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Chapter 19: The Room of Requirement

Filch dashed into the room, looking absolutely livid. Then he cried out, ducking under his arms as Peeves suddenly shot over the top of his head with a mere few inches of clearance in his haste to get out of the room.

"Argh! Laugh while you can Peeves!" Filch called after him with a shaking fist the moment he had regained his wits. "I will get you one of these days!"

Danielle was rather certain that the whimpering noises Peeves had been making on his way to the upper floors as fast as he could were actually in fear rather than mirth as Filch had apparently interpreted. Not that she had any intention of contradicting him at the present. She just hoped that Fred and George would have the sense to keep their mouths shut right now.

When Filch turned back to look inside the room, his eyes shifted around wildly as though expecting to see something amiss. Danielle hadn't been sure she had turned herself and Fred and George invisible in time. Had he seen something?

Danielle's heart skipped a beat when she saw Filch's eyes widen in shock.

"Oh, my Mrs. Norris!" Filch gasped in horror and rushed towards the corner of the room where his beloved cat was shaking mop water off of herself. "Did that wretched Peeves do this to you? Oh, he'll pay for this. I swear he will, my sweet."

Danielle let out a slow, relieved breath, feeling herself relax to the point of nearly letting go of Fred and George's robes, had she not remembered that she was still sharing her invisibility power with them.

After Mrs. Norris had shaken herself off sufficiently, she hissed angrily in the invisible students' direction.

"What is it, my sweet?" Filch asked lovingly, watching the cat as she slunk carefully to where the students were standing in the middle of the room, unseen.

Danielle felt Fred and George crouch slightly, stiffening in her grip as Mrs. Norris drew closer, sniffing around. Danielle cursed herself mentally. It wasn't a common occurrence in her stealth missions with Danny that the people she was spying on had pets that could still sense her presence.

As Mrs. Norris came up to her toes, Danielle realized in horror that she and Fred and George were standing in a puddle of water leftover from Peeves' initial attack on them with the mop. They themselves may have been invisible, but the imprints they were leaving from where their shoes were standing in it could still be clearly seen. Thinking fast, Danielle made herself and the Weasley twins intangible too. The footprints in the puddle disappeared with a slight ripple effect just as Mr. Filch was approaching behind his suspicious cat.

"Bah! Looks like I'll have to mop up in here tonight too, that miserable poltergeist," Filch grumpily commented aloud in seeing the puddle in the middle of the floor that Mrs. Norris was sniffing at. Apparently he hadn't seen the students' footprints that had been indented in it only a second before, to Danielle's relief.

Filch then looked around the room, disgusted at all the other wet surfaces leftover from when Peeves was chasing Mrs. Norris. His gaze stopped at the mop Danielle had tossed aside after having taken it from Peeves and that now lay abandoned on the floor. He limped over to it, grumbling under his breath. "Wasting my supplies, scaring my poor Mrs. Norris and doubling my workload tonight. Ah, well. Since we're here, might as well just get it done, now that I have my mop back."

Mr. Filch picked up his mop and headed straight back to where the three students cringed at his sudden approach, still invisible, before he grudgingly set to work on the puddle, not even realizing that the mop he was using was going straight through the invisible student's additionally intangible legs with every stroke.

Once his concentration seemed to get absorbed into his work, Danielle gave Fred and George two quick tugs on their robes, motioning towards the open doorway. The ghost girl couldn't see them, but based on how they seemed to follow her lead when she started carefully guiding them in that direction, they had evidently gotten her silent message that now was the time to make their escape. Unfortunately, Mrs. Norris seemed to catch onto their plan and pranced towards them again, meowing for Filch's attention.

"Yes, I know, my sweet. We'll get you dried off as soon as I've got this done," Mr. Filch said tenderly, not taking his eyes off his work, though seeming to pick up the pace at the sound of his precious cat's urgency.

Mrs. Norris persisted noisily, following the invisible trio, pawing at their feet. Danielle started feeling her heart starting to race again. Even if Mr. Filch didn't start suspecting something with his cat's continued insistence, they couldn't have her following them all the way up to the seventh floor. They had work to do.

Just then, Danielle noticed a drop of water fall to the floor at her feet. She and the twins were still dripping from Peeves's mop attack and were leaving a slight trail behind them as they were sneaking towards the door, still being followed by an increasingly frustrated-sounding Mrs. Norris.

After another irritated meow from the nosey cat, Danielle sneered in annoyance. Then, without thinking, she changed the focus of her intangibility slightly, making the mop water on herself and Fred and George fall to the floor with a perfectly audible splash that doused Mrs. Norris yet again.

As a result, Mr. Filch instantly looked up from his work in time to see his beloved Mrs. Norris scurrying to the corner of the room to shake herself off for a second time, looking quite humiliated now.

"Argh! Peeves, you coward!" Filch roared, raising an angry, shaking his fist towards the air out the still open door, obviously thinking Peeves had pulled a hit-and-run with another water attack. Then he dropped his mop, which fell to the floor with a wet clatter and quickly limped over to Mrs. Norris with a pitiful look on his face. She had just finished shaking herself off when he let out a heavy sigh. "On second thought, let's get you away from this place before that evil poltergeist comes back for yet another round," he said, sounding resigned as he picked her up and cradled her damp, shaggy-looking form in his arms. "Come on, my sweet."

With that, he limped out of the room, caressing a slightly squirming Mrs. Norris, hushing her comfortingly. As the caretaker disappeared into the corridor, Danielle thought she saw the cat's yellow eyes peaking over her master's shoulder, straight at them, as though knowing exactly where she and the twins were hiding and vowing vengeance on them for the dewy state she was in.

It wasn't until Filch's footsteps had completely faded away and the corridor was silent for what was probably at least a minute that Danielle finally felt safe enough to let go of Fred and George, all three of them flashing back into visibility and solidity. Also now perfectly dry, (due to all the water on them transferring to Mrs. Norris) though breathing hard with alleviation.

"Blimey, what just happened?" Fred breathed out, looking completely in awe at the amazing stroke of luck they just had in not getting caught.

"I swear that mop went right through my feet," George managed between breaths, looking just as dumbfounded. "But I didn't feel anything."

"Yeah, it's like it…or that we…" Realization seemed to cross over Fred's face in that moment. "…weren't even there."

Danielle stiffened, having a feeling that he was remembering the chair prank she and Danny had pulled on them back at Grimmauld Place and starting to connect the dots.

"Danielle…did you…?" Fred said slowly.

"What did you…how did…" George stuttered at first when something else seemed to occur to him. "Wait a minute, did you even take out your wand?"

Danielle cringed, starting to feel uncertain using her powers in front of them had been a good idea after all. Of all the Weasley children she had met, she had thought these two would be the most understanding of her abilities. They had always seemed the most easy-going about them before. Sometimes even impressed. But now…

"Blimey, Dani what sort of a witch are you?" Fred said, looking shocked.

Danielle couldn't take it anymore; The stares, the silence, the thoughts she could see forming in their heads behind their eyes…Danielle spun around and bolted from the room.

"Oh-Wait! Dani!"

"We didn't mean-"

Hearing the twins' voices calling after her only made her speed up her escape, swinging the classroom door shut behind her as if making sure of a barrier between herself and their judging eyes before dashing down the corridor in the opposite direction Filch had gone. She didn't dare to look back to see if the twins were coming after her as she ran as far away from them as fast as she could manage without risking them seeing her use her powers again.

Danielle frantically sped down more corridors, climbed a few staircases, maybe phased through a few walls, to put some distance between herself and Fred and George. By the time she did dare to slow down, she looked behind her, not seeing or hearing them anywhere.

Odd. She never thought of herself as being that fast while running in human form. The twins had a significant height advantage with their longer legs. Then again, Danielle had lots of training experience and literally inhuman levels of endurance: A helpful effect of having half-ghost DNA.

Absentmindedly, she began pacing along the corridor, trying to think of what to do. If those two had attempted to follow her, it wouldn't be long before they caught up, especially if she just stayed here. On the other hand, whether it was tonight or around school, she'd have to face them again at some point. But what should she tell them? No spells she had come across in Hogwarts school books had effects like hers. Certainly none that weren't insanely complicated to do on living people without potentiality harmful consequences if done incorrectly. The ease in which she had accomplished it, with or without a wand, was never going to pass as "normal" in their eyes, no matter what she told them. If they weren't as accepting of her powers as she thought they might be, how was she going to hide the real nature of her powers from them now?

Something shifted in the corner of Danielle's eye and she jumped, having a flash of Fred and George, or even Mr. Filch. To her astonishment, she saw that a highly polished door with a brass handle had suddenly appeared in the wall that she knew for a fact had been completely empty only a moment ago.

Feeling confused, Danielle craned her neck, looking to the other side of the corridor, realizing that across from the newly appeared door was an enormous tapestry, depicting a ballet teacher the house elves said was called Barnabas the Barmy being clubbed by trolls he was trying to teach ballet to. This seemed to be the place they had described the Room of Requirement was. They had also said that in order to make the room appear, one would have to walk past this stretch of wall three times, concentrating on how you wanted the room to service you.

Danielle hadn't been paying attention to where she was in the castle in just trying to get away from Fred and George. She hadn't even been aware that she had already made it to the seventh floor when she had started pacing. Perhaps she had subconsciously come here in looking for a place to hide from them?

Well, for the time being, Danielle shook off her surprise and reached for the brass door handle, but then she stopped. What would the Room of Requirement have depicted a half-ghost teenage girl wanting in a moment of panic like the way she had been? Did she want to know?

Deciding she'd rather be in a secret room than out in the open to potentially get caught by either teacher or trouble-making student, Danielle pulled the door open and stepped inside the room. After closing the door again, Danielle allowed herself a brief moment for her heart to stop thumping so hard as she rested her forehead against the highly polished wood of the door. Then she turned around and gasped.

The room she had stepped into was huge; at least the size of a large cathedral. Its towering walls had high windows that were sending shafts of light down upon what, at first looked to Danielle, like a city. Upon closer inspection, Danielle saw that the walls of this 'city' were actually made up of objects, piled high onto each other. There were alleyways and roads bordered by teetering piles of broken or otherwise damaged furniture. Thousands upon thousands of books that seemed to have been graffitied in some way or had questionable titles that Danielle highly doubted would ever pass approval for any student to read. Chipped bottles of congealed potions, corked vials of contents that shimmered evilly, rusting swords, damaged or otherwise ridiculous-looking hats, jewels, cloaks, even a heavy bloodstained ax and…were those dragon egg shells?

It appeared that Danielle had stumbled into a whole dump of generations-worth of Hogwarts students hidden property. Some of which was probably stowed away to hide evidence of mishandled spells, or perhaps by castle-proud house elves. Some of these objects might have even been stolen or banned, perhaps never to be found again, based on what the house elves had said about very few people ever being able to find this room again.

Danielle let out a heavy, disappointed sigh, slumping miserably down to the floor with her back against the door. So this was what the Room of Requirement created for her. It seemed that it had interpreted Danielle's desire to hide her powers from unwelcome eyes as...this. But unlike all these shameful objects that towered over her, Danielle couldn't simply toss aside her powers to keep them from embarrassing herself. As much as she sometimes wished she could simply be a normal human being, the half-ghost part of her was…well, a part of her.

Besides, Danny had already been through ridding himself of his powers, only to have to find a way to get them back in time to save the world from complete obliteration. Danielle wasn't sure she wanted to go through that same experience, no matter how desperate she felt the situation was. Also, given that she was technically born with her powers rather than receiving them later in life, like her cousin had, she or anyone in her family back home weren't so sure trying the same trick Danny did would have the same effect on her. As much as her aunt and uncle loved their ghost experiments, there were some tests they simply would never use their own family members as subjects for.

Danielle pulled her knees to her chest, burying her face in her folded arms, feeling completely lost and wishing Danny or even Jazz were here. They always seemed to know what to say or do to make her feel better. Unlike that stupid Peeves. Why did he have to make everything worse for her all night? Unless… Unless it wasn't as much Peeve's fault as it was Fred and George's. Was it possible that they had planned this? They had said only a moment before running into Peeves that they were familiar with the teachers' patrol routes. Had they run her into Filch on purpose on the chance in seeing her use her powers? They certainly had been snoopy about finding out more about her and Danny during the summer at Grimmauld Place. She always pegged them as the type to love a good prank, but would they really go that far?

A noise made Danielle lift her head and look around. After a moment of hard listening, she identified the noise as muffled voices coming from the corridor on the other side of the door. Danielle froze, still sitting against the door, realizing they were Fred and George's voices. So they had followed her.

"Right here. This should be it," she heard one of them say. It was hard to tell which of the twins was speaking when she wasn't looking at them. Their tones of voice sounded almost exactly the same.

"Huh. Nothing," the other said, sounding surprised after a moment of silence. "Think we may be in the wrong spot?"

"No, the house elves said it was on the seventh floor across from the ballet tapestry," one said thoughtfully. Perhaps Fred?

"Then maybe we're doing it wrong?" George suggested.

"Or perhaps it just doesn't work if…"

"…Someone else is already inside?"

Danielle piqued an interested eyebrow. Could they not see the door she was hiding behind from out in the corridor? Further, as far as she could tell, the inside of the room hadn't changed at all when they tried to make the door appear for them. Perhaps they were right and the room simply wouldn't open if it was already occupied by someone else using it. This was something to keep in mind for the future.

A short and thoughtful pause occurred before Danielle heard either one of the twins speak again.

"Any ideas on what sort of room Danielle would have been looking for?" she heard one say. It might have been Fred again.

"Could be anything, Fred…especially after…" so she was wrong. This one was Fred.

Another moment of silence passed in which Danielle listened intently for them to speak again. Then she jumped at the unexpected sound of the door being gently knocked on.

"Er…Hey. Danielle? You in there?" Fred called through the door uncertainly.

Danielle didn't answer. She didn't even move.

"Well…if you can hear us…we're sorry if our reaction back there was…less than preferred."

Danielle blinked, just listening.

"Look…Danielle…if you're hearing this…I won't deny, what happened back there did take us by surprise. We do have questions."

"Loads of them. But who wouldn't, really?" This twin sounded like he was trying to lighten the tone of the conversation.

"We're curious, yes, but that doesn't mean we think you're a terrible person for it."

"In fact, we think the way you use magic is brilliant."

"Yeah." A chuckle in agreement. "I mean, you could have just left us to take the heat from Filch back there, right?"

"But you didn't. Instead you used your magic to help us hide from him."

"Not to mention get his cat real good."


Danielle caught the sound of what might have been a hearty high-five between the two. "Haha! That was completely wicked."

"Yeah, you have no idea how many students here want nothing more than to give that slinking bag of fur a good kick."

"But to also get away with it?"


"Yeah. Now that's impressive."

Danielle slowly got to her feet and pressed her ear to the crack of the door to listen more clearly. She supposed she could turn invisible and poke her head through the door and study Fred and George's faces as they were saying these things to tell better if they were bluffing or not, but it felt…wrong…to do that. After all, she didn't want to be seen by them right now, so it didn't seem fair that she should get to see them without them knowing. At least not for these circumstances.

Wait. But she had spied on people plenty of times during important conversations with no moral ambiguity involved on her end. Why did she suddenly feel bad about considering it now? Was it because she usually spied on more sinister people? Or was it because deep down, she knew Fred and George would never mean her any harm?

Before Danielle could think on it any further, she heard one of the Weasley twins let out a sigh. "Listen, you're not the first person we've met with…unusual traits…that's still turned out to be a decent human being, Danielle."

Human being? Danielle scoffed at the irony of that statement.

"And…if it's any consolation…" she heard them continue. "We promise not to tell anyone. About your magic, that is."

Danielle stood in thought during the silence that followed. They at least sounded sincere. Of course, she had misjudged people before. But, perhaps things would be better if she explained herself to them more. After all, Hermione had already figured it out and she seemed to be fine with it so far. And whether Fred and George had led Danielle into a trap with Filch or not, they didn't necessarily have to know everything regarding her powers.

Before she could decide whether or not to acknowledge their presence, she heard them start to speak again.

"Do you think she heard any of that?" One of the twins was saying to the other.

A regretful sigh followed. "Well, if the Room of Requirement isn't going to let us in, we may as well get going."

"Right. I'd rather not risk Filch really catching us this time. Let alone talking to a wall, like we're senile."

Danielle felt her stomach drop as she started hearing footsteps fading from the door.

Well, if she was going to explain herself, it was now or never. Making her final decision, she took a deep breath, and pushed the door open, slowly poking her head out.

Fred and George seemed to have made it a few yards down the corridor before turning around at the sound of the door opening. They blinked in surprise in her direction as though seeing the door for the first time. Which they probably were. After a slightly awkward pause, Danielle slowly swung the door open further, stepping aside for them to come through, which, after only a moment's hesitation, they did so in a hurry. Probably to avoid any authority figures that might come patrolling the corridor any second. Danielle snapped the door closed behind them a moment later.

"So, that encounter with Filch back there really wasn't planned?" The question slipped out before Danielle could stop herself. She didn't turn away from the door for the reply.

"And risk getting caught by Filch ourselves? Are you mad?" George answered, sounding appalled.

"Danielle! I am shocked and dismayed at such a faithless accusation!" Fred remarked, pretending to be highly offended.

Danielle rolled her eyes. One minute they were making tender confessions on the other side of the wall, but now that they were facing her, they were back to making jokes?

"So… No outbursts of my borderline lying about my identity all this time?" she questioned, deliberately keeping her back towards the twins. "No demands for explanations on how I did what I did? No… cowering in fear of what I can do without a wand?"

Fred snorted with laughter. "Cower in fear? Really?"

Danielle felt frustration rising in her as she clenched her fists.

Behind her, George folded his arms with a rather smug smile. "Miss Danielle Fenton, either you think very highly of yourself with these abilities of yours, or you've had it really rough with them in the past."

Danielle suddenly spun around with a scowl at the twins. "You know, I'd really appreciate you two not making light of this situation. Or my feelings about it," She snapped angrily, though feeling a tightness in her chest coming on. "It's not like learning my secret automatically makes us best friends!"

Fred and George blinked, taken aback and glanced at each other before looking back at Danielle.

"Well…it's not like you keeping the secret automatically made us enemies," Fred pointed out before glancing at George again for a moment. "Er…right?" He added uncertainly.

All three stared at each other for a moment before Danielle threw her head back with a groan before rubbing her face in her hands in aggravation with herself and the whole situation.

"Blimey…" George said quietly. "You've really had it rough with these powers of yours, haven't you?"

Danielle couldn't help looking up in hearing such sympathy in George's voice. Both he and Fred were staring at her in what looked like bewilderment and pity, as if wondering what on Earth the girl in front of them had possibly been through to warrant such an outburst.

Danielle sighed, folding her arms tightly and hiding her eyes behind her hand, allowing her long bangs to fall in front of her face like a curtain to hide her shame and embarrassment.

Fred and George didn't say anything and Danielle didn't dare to look at them again. She just stood there, thinking. If she was really going to explain herself after all, it would come across better if she wasn't so hotheaded about it. She'd gone as far as letting them into the room. Might as well get it over with.

"You sure you wanna know more?" Danielle asked, lowering her hand and and giving them both a deliberate look.

Fred and George looked at each other before saying anything.

"Only if you want to tell us," Fred remarked.

"If not…we get it," George added reassuringly.

Yet another moment of silence, allowing Danielle to take a deep breath and collect her thoughts on how she was going to do this.

"I'm not," she finally said.

"Er, come again?" George asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You asked me earlier what kind of a witch I am. The truth is… I'm not."

The twins glanced at each other in confusion.

"But… you can't be a muggle, we've seen you do magic," Fred stated with a shrug.

"You sure those are the only two options?" Danielle inquired, finally chancing a look at them.

This question seemed to give Fred and George pause. After another quick glance at each other, they took a moment to think.

"So then…what? You're some sort of…half-breed?" George said carefully.

"I really prefer the term 'hybrid', but…yeah." Danielle clarified. "It is how I'm able to…do what I do."

With that, she finally began her explanation about how her status as a hybrid granted her specific abilities of turning invisible at will and passing through solid objects. Also how she could share those abilities with other people or objects, as long as they were in direct contact with her. She also explained her preceding reputation with Peeves, hence his fear of the mere sight of her. How she only knew about the Wizarding World after Dumbledore approached her during the summer. That he had seen potential in her and asked her to come to Hogwarts, despite not having any magical ability in wielding a wand. She left out the part of how Dumbledore asked her to be a spy on the Ministry for him though.

She also decided to go ahead and tell them that her abilities allowed her to find out about the meeting in the Hog's Head to start a secret Defense Against the Dark Arts club and that she had been looking to find them a suitable place to practice before running into them in the kitchens.

By the time she had finished, Fred and George were looking quite in awe by Danielle's words. There were clearly still questions in their eyes, but they didn't ask them at this time. Perhaps they were trying to first process what they had already been told.

"Blimey," Fred said quietly in realization. "I never thought something that makes no sense could suddenly make so much sense."

"So you're cousin is the secret weapon Sirius was talking about," George suddenly concluded.

Danielle started, turning to George with a very befuddled expression. "Huh?"

"We always wondered why Dumbledore would suddenly let in two complete strangers who have somehow completely escaped the Ministry's notice into the Order so quickly," George clarified, looking rather excited by what he was thinking. "If your cousin has the same powers you do, then that is quite the secret weapon You-Know-Who would want."

Danielle blinked in surprise, sifting through her memory of that conversation back when she and Danny first arrived in Grimmauld Place.

"Ooooooooooh!" Danielle blurted, remembering that Sirius had indeed mentioned a weapon that Voldemort was after. Then she laughed, realizing what George seemed to be implying. "No. I don't know what Sirius meant by that either. I really doubt he was referring to us though," she said with a shake of her head as thought the thought was amusingly absurd.

"What else would it be?" Fred asked, shrugging. "I mean, it makes sense."

"Actually, not really," Danielle contradicted smoothly, giving them both an honest look. "Sirius had talked about the weapon as if it was something Voldemort already knew about before Danny and I came into the picture. And Dumbledore only found out about us because I had talked with Harry's neighbor after the Dementor encounter, who happened to be an acquaintance of his. If the Ministry wasn't able to catch wind of us even after that point, I doubt Voldemort would have before it."

"Good point. But what is the weapon, then?" George asked, looking at Danielle as if she would know the answer.

Danielle shrugged. "Whatever it is, they never told me."

"Aw," Fred groaned in disappointment. "And all this time I had thought we were onto something. Guess it's back to square one with that, Georgie."

Danielle giggled, feeling rather relieved. They seemed to be taking her hybrid status rather well. Already having moved on from it in fact, with bringing up what the Order of the Phoenix had been up to as if they were the ones being secretive the whole time rather than Danielle.

"Well, the Order may be stingy on that, but I'm sure there's still a few ways we can help them fight Voldemort without having to know every little detail," Danielle said optimistically.

"Right," Fred agreed. Then he started looking at all the piles of clutter around them with a critical eye. "But, I'm not certain twenty-eight inexperienced kids practicing defensive spells would be entirely safe in a junk-heap like this. What say we head back outside and see what other suggestions this room may have for us on the matter?"

George yawned loudly in response, stretching. "Or maybe we just call it a night altogether and tell Harry about it in the morning?"

Fred looked at his watch. "It is nearly one in the morning." Then he yawned. "Ah, see there, Georgie? Don't you know how contagious those are?"

As if for emphasis, Danielle let out a dramatically obnoxious and clearly fake yawn. Then she grinned mischievously, as though waiting for the chain to inevitably continue as Fred had noted. All three of them then burst out laughing.

"Yeah, maybe getting to bed is the best option right now," Danielle agreed after getting herself under control.

"If we can find our way out, that is," Fred pointed out.

During Danielle's explanation to Fred and George, they had gone walking through the room amidst all the thrown out clutter occupying the room, only realizing now that they had lost track of where the door was.

"I thought you guys mentioned being in here before," Danielle said, turning to the twins with confusion.

Fred shrugged. "It was just a broom cupboard, then."

"Which was nowhere near this…" George tried to add.




A broom cupboard, huh? Danielle thought. "Filch make you clean up your own mess for once?" she said with a scoff, folding her arms and giving them both a knowing look.

"On the contrary, my dear Danielle," Fred said, sounding affronted. "We were looking for a place to hide from Filch after he didn't see us make a mess."

"He did chase after us though," George put in. "Would have caught us too if that broom cupboard hadn't suddenly appeared. Never thought back then that it could hide all this too."

Fred nodded, observing the mountains of who-knows-what that piled well over their heads. "Guess the house elves weren't kidding with how many times people have stumbled across this room, never finding it again."

"Which leads us back to the question of how we're going to find our way out," George reiterated, stepping towards one of the heaps in thought.

Fred followed up behind him in the same fashion. "Maybe we can find the door if we climb on top of one of these heaps-"

A quick flash of white light alerted the two to a disturbance directly behind them and they turned around sharply.

"It's that way," Danielle said, pointing to the left through one of the heaps.

Fred and George blinked in surprise, giving each other quick glances and then back at Danielle.

"What?" Danielle exclaimed with a perfectly innocent shrug. "Nothing strange about people who have a good sense of direction."

"You just did something, didn't you," Fred asked, giving Danielle a suspicious grin.

"Yeah. I pointed you in the direction of the door," Danielle indicating to the left again.

"But you did some sort of trick to help you find it, right?" George pressed with the same look as his twin.

Danielle shuffled her feet, her gaze looking upward in continued mock innocence. "I'm sure you'll find out at some point."

"Aw, come on, Dani! Just a hint?" Fred complained, visibly deflating.

"You've told us this much already," George begged.

"Maybe some other time," Danielle teased with a wink.

Fred and George let out a unified groan.

"Tell you what, though," Danielle then said after a moment of thought. "I will provide a shortcut to get there."

With no other explanation, she took hold of their arms.


"Wait, Dani…"

The twins stuttered uncertainly.

"Don't let go now," Danielle warned with a playful grin. "Wouldn't want to accidental become a part of this mess.

"Wait-what?" George panicked, looking at all the piles of discarded items.


Neither Fred nor George had much chance to resist as Danielle turned them all intangible and dashed straight for a pile of badly graded homework assignments right in front of her, dragging them both along at an alarming pace. Then through several other walls of items…without feeling anything other than the rush of Danielle's speed in doing so before she suddenly halted them right in front of the door to the corridor, then casually let go of them, returning them all to solidity.

Fred and George patted themselves frantically as if making sure all pieces were still intact, looking back in the direction they had come from to see that absolutely nothing in the heaps had been disturbed.

After a few seconds of stunned silence, Fred and George looked back at Danielle.

"Wicked!" They said in awestruck unison.

Danielle allowed a proud grin to cross her face when Fred and George started stepping towards the door.

"Wait," Danielle held out a hand, stopping them. "Let me check to see that the coast is clear first."

Again, with no other explanation, Danielle went ahead and turned her head intangible and invisible, intending to stick it through the door and see into the corridor when Fred and George let out an unexpected yelp.

Startled, Danielle quickly turned her head back to normal. "What?" Had she done something wrong?

"Oh! Ahahahaha!" Fred began to laugh.

"So you can make just parts of yourself invisible too?" George asked in between chortles of his own.

"Oh. Yeah. And intangible," Danielle shrugged in embarrassment. She must have been quite the sight to them with her head suddenly vanishing from sight just then. "It comes in handy for more subtle work like this.

Then, she repeated her application of ghost powers to her head and stuck it through the still closed door to peak in the corridor for anyone nearby before pulling it back in and returning to normal.

"No one there, by the way."

"Brilliant!" Fred stated delightedly.

"At first I thought the door had decapitated you or something," George confessed with an embarrassed-sounding laugh.

"That or another one of your powers includes letting your head roll away," Fred joked.

Then he suddenly stiffened, amazingly, the same time as George, both taking in a slow breath, looking like something had just come over them before they suddenly looked at each other, eyes wild with excitement.



"You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Where's that notebook?"

"You had it last."

"Oh, here."

Danielle blinked in surprise as the twins clumsily pulled out a notebook and quill between them and began writing something down.

"Okay. I think I got it," George said after a moment of intense writing.

"Oho, I'm excited about this one. Those first-years will get a real kick out of it," Fred commented, rubbing his hands together with a grin.

"Yeah. I might not be able to sleep tonight after all."

"Um…what just happened?" Danielle asked confused, her gaze shifting between the two, knowing she just missed something significant. Was this how Jazz felt when she and Danny used telepathy around her?

"Danielle, my friend, you just gave us an idea for a brand new product for our joke shop!" Fred declared proudly. "What do you think of…Headless Hats?"

Well. That was a narrow miss with Filch, huh? And of course we can't miss a chance to douse Mrs. Norris again without getting caught. And now Fred and George know the secret behind Danielle's "non-witchy" powers. Which they seem to have taken rather well, despite Danielle's uncertainty about their initial reaction. And of course they've found the long-awaited Room of Requirement. Plus I decided to put in that little tidbit about Danielle giving Fred and George the idea for Headless hats early.

Unfortunately, it is to my sadness and shame to inform you that I am on the verge of discontinuing this crossover altogether at this point. See, during the writing of these last few chapters, I haven't been as motivated to complete this story as I once had been. Perhaps it's that I've been getting busy with my family life or that my career path is demanding the pursuit of more original projects, or that I'm just not sure how to wrap this whole thing together by the end anyway, or maybe the long gap in between picking this thing up again has dulled the thrill of it. Either way, I'm just not feeling up for writing the next chapter anymore.

I do have some ideas of how things would go during events like Hufflepuff's first Quiditch match, or Harry's snake dream, the Hall of Prophecy, and what Danny's been up to lately in helping out the Order of the Phoenix. However, at this point, for the next chapter, I'll just tell you now that I might end up just posting a summery or a manuscript of sorts of the general events I had planned. For the sake of those readers that just hate finding stories on this site unfinished.

Maybe I'll get some kind of inspiration that will rekindle my motivation to pick it up and write it in full chapters again later, but I have no guarantees that that will happen any time soon. So, to my loyal and undoubtedly disappointed readers who have somehow stuck with me for all this time. So sorry, and adieu.

(In accordance to the above explanation, this fanfiction has been discontinued until further notice.)