said, taking her hand, and kissing it. She pulled her hand away and grabbed his face and kissed him with everything she had in her.

"oh my gosh! It's about time!" viper said, to see them kissing. Tigress chuckled as she broke the kiss and po just stood there in shock. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek softly, and going to hold her hand.

That night, she climbed into bed with po, because she had a nightmare.

"Make love to me po." She whispered, and they did. That night would forever stay in her memory. But there was something she hadn't even told her friends or po. She was pregnant.

"tigress!" viper said, and tigress snapped back to reality.

"I'm getting up" she said, as she pushed the covers off her, and slid out of bed, and went to get into the shower.

"Do you really think he's going to ask me?" she said from the shower.

"I told you, he was asking master shifu for permission. He's your adoptive father, so he wanted to make sure it was ok with him." Viper said.

"But what if your wrong? What if that's not what you heard" she said, using the special shower gel po had given her as a gift.

"I specifically heard 'do I have your permission to marry tigress'" she said, sighing.

"I'm just nervous viper." She said, as she dried herself off, and viper gave her the kimono.

"I know you are. You need to relax. You will be fine." She said, and tigress smiled at her. They left her room, and went down to breakfast.

"Tigress, a word" master shifu said, and she followed him.

"I must tell you something. Po has-"

"Stop there. I already know. He asked for my hand in marriage." She said, and he nodded silently.

"I'm going to say yes." She said, and he smiled at her.

"That's my girl" he said, and she hugged him. They went back to the table, and po was waiting for her.

"You look beautiful." He said, as she sat down.

"Thank you" she said.

"Would you like to go for a walk?" he asked after breakfast.

"Yes, I would" she said, and she took his hand, and went down to the path behind the palace. He sat her down on a bench and sat down next to her.

"I have to ask you something" he said. She smiled at him. He took her hand, and knelt down on one knee. Even though she knew this was going to happen, her heart still started to race, and she felt tears coming into her eyes.

"I love you more than anything in this world, and I want to be with you for the rest fo my life. Would you marry my tigress?" he asked, her, and she nodded silently, hugging him. He kissed her lips softly and put the ring on her finger. Tigress looked down at the ring and decided that now was the time to tell po.

"I have something to tell you" she said, and he looked at her.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I'm pregnant. I just found out, about two days ago. I didn't know hwo to tell you. I haven't told anyone, and now that were engaged, I can't hide anything from my husband to be." She said, and his eyes widened.

"Were… were gonna have a baby?" he asked quietly. She smiled at him and nodded. \

"I'm only about 20 days. Ive consolted books and it says I'm supposed to give birth between 93 to 111 days." She said, and he sat there.

"Po… please say something" she said, and he grinned.

"Were gonna be parents." He said, and hugged her.

"We need to get married as soon as possible." She said, and he nodded.

"Lets go tell everyone." She said, grabbing his hand and running towards the palace.

"Everyone! I'm getting married!" she exclaimed and everyone went to hug her.

"Congratulations!" they all said.

"When's the wedding?" they asked.

"As soon as possible. There's… something else we have to tell you." Po said, and he told everyone to sit down.

"I'm pregnant." Tigress said. No one moved.

"You two, meditation room. Now." shifu said.